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  1. This is good news! I wonder how many folks they caught
  2. Yes, that is my understanding of how history unfolded as well.
  3. Since starting a new job in January I have been going a lot less but I plan on changing that now that the days are getting longer. I'm lucky that my range is 3 miles from my house. I took the wife out to the range on Thursday after work. Her little p238 performed flawlessly as it always has and thankfully I didn't have any issues with my MPX either. I know a lot of gun owners that maybe go shooting once per year...maybe.
  4. No he's not. I will say that Mike has a good point so the meme isn't 100% fair. If Obama had his way I have no doubt would would have seen much more damage done. That being said, the hypocrisy from conservatives on this issue is yet another reason why I'm continuously annoyed with both parties.
  5. Here is what I have learned: If a Republican president passes gun control, Republican response="well it could have been worse, thank god X wasn't elected..." If a Democrat president even suggests gun control, Republicans response = "marshall" law and FEMA camps will be next.." (see if you can guess which word I intentionally misspelled)
  6. So how long should we wait? Trump has been lying since the first day on the campaign trail. I had a really close friend growing up that had problems with telling the truth. Overtime the lies became bigger and bigger. I never could determine why he felt the need to lie because he was a likeable guy with lots of friends. Eventually I stopped hanging out with him and the last I heard he's struggling with addiction while in and out of jail. My point is that I suspect the lying was a sign of much bigger underlying issues. Just yesterday Trump lied about winning the state of NH while speaking in front of the New England Patriots at the W.H. At some point we have to wonder why it is that he can't seem to tell the truth. Is he just in a perpetual state of confusion? Are these just repeated honest mistakes? If so, that's an entirely different issue he might need help with. I suspect he's used to being able to lie his way through life and up until this point no one has questioned him. That has been my experience with liars.
  7. Same here. It's the most stressful job in the world and the only part that annoyed me is the double standard. I remember all the countless comments from conservatives about Obama for doing the same thing. Now Trump is shattering all his records and the right is silent.
  8. And there it is. It only took 5 posts. If you don't believe 99% of all media then how are you able to determine fact from fiction? Did you research this before concluding it was false? Or is all negative coverage of Trump assumed to be fake?
  9. Interesting analogy......
  10. I'm honestly surprised the first response wasn't a "fake news" accusation. Props for throwing me a curve ball!
  11. So taxpayers have forked out $21M to pay for Trump's vacations so far in his first 88 days. He is on pace to cost us more during his first year than all 8 of Obama's. In just 13 weeks he's been to his FL home 7 times at $3M PER visit. Thankfully, the first lady has finally decided to move into the white house soon which should have as much as $150k per day... Additionally, I know we loved to pick on Obama for being on the golf course but Trump is outscoring him 14-0 during the same time period. I guess being the oldest POTUS requires more r&r..Or maybe all the swamp draining has been equally taxing for President Trump.. http://www.tampabay.com/opinion/columns/when-vacations-cost-millions/2320612
  12. I think most M&P owners install the apex upgrade which helps dramatically.
  13. I'm going to try only loading 29 in each magazine to see if that helps. I don't think many folks have had the same issue I'm experiencing.

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