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  1. Flashlights

    You should be able to spend $30 and get a flashlight that will last for a long, long time. You'll be more likely to lose it than break it. I like Fenix, Olight and Streamlite. Try Going Gear.com for great deals on affordable products. They are family owned and sometimes cheaper than Amazon. I'll link a few you might like. 600 lumens for $40 http://goinggear.com/flashlights/olight-s1a-baton-600-lumen-1-x-aa-cree-xm-l2-led-flashlight.html?___SID=U This JetBeam light would fit in a pocket. I have one of their lights at home. http://goinggear.com/flashlights/jetbeam-jet-uv-3535-uv-365nm-led-flashlight.html?___SID=U Another option, http://goinggear.com/fenix-e05-2014-edition-1-x-aaa-cree-xp-e2-85-lumen-led-flashlight.html?___SID=U And lastly, http://goinggear.com/flashlights/jetbeam-jet-ii-mk-1-x-16340-510-lumens-cree-xp-l-hi-led-flashlight.html?___SID=U There are dozens of options that will fit in a pocket. Hope this helps.
  2. Lost a member this week - Mike Fite

    His 43rd birthday would have been Saturday. Gone far, far too early.
  3. On line stock and mutual fund trading

    In my last job they used Fidelity for our 401K's. I called them to roll that over to Edward Jones and the person with Fidelity was helpful and competent. I would have no issues using them if I decided to invest on my own. I like my Edward Jones adviser but I've also considered managing it myself. Let us know how it works out.
  4. Springfield announces new SIG...

    A link or picture would help. I know what you're talking about but I suspect others may not have seen it. And as soon as I saw the picture I thought the same thing. How will they not get slapped with a lawsuit over this?
  5. Prayers for Doug

    Doug, let us know if there is anything we can do for you. I pray the surgery goes well.
  6. My truck broken into

    He was at a gun show. I could absolutely imagine someone breaking in just to look for weapons. This is actually somewhat common at gun shows. It happened several times when I was living in Orlando.
  7. Goodbye Russian ammunition

    Why would they do that? They know that their base will continue to support them simply because of the "R" next to their name. There is a reason we have the same people in Congress for multiple decades.
  8. It's Frickin' Freezing....

    It takes them an entire week to fix your truck? My guys typically don't stay stranded more than a few hours. I hope you make it home soon!
  9. House bill 508

    That's what I thought but it seemed like overkill. That's going to be one heck of a sign. I can't think of many posted places I've seen over the years that meet the requirements.
  10. Netflix series

    No but I've been down it a few times...
  11. House bill 508

    Forgive me but is that saying you must have A and B in order to be a legal posting or just one of the 2 options?
  12. New Glock 19X model

    I'm not wishing for the man to die but I suspect that once Gaston passes away we might actually some neat products come out.
  13. It's Frickin' Freezing....

    Where is "here"? I'll pass on that.
  14. Gadsden Flag Vanity Tag

    I wish I had known. I assume the money goes to the state park? I hope so.
  15. Med kit?

    I've read to watch for counterfeit ones from China. Apparently the tourniquet can snap on some of them. Just FYI.

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