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  1. Suggesting Trump won because of the NRA is a stretch even for TGO... Carry on....
  2. That really sounds like he couldn't pass a background check. It's probably a good thing you didn't get a chance to trade.
  3. Nothing here.
  4. I sent an email to congressman Duncan and got the standard automated email. It basically said he supports the 2nd and that he would look at this bill if it is reintroduced. No where did I see him say that He actually supported it.
  5. Not a fan of this gun honestly. Too heavy and too wide for me to pocket carry. Honestly, from a dimension standpoint most of the similar pistols in this category are a better choice. I'm sure it's a nice gun but I think there is a reason it's been "forgotten". YMMV.
  6. Another fan of Comp Tac here. I've been using their OWB paddle holster for years.
  7. I can't help but feel it would be a terrorists wet dream.
  8. I typically get sick once a year but not with the flu. I haven't had a flu shot in at least 15-20 years that I can remember. My wife doesn't get the flu shot either and tends to only get stomach bugs(which can really suck).
  9. So I'm sitting at a hotel bar in Wilkes Barre PA with my boss and his boss last night when Obama's speech came on. Seeing as how I'm only on day 8 with this company I wasn't about to breach the subject of politics. Before I knew what was happening both of my bosses were tearing Obama apart. Since both live in NY it wasn't the reaction I was expecting. In fact, everyone in the bar was bashing King O. It was fantastic. Needless to say, I'm going to get along with my boss just fine.
  10. This guy was saved by his laptop. He's quite lucky to be alive. http://www.wdsu.com/article/laptop-saves-man-from-airport-shooters-bullet/8573492
  11. No, John was right. I don't see what difference it makes as to which gun he used. I guess I understand the curiosity though.
  12. I find it strange that 2/3's of the posts are you guys trying to determine which handgun he used... Anyways, I was at a poker table at a casino in PA last night and this incident came up in conversation. You can imagine the confusion and misinformation being thrown around. Folks just didn't understand what was required to fly with a gun. I did think it was interesting that no one made any anti-gun comments despite it being a very diverse group. To me, this just reinforces the fact that most people really don't support gun control. Honestly, I really don't think it is a topic that many Americans put a lot of thought into.
  13. I still have my FL permit but it's no good in WA or MN so I'm really not sure it helps me at all. I'm going to keep it just in case we ever move back or get a 2nd house there. I don't think you would gain anything by having a FL permit unless we lost reciprocity with more states. Even then there are several states that don't honor non-resident permits.
  14. Dude I'm sorry but that's a pretty depressing outlook. I love TN but traveling is fun. It would be a pretty boring life if I never left "my immediate area". I understand if you don't want to but for many of us, losing reciprocity is a big deal.
  15. 14 years is a good life for a dog but I realize it's also not nearly long enough. Our oldest dog is 7 and I don't even like to think about what will eventually happen. So sorry for you loss.

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