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  1. Before I share my thoughts let me just say that it's very easy to sit here on my couch and say what I would and would not have done. I think you did far better than many of the other people I've seen on the show and better than I would have done. 1st Scenario- I was impressed with how well and for how long you were able to deescalate the situation. You avoided a fight and even offered to leave instead of trying to be a hero. As for drawing your gun, that was probably a bad decision for several reasons but I understand why you did it. What ran through my mind is that had it been a real situation you could have planted your boot in the attackers ribs while he was on top of that guy. That would have enabled you to help without going lethal. The downside is that you still would be involved. Honestly, the best thing would have been if you could have called police and been a good witness since there was no weapon and you were no longer in danger. 2nd Scenario- I think you did fantastic in this one. You responded immediately and placed shots on target. One thing I noticed is that the bad guy was right in front of the door. Let's say you miss or a shot goes through him, you could potentially kill an innocent person that's about to walk into the store. I think about this a lot when I'm out in public. I realize this is unlikely but still a possibility. Obviously that didn't happen this time and you responded as you should have, but having a good backstop is something to consider. Now, as for you pointing your gun towards the other shoppers I guess it is bad but I probably would have done the same thing. That is just something you will have to train on. Scan your surroundings without pointing your weapon. The fact that you even thought to do this shows that the training you've had is working. Overall I think you did really well.
  2. That's exciting. I like that show and I've been waiting on more episodes. I'll watch it when I get back to the house.
  3. While I agree it might be depressing, if you truly want to help then you should go. Many people in that area have jobs that depend on tourism. If everyone cancels their reservations it only hurts them further. Go, laugh, love, spend money and enjoy yourselves.
  4. I will copy and paste for anyone that doesn't have LinkedIn. Also, I'm pretty sure that Levi has a LONG history of anti-gun sentiment. I've known this for quite some time and never purchased any of their jeans. My main motivation is cost though as I routinely buy the cheapest jeans I can find, which doesn't describe Levi.
  5. Your post really helped put things in perspective. I was telling my wife this morning that it seemed odd that the residents got zero warning. When you see fires on the news out west they typically have a lot more time to get out of their houses. Most of the people they interviewed on the news stated that there was zero warning. One minute everything was fine and the next their backyard was on fire. You really helped put things in perspective though. Given the wind and dry conditions it doesn't seem like there is anything the firefighters could have done that would have changed the outcome. Like you said, if no one loses their life it will have been a miracle. Right now I would tell anyone in East TN that lives in a wooded area to be on alert. From what we saw last night things chance change in a matter of minutes and you need to have a plan in place for how to get out of dodge if needed.
  6. Worst disaster East TN has seen in a long time. I feel so bad for those people who lost their homes. We had several bad fires here in Loudon County last night also.
  7. I'm in and I really want to see Bad Santa 2...
  8. I read that Vandy hasn't scored that many points against an SEC opponent since the 1970's... The article went on to talk about how this is one of the worst defenses we have had in a long, long time. It's odd for UT has we've historically won games because of our stellar defense.
  9. No it's a cheap little ASUS laptop I bought on Amazon. It's my first touch screen laptop. For only $250 I can't complain too much.
  10. Honestly I tried to adjust the contract on my little ASUS and I can't. I searched in the settings and that feature doesn't exist. I can adjust the lightness/darkness but that is it. I was just pointing out that I've not had any issues on any other website. All is good though as the dark theme works just fine. The rest of the changes you made appear to be just fine as well. I have no complaints now!
  11. I'm not sure but hopefully he's fine and just too busy to visit.
  12. It's not a problem with your computer, it's the default "theme". Like you, I have no other issues with any other website that I visit. If you go down to the very bottom left of your screen and change the theme you will find it is a big improvement.
  13. The color scheme makes it a bit challenging to read. It's hard to differentiate between quoted and non-quoted posts.
  14. more rounds
  15. I would just buy one honestly. It would be hard to build one for any less and at least this way you only have one company to deal with if you need warranty work. Palmetto State isn't known for their exceptional customer service. I don't know anything about the DPMS, I know Primary Arms has this one as well. I have no idea which one is the better rifle.