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I picked one up today. Feels good in the hand and hopefully I'll get to shoot it this weekend. 

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Have fun and be safe!

Give us a range report when your range mission is completed.

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Love to hear how it did at the range!

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Love both my VPs. VP9 and VP9SK. Can't see why he may not like it. Both great guns....

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    • By Noseknot
      I'm 18 and a new gun owner. As of now I have a pretty basic collection. One AR, one 870, a few .22s, the works. However, the obvious hurdle to owning a handgun is the federal restriction on purchasing a handgun from a licensed firearms dealer when you're under the age of 21. Buying a handgun from a private seller, however, is totally legal.
       Sadly, that limits my options dramatically. I can't have a gun from a listing shipped to me since that would require an ffl transfer, so I am limited to sellers in my area. Even then, most of the listings I've seen in my area explicitly demand a HCP, which, being under 21, I can not obtain. 
       I'm aware for many people this is to protect themselves in the event the buyer is a criminal, but this comes off as really hostile to any 18-20 year olds who want to exercise their gun rights. If I can buy an AR easily I fail to see why it should be so difficult for me.
    • By tngunowner1
      Hi all,
      I just got into handguns after moving away from a state that made them impossible to get.
      Are there any tips and tricks to get less expensive 9mm ammo for target practice purposes? I currently get them at Academy and its about .175 per shot. At the range I typically go through 150-200 rounds which starts to get pricey!
      Thanks in advance for the advice.
    • By TGO David
      I am admittedly stuck on Glock and Glock-like handguns.  With more than 25 years of experience with them, carrying them, shooting them, etc. I am just not going to get away from them anytime soon.  Lord knows I've tried.  Not because there's anything wrong with them, but because I like new experiences as much as the next guy does.
      THIS however is not a Glock.  There's nothing Glock about it.  Not a single Glock part rests within it.  It is 100% Zev Technologies from stem to stern, including every little piece and spring within it.  Hence the O and Z in OZ9.  Original Zev.  Not a Glock.
      It is however familiar in many ways to a Glock shooter, albeit with the dial turned up to eleven and then ripped off, thrown in your face, kicked out the window, and stomped upon outside on the sidewalk.  Zev amped it up like they hated that dial and it owed them money.
      This particular configuration is very similar to my beloved Glock G45.  It has the compact G19 length barrel and slide, with the G17 length grip.  Unlike a Glock it has a 1911-esque grip angle and uses a serialized internal chassis much like the Sig p320 does.  The chassis is a solid hunk of machined metal that contains Zev's take on a Glock-style sear, their fantastic trigger and trigger bar, the rails upon which the slide moves, and I guess an ounce of black magic.
      All it takes is pushing out one small pin to remove the chassis from the grip module and turn this into a G19 sized compact gun.  Which I've done for summer carry.
      It shoots like a dream.  The trigger clocks in at 2.69 LBS on Lyman gauge averaged across 5 pulls.  It tracks smoothly under recoil and doesn't move an iota off target unless YOU move it.  If you miss, it's the shooter - not the gun.  You just have to own that fact and accept it.
      I've heard my friend Dr. Sherman House ask another shooter if their Zev OZ9 was really all that or if it was just a Camry with nice wheels.  FUNNY!  I had the same questions as I considered buying it.  But, I'm glad to say it's got the goods to back up the sticker price.  This is very much a Porsche wearing a Camry suit.
      There are dumber ways to spend $1500.  I dig the hell out of it.

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