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Shipping a handgun back to the Mfg

A.J. Holst

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Sending it back due to what appears to be a mfg'ing defect.

The aluminum strap directly above the forcing cone shows signs of pitting / cratering.

I saw a post on another forum where an LCR owner had the same problem: Thoughts on Ruger LCR's reliabilty, durability? - THR - see #6

Here is the Youtube: YouTube - Buyers Beware : Ruger LCR(read info box)

Mine has about 500 rounds through it, combo of .38spl 130gr MC and .38+P 125gr JSHP

Since it appears I am only the second person with this problem, I don't think it is a flaw with the gun itself, nor it could it have been caught in a visual QC inspection before being shipped from the factory.

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Guest RangeMstr

I believe if you call Ruger they will give you the BATFE standard mantra. Handguns must be shipped by next day air, the box must also contain a xerox of your drivers license, and under no circumstances may the Post Office ship firearms. I have used FedEx Next Day Air (Saver) a couple of times with no problems.

Please call Ruger to verify. I haven't shipped a handgun in a couple of months.

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Ruger should send you a call tag for the shipping, call and demand it.

If not, you'll have to pay Fedex or UPS, whose policy is overnight only for handguns (not a federal law). Pricey.

No handguns from individual through USPS period.

- OS

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What I have done in the past is call the maker and tell them the problem. Get a RMA/call tag and then package the pistol in the case it came in, put in a copy of all info in the package also, put case inside of box. I like to ship with FEDEX, never had a problem but I do drop off at the main hub.

Never had a problem doing this.

Hope it works well for you.

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I believe that is incorrect. While the USPS can not ship handguns, they do ship long guns.


And BATF FAQ be damned, federal law says you only need to inform shipper that it's a firearm if it is NOT going to a federal licensee on the other end. USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

- OS

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I believe that is incorrect. While the USPS can not ship handguns, they do ship long guns.

The USPS will ship a firearm between two FFLs.

I had to ship my 1911 back to Springfield Armory, they sent me a FedEx overnight shipping label. They covered shipping both ways and replaced the barrel and bushing.

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The USPS will ship a firearm between two FFLs.

The USPS will ship a long gun inside the state between two private, non-FFL citizens. They will also ship a long gun from non-FFL to an FFL, even if the FFL is in another state.

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The USPS will ship a firearm between two FFLs.


Correct, including hand guns.

I think LEO agencies can do it, too, and certain military situations, haven't looked at the regs in a while.

But a "normal" individual cannot send a handgun through USPS, period. Legally, I mean.

An individual can legally send a long gun through USPS:

1.to a FFL

2 to another resident within same state,

3. to himself in care of another person intrastate or interstate

According to federal law, notification of contents would need to be made in the case of 2 and 3, but not 1.

- OS

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see attached link USPS Firearm Shipping Regulations - form 1508 filled out by ffl holder and presented to the post office along with the package for shipping. Enclosed in the package a note with the problem as well as the gun owners address so firearm is returned directly to the owner.This does require you to know a ffl holder that would be willing to fill out the form for you

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