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Bad Glock magazines


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I often see posts on various gun boards about testing glock mags for function before depending on them for carry and naturally it is a sound practice as I do this regularly with new ones.

My question is, in your experience with glock mags specifically, how many "bad" ones have you ever found? By "bad" I mean you actually threw them in the garbage can next to the AK.
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Learned something new today.   I have never known there was such a thing as a bad Glock mag (OEM of course).  How to detect?  I guess you shoot the dickens out of them into the 1000s.  Then if you have failure, paint it or something to distinguish it, and continue on.

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I've owned Glocks for over 25 years, 9mm and 40, all four generations. The only factory magazines that have given me any feeding problems were the ten rounders for a Glock 19 (purchased during the ban years). Those mags wouldn't feed the last round if it was a hollow-point. FMJ fed fine. Ten rounders for the Glock 17 worked with everything. I've successfully used 357 SIG mags in .40 pistols.
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The only bad Glock mags I've run across are the Pro Mag ones that are steel with ribs down the side.  They can be made to be reliable, but why bother?  Early Korean mags were a bit fragile and would do the volcano if dropped on a hard surface.  I've been using newer Korean mags and had no problems.  I might grab a couple of P-Mags just to try them out.

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Pretty much never. I don't know how many Glocks I've owned. No mag problems at all with any of them.


No issues with any of the Korean mags either. Just got some ETS but haven't shot them yet, but reviews and comments I've seen online have them all at A+.

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No personal experience with poor OEM mags either.

But, I have been amazed at how many times Glock has modified the followers in their magazines. I have various mags for the same Glock (9mm 26) that have various shapes of differently numbered followers. If it is not "broke" why do they keep tweaking?
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I've owned 7 different Glocks in several different calibers and only once did I have an issues. My gen 4 23 had issues that I think were attributed to a bad magazine but I can't say for sure. Overall, OEM Glock mags are typically flawless.


As with any gun it's always a good idea to function test each magazine.

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Glad you're ok. But that's what happens when you try to multi-task. You can't reload and be here at the same time. It just messes with your brain.

It was the first one I loaded - I didnt reset the depth on my PC from 4.1gr to 2.3 so when it double charged it didnt buzz because that was the normal amount I was used to.

Clobbered the hell out of the steel plate I was aiming at lol

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Really glad that didn't get worse than it did. I've never had any of the 165 gr rounds. And I'll show my stupidity with this question.

What are they for? Subgun? Or just a nasty pistol round?

I was wondering the same exact thing...maybe trying to get the most out of 9mm and stay subsonic?
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I was looking for a really light round thatll fully cycle and I found it.

2.4gr of Titegroup with CCI SPPs and a COAL of 1.150 gives me a heavy hitting 9mm round that has a VERY small amount of perceived recoil.

The one I blew up had gotten 4.2gr with a COAL of 1.125 and matched with a weak Tulammo once fired brass brass it was a recipe for disaster.

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My wife's 42 had to be sent back because it was too ammo sensitive and would lock back with rounds in the magazine. It works fine now. They replaced both magazines when they sent it back. I have several other Glocks and the only other issue I had was a really old G22 magazine that I found in a bargain bin somewhere. It wouldn't work 100% with a light on the pistol. I read online somewhere that this was a known problem experienced by some law enforcement agencies and addressed with the change to the gen 4 models. My gen3 was 100% with the old magazine without the light or with the light and the mags it came with. It is an RTF with the gills to give you an idea of the age of those mags. Anyway, I threw out the old magazine just to avoid getting it mixed up with the newer ones.

I shoot and carry 9mm Glocks most of the time. I have never had a bad 9mm magazine out of several pistols, lots of spare mags and a few that have been dropped in the dirt quite a bit... Edited by JReedEsq
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Out of my OEM Glock mags, I've only had one that was problematic. It was an older LEO marked magazine (15 round .40 S&W) that would cause FTF issues every other round or so after I'd shoot half the mag. Replaced the spring with a Wolff replacement and it works fine now.


I've got several of the 22 round extended magazines, and they don't run in my Glock 27. Otherwise, no real issues with them.

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