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  1. Damn, it HAS been a while. Welcome back. We have several members that have gone MIA over the years that I miss.
  2. Welcome from Loudon county. I just moved back after living near Orlando for 4 years.
  3. Welcome from Loudon County. We spent 4 years down around Orlando and couldn't wait to move back home. FL has a lot to offer but we don't miss it yet.
  4. Are you a class 3 dealer? How are you able to get your hands on these?   Awesome videos BTW!
  5. Damn you Mike. I knew that picture would resurface someday. I'll never be able to top it either.
  6. I went ahead and purchased my 10.5" PSA upper which will finish out my pistol build. What a bizarre chain of events this has been. I'm not sure what to believe at this point. 
  7. This is definitely an interesting twist in this whole debate.
  8. Mac, they should make you a Subject Matter Expert here on TGO. When it comes to gun laws you are the first person I look to.   Now, walk away because I can imagine you're blushing right now.  :wave:
  9. You're going to get a different answer from everyone so ultimately you'll just have to pick a spot you love. Personally, I think East TN is the way to go. Anywhere from Crossville to Bristol should be great.    Good luck!
  10. Very nice Blake. Looks great!
  11. You should check out Maryville and Greenback in Loudon County. That's a nice area. I also like the tiny town of Norris.   Good luck to you, please don't vote for the commies that ruined KA!
  12. Welcome. I lived off Matlock Bend Rd. in Loudon for years and then Lenoir City for another 7. Loudon County is a great place to live, we're glad to have you here on TGO.
  13. I'm currently looking for Glock 19 magazines at post "gun-apocalypse" prices. I'm winning a few bids on gunbroker but cautiously optimistic at this point. 
  14. I don't mind any yanks coming down to God's country but I really wish they would leave their liberal ideals back home.   Some of the New Yorkers I meet here in Florida are just horrible.