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  1. I'm almost positive we heard these exact same concerns the past 2 elections. Just how exactly will she go around Congress and "open the boarders"? Actually, aren't they already open? Pretty sure we already have a huge influx of illegals and drugs flowing across the boarders.
  2. I'm also ready though I wonder what NPR will talk about after Hillary wins. For months now I've listened to them on the way to work while they bring up every negative thing about Trump they can think of. It was hilarious one day when they claimed they didn't understand why people always say they are biased.
  3. The polls the last month would suggest otherwise. He's going to get killed.
  4. What makes you think Trump will be held accountable? Was Bush? (think Patriot Act) And keep in mind, this is coming from one of the few people who actually likes Bush. Not necessarily as a President, but as a person. His bullhorn speech after 9/11 chokes me up every time I watch it.
  5. Well said. What I find frustrating is that the members here seem to think that all will be fine in the world if a fake Conservative will get elected.. We seem to forget that the president is only one man. The republicans control both the house and the senate and despite that, have yet to do anything meaningful the last few years. Hell, they have yet to even repeal Obamacare which is the main reason many of them were elected. The only positive thing I can say is that they did a good job of preventing massive gun control changes after Sandy Hook.
  6. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing the story and pictures with us.
  7. One of my good friends just bumped into Gary Johnson at the court house in Santa Fe. Seemed like a very down to earth guy and even posed for a picture with him. I'd like to meet him.
  8. 1000 rounds of 9mm for $225 delivered. It helps that one of my best friends is also my FFL. Also got a +1 shell extension for my old 870 police magnum.
  9. I have several for both my 19 and 17. All of them have worked great. I see no reason to use them for carry mags since I have so many factory ones. I do keep a loaded 17 rounder in my truck though.
  10. Bush Jr gave us several trillion and the patriot act. It's funny how we ignore these facts. Also, it's been predicted that Trumps tax plan would add several trillion in debt as well.
  11. The fear mongering makes us lose credibility. I have watched the same people here for years predict that we wouldn't survive Obama. And while we're certainly worse off than we were 8 years ago, we did survive. In fact, we managed to take back the house AND Senate during his time. Meanwhile, the people whom, if elected, promised to overturn Obamacare, didn't do a damn thing. I'm really not sure how much they are helping but I digress. The world is not going to end after 4 years of Clinton, and if it does then there is nothing we can do about it. As Mac has been saying for months, if Clinton wins TN then Trump has much bigger problems than earning the votes of TGO members. If I'm being completely honest, deep down I hope he beats her. As horrible as I think he will be, I'd love to see the Libs crap in their pants. However, in the long run I think he would do far more damage to the party. Right now people are incredibly pissed off about the last 8 years but that doesn't mean they are sold on the Republican party. If he wins, and does a horrible job then we will get stuck with another Obama for the next 25 years. I believe that she will be a 1 term president, after which we have a decent shot of electing someone better than Trump. I hope it doesn't seem as though I'm supporting the evil witch, I'm simply thinking long term here. The GOP can't survive 4 years of a loud mouthed, petty, egotistical and even childish Trump. He simply cannot put aside his pride and function like a normal adult.
  12. I don't know if Trump is a "bad guy" but he damn sure isn't a good choice for President of the United States. The fact that he actually apologized for the first time is proof enough that it's game over. Frankly, some of you have been so blinded by your hatred of Hildabeast that you have allowed yourself to support one of the most embarrassing choices in the history of the Republican party. Honestly, I think if he were to be elected he would be so hated after 4 years we wouldn't see another Republican elected to POTUS for decades, maybe ever. Hillary will do such a poor job that it might actually help the Republican party 4 years from now. I don't believe she will be able to destroy the country like many here are predicting.
  13. That is a bit surprising honestly. Maybe the bartender is from here?
  14. Funny story about that video that I've been meaning to post. The Lenoir City officer that snatched the gun out of that guys holster is the same one that jumped in the bed of that pickup truck and then shot the driver to death. He was later fired for an unrelated incident involving a taser.
  15. I can honestly understand both sides of the argument here. I hate that a man lost his life over a little bit of weed but I also understand where the officers are coming from when they initiated contact. Chris, Blake, Elliot, I understand your argument and even agree with a lot of it but I feel your condemnation of the "state" is unfairly targeting cops who do not make the laws. If we expect the cops to pick and choose which laws to ignore and which to inforce I feel that is a slippery slope. I don't know whether or not this shooting was justified but it does seem like the victim made a series of really poor decisions which ultimately cost him his life. It's a horrible situation for everyone, especially the dead guy and his family. Let me ask this, lets pretend the cops just ignored this guy and went about their business and then 10 minutes later the guy gets out of his vehicle and kills his wife and kid in a domestic violence situation. What would have happened to those cops careers or freedom? I don't have all the answers but it seems this isn't a clear cut case of a cop just walking up and executing a guy for smoking a joint.