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A group just for folks in the greater Memphis area to gather.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. No reply yet. Try to get there this weekend.
  3. The manager wasn't there Saturday. I left my phone number so he can call me later.
  4. Not much going on here. I shoot at Sardis, MS, McLver gun range. $20 for half day noon till evening. Pistol and 100 yard rifle bays are covered and next to each other. Longer range a walk or short drive. Skeet, trap and archery areas too. I can check to see if we can set up canopies and grill for a meet.
  5. Personally, I'd prefer we all just gather at a restaurant or such where can can relax, talk and get to know each other. But I'm open to just about anything. I'd really like to meet the local TGOers. As I've said before, nobody seems to want to take the lead and organize some type of meet. I'm no good at such things. Anybody wanna take charge?
  6. I wouldn't rule out MSSA since there seem to be a few guys who are already members here. As an alternative though it might be worth looking at setting up a private class/group event through some place like Topgun Memphis if we can get 8 or so guys together. Run a class together and have a meet & greet in the attached restaurant afterwards or during the class break.
  7. They have matches like USPSA and Steel Challenge that are open to the public. I'm not sure what the criteria are for hosting a non-member event.
  8. Really? Last I heard it was close to a thousand bucks to get your foot in the door there, and four hundred a year after that. They just let any old riff-raff in off the street? If you can get them to let us have a little meetup there, that would be cool. I think the main problem is that people just don't check this forum that often. There's got to be a way to organize...
  9. A couple ideas. Maybe we can do a weekend get together at MSSA for those of us who can make it. They have all kinds of events open to non-members and there is plenty of space. Bring a lawn chair and maybe a cigar and we'll hang out. If we get enough interest, I am happy to go to the club management for approval. We could also have another event during the week, maybe one evening, at a tap room around town. Restaurants are complicated. I know not everyone drinks beer, but tap rooms are a good venue to people to come and go as they please, and many of them have room inside and out. The Ready Room tap room on Brookhaven Circle off Poplar is a good centrally located one, and food and non-alcoholic drinks are available.
  10. The problem seems to be that nobody wants to take the lead and set something up. I'm afraid I'm not any good at such things. I wouldn't even know where to start. Is there one organized person in the Memphis area?
  11. I'm in! But this has been tried before and never pans out. Maybe this time?
  12. Say when and where and I’ll be there. Retirement it’s perks.
  13. Shame that this hasn't gone anywhere since early 2020. Anyone near Memphis still up for a meetup and range day?
  14. I’m an hour out, but if it’s where I could.. I’d attend
  15. Surely there's one organized person in this area? C'mon, speak up!
  16. I'd like this! Even if it's a pretty small one.
  17. Just found this. I think we had a statewide meet and greet somewhere years ago? I haven't been on for a while, but I see a lot of people are still on that I remember. I would go to a local meet and greet.
  18. That may be, but it does pop up in the Recent Topics list from time to time. Maybe if we keep posting, somebody will notice?
  19. I don't think anybody else scrolls down the TGO website far enough to even see the club forums.
  20. C'mon now. Surely there's somebody here will the skills to pull this off. Anybody?
  21. Sounds interesting - would be neat to put a (user) name with a face for those we haven't met.
  22. First of all, I'm not nearly organized enough to pull something like this off. Wouldn't even know where to start. However, if somebody here is willing to take the lead, I'd love to have a Memphis /West TN get together and meet all the folks I've been posting with for so long. How 'bout it? Anybody up for the challenge?


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