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  1. Keep it deep in your pocket and keep your mouth shut.
  2.    Unless they lunge at you, putting you in fear for your life or of grievous bodily harm, then all bets are off. 
  3. This is not supposed to be ready to implement until 2020. It won't survive the next president. It'll be another stupid idea dropped like a hot rock, as if it were never proposed.
  4. Anti snake bite serum and treatment: $2000 plus.   Scratched cornea diagnoses, ointments, surgery and treatment: $2000 plus.   Unconditional love: Priceless.
  5. Congratulations! Thirty-eight years and counting.    It ain't always fun, but it's never boring. . . .
  6. And for those who don't know, here's an image of a Pelican 1720 Case: http://www.pelican.com/us/en/product/watertight-protector-hard-cases/large-case/long-case/1720/
  7.     Impossible to police. Lived in a town overseas that banned advertisements for dogs, as dogs were considered farm animals not suitable for urban areas. Therefore, the newspaper was full of ads for "fuzzy pets." Expect something similar for Facebook. No advertisements for guns? How about advertisements for "personal protective devices?"
  8.     My wife is extremely satisfied with her 2014 Subaru Forester. The CVT transmission is very solid, and with it's 2.5L four-cylinder boxer engine (essentially an airplane engine) provides more pickup than our classic Cherokee with a 4.0L six-cylinder engine. The AWD is excellent as well. The darn thing gets 30 miles to the gallon!
  9.   "Liberty is the freedom to do whatever I please, as long as it doesn't infringe on your RIGHTS."    Small problem with that when it comes to the Second Amendment. We have an inherent right to defend our persons. Therefore, your property rights are trumped by my inherent, God-Given Right to Self Defense. Sorry.    In the whole Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness (Property), Life comes in First in every case. It's not possible to have Happiness (Property) or Liberty without Life.
  10. The emotional attachment to an attacking dog is immaterial. Dog attacks, dog gets shot. True emotional attachment to a dog includes properly training and restraining it.
  11.  And L-3 is, I think, a Raytheon company. There are few deeper pockets in the country.
  12. My Eotech 512 stopped working after five years. Eotech sent me a repair kit to freshen up the battery contacts and replace the battery compartment. Quick turn. Easy fix. Works like new. Of course, I am not using it in Iraq where my life is on the line, so I'm good. 
  13. In polite company, I do not talk about or expose my genitals or my firearm. 
  14. Sounds like a dangerous weapon. I will take it off your hands and dispose of it for all of our safety. :)   PM me.   Aloha.
  15. I think it was wrong for her to be charged. Common enough robbery prelude: "Hey Lady, ya got a light?" A distraction before a purse snatching in almost every case. If he was within 21 feet of her and aggressive and not stopping his approach when told to, he is in the wrong. You have less than two seconds to stop an assault from someone who gets within 21 feet of you. If it was the Police Officer himself that had been approached in such a manner, the officer would not hesitate to draw down on the aggressor. The woman did not shoot the perpetrator, she just stopped him. A reasonable person, the standard, would be scared out of her wits. Though arrested by the Officer, this is not the final word. The DA will have to get hold of it, and a Grand Jury. This will get No Billed by a Grand Jury. If it got that far, no Jury in the country would convict. IMO.
  16. My Dremel tool with a cutting disk makes short work of the 5.56 to 300 BLK conversion. 
  17. Close the gun store and rent the space to a "Massage Parlor" with a "Motel" next door. . . .
  18. Sounds like the opportunity cost for a complete fix is the $175 stripped slide. Since that can be purchased at any time, the JB weld fix is a good fix until it demonstrates it's not a good fix. In the meantime, everyone learns something, and $175 is conserved.
  19. Why are they getting out of the market for black rifles? Why? No profit? Political pressure? Who knows WHY? It matters.
  20.   I vote for the rocks in their head. Their cojones are shriveled through anal copulation with their cousins.
  21. Yep. Speaker of the House of Representative Boehner ordered the U.S. Flag flying over the U.S Capitol building to fly at half staff. That was the final pressure needed to get the skinny Kenyan Shiite in Our White House to roll over and publish the order allowing the U.S. Flag across the country to fly at half staff. Too late by far. Now that we know for sure that the obammunist can be rolled, he should be rolled and rolled all the way down the hill and into the river, where perhaps he will drown.
  22. Which might in fact be part of the plan of the current administration. . . .
  23. A lot of things have changed. The South is now heavily industrialized and Northern industry is "rust belted" in a lot of cases. Southern Confederate Flag against the Rainbow Gay Pride flag? Not much of a contest, unless it's restricted to bitch slapping.


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