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  1. Your an immobile target at that point so unless you can stock months of consumables in a tank grade shelter, stay on the ground and stay mobile. Unless its a Zombie Apocalypse, and then yeah, your golden.
  2. Mounting mine tomorrow!
  3. Yep, I was in the waiting line for one of the first uppers from RRA (the first time around) and got a second one later. Both got loaded out with H110 and 300 grain Remy JHPs for deer hunting. I think I got three of them. If anyone remembers Bronker, we had a nice little meet eat and shoot and he was pretty amazed at what the Socom can/could do. I think I rang a brake rotor hanging in a tree at about 250 yards. And I pretty much hate you all for dragging me back to this caliber that I love for the third time!!! Mac, yeah, since I'll use it for hunting, unless it was a steal of a price, I'll just go with another 16 inch, but thanks for bringing it up, I had thoughts of slapping that on my pistol lower and seeing what kind of kick that puppy would have.
  4. Well my brother never answered. I think his pride is interfering with his reality but so be it. Great gesture on your part BTQ. I'm sure the Lord will move the right people into your path for these.
  5. Depends on the price quote
  6. My brother is sadly going through a divorce and just said the other day he was going to have to buy his own set. He's already asleep but I have a message out to him and will let you know if not already gone tomorrow afternoon when I get back from work.
  7. If they ever make it so you don't need a stamp, then I'll get a can. Till then, big fireballs and hearing protection!
  8. I'd have to relearn all my loading data but I did that once with a 16". How much you want for the bolt / barrel and does it already have the extension?
  9. Wife is wearing the last shirt you set up right at this moment. Always could use a couple of more and a few hats. I'm hard on hats. Count me in.
  10. Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Know there are a few of you out there running the Socom. Is anyone interested in parting with an upper, please contact me. I'm looking for RRA, Tromix, SBR or other uppers from a provider that uses Marty's reamer specs.


  11. Wanted 458 Socom upper View Advert Know there are a few of you out there running the Socom. Is anyone interested in parting with an upper, please contact me. I'm looking for RRA, Tromix, SBR or other uppers from a provider that uses Marty's reamer specs. Advertiser Rightwinger Date 04/09/2017 Price $600.00 Category Gear Classifieds Manufacturer RRA, Tromix, SBR Type of Item 1  
  12. Did you use to work for GPD?
  13. I'll take the .204 Ruger Kahrman. I'll be coming through on Friday on the way to the Thunder Chicken ranch.
  14. wow! I need to get the ZT back to you for a sharpening Willis. Let me pay Uncle Sam first then I'll get a couple down your way.
  15. Glad you have it covered. I still have a lot of loading data sheets if you want them Dolo. Shoot me a email address and I'll send the info.

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