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  1. wow! I need to get the ZT back to you for a sharpening Willis. Let me pay Uncle Sam first then I'll get a couple down your way.
  2. Glad you have it covered. I still have a lot of loading data sheets if you want them Dolo. Shoot me a email address and I'll send the info.
  3. Got to see the box, never the equipment or lanyard but we had a "special" box for the M198's in our unit in Korea. I heard the lanyard was longer than 50 feet. And you had to be in a hole with so much earth or stone between you to pull it..... I was they guy that snapped a cookie and told em if they were ever gonna have to pull it.
  4. And Mom thinks that proof her little boy was dealing drugs makes the rest of it "our problem".
  5. and so? Has nothing to do with him charging the officer away from the store. In fact I see that as evidence he was probably already pissed off about something.
  6. I would rather have reclamation statutes put in place so we reclaim the areas AFTER we harvest the resources. You can smooth out the dirt and replant trees once the resources are removed, then there is no impetus to do anything with the land except live on it or set it aside as wildlife areas. Our hunting cabin is adjacent to Champion Paper owned land in Wayne Co. There are more deer and other wildlife there now that the area is managed than there ever was. They are replanting it in white pine after every harvest but the low areas they can't get to easily are still hardwood and the animal populations are flourishing. What would you have us do BTQ, slowly return back to the stone ages? Humans like things like houses and cell phones (I'm actually ready to ban cell phones but meh). You can't wish these things together, someone has to do work....and gather resources that have been provided. Let's gather them in a smart way and win on both sides.
  7. Met one named Smirnofff a few weeks ago. He decided to go to the hunting cabin with me. I think he's still there in the freezer.
  8. May want to get on Karri's mailing list. Good prices and they have occasional sales for even better prices http://karrisguns.com/pistoluppers-2.aspx Currently sold out but the price is why....279 http://karrisguns.com/kg-venom-KM-5-56mm-7-5-pistol-upper-SR.aspx
  9. Same here. Illegal is illegal. Come in the correct way. You can't pick and choose what you want to enforce. I want more black and white and flush all the grey.
  10. Some links below to help on mid range cams and a box to protect it. If you really want to catch them, the new cellular phone linked cameras will do it. You might loose the camera before you get there but it should be sending you pics before they get it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1946-Qty-2-Used-Wildgame-Innovations-i8B-Trail-Game-Camera-WGI-8MP-Infrared-/381977484911?hash=item58efa1de6f:g:JwQAAOSwh2xYAQk8 http://www.ebay.com/itm/331911995321?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  11. Catch an auction based sale on Ebay. You can get the 5 MP cams for under a 100 easy now. The problem is they have to be within about 40-50 feet to catch the movment which means they are usually visible. I had a camera watching our hunting cabin this summer and the county contractor crew clearing the power line right of ways apparently spent some time resting in the shade of our porch. They apparently noticed the camera and took my SD card so there went the evidence, and then they scratched up the lens so bad the camera was essentially unusable. I have recently purchased a steel locking box for the cam and a python cable so they can't take the whole thing and will try setting up again. It's a shame people can't respect what others have earned or worked on, even to the point where trying to catch them is hard to do. Also, you need to understand that unless you get a NO GLOW IR cam, they will see the thing light up with the red IR emitters at night. If you do put one up, check it often. Your presence may just provide the evidence you need.
  12. Helotex G2 for pocket carry Streamlight and Fenix for the big lights
  13. Go simple first, just try a polishing compound on a q-tip and run it around the chamber, especially the bottom if that's where you are sure it's hanging. If that doesn't help, get a powered dremel and go a little harder at it. And definitely try another brand of ammo if you haven't already.
  14. So during extraction, the empty brass is staying in the lugs of the bolt and not ejecting right. If so, pull the extractor spring, make sure its still springy (they sometimes get smashed during installation) and not upside down. If that doesn't need replacing, you'll have to get the tool to remove and check the ejector pin and spring. If you meant it's locking up in the chamber, then it's time to fluff and buff the chamber with a polishing compound. Get another brand of ammo and see if it does the same thing as well.

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