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  1. First Item - Oak Table and chairs with leaf, wife bought a new table and chairs and this one moved into my garage and it's gotta go. Free unless you are so inclined to offer something in trade or just wish to grease my palm or add to my beer fridge. Second item - Better N Ben's flat top free standing wood stove 19.5 " by 24 ". Plus I have all the Dura Vent Plus triple wall stainless 8 inch stove pipe for through the wall to the top with rain cover and wall sleeve. Pipe was used part of one season then stored inside. About $1,100 worth of pipe. Perfect for shop or cabin. I'll take $450 for all or trade for something like a Rossi 357 lever action or something of interest. Third Item - Pair of Toyota OEM Factory smoke headlight assemblies (used) for a 2005 to 2011 Tacoma with all bulbs. The smoke headlights came with the TRD Sport package. Free if you need them. Located in Roane County between Oak Ridge and Kingston. If interested just let me know and I will email some pics. Thanks
  2. Save 15% of everything you make and don't touch it until you can't make anymore. "Want" and "need" are not the same thing. Remember that the "Big Picture" is not a self portrait.
  3. I look at my America today, and it saddens me.
  4. Congratulations to both of you. The wife and I are at 34 and counting.
  5. This times 2. The City of Oak Ridge tends to have grandiose ideas yet no business sense or fiscal intelligence. They are a soft target for developers to rip off.
  6. Dang! Then I would have to carry 10 or more weapons.
  7. The guys on the left and right need to learn where to put their booger hookers.
  8. Very first of many cars and trucks was a spotless 1964 Chevy Impala 4dr, 283 V8, auto, P/S, factory below dash A/C. It only had 28K miles on it and still had the clear plastic seat wrap on it when I bought from a little grandma for $300 in 1975. First day I drove it to school all the rich kids were razzin' me about while standing next to their Trans Ams, 280Zs etc. I just said "Yeah, but Daddy didn't buy mine." I never heard another word about it. Other memorable cars that I wish I still had included: 1976 L82 Corvette 1967 Catalina 2+2 Tri-Power, 4spd., 428 CI, NASCAR production. 1975.5 455 Super Duty Trans Am, 4 speed. Mid year production, very limited numbers. 1970 Cougar XR7, 351 Cleveland convertible. 1965 Mustang 2+2 Fastback, 4-speed, 289 1955 (Late) GMC stepside. 2006 Mustang GT 2007 Mustang GT 1970 Mustang Mach 1, 351 V8, auto. Making this list brought back a lot of memories and surprising, I never wrecked any of them. I have had many other vehicles but these were my most enjoyable.
  9. Years back I was shooting cowboy action events. I picked up several Hahn 45 CO2 single action revolvers for practice in the garage with a backstop. They worked very well. I no longer shoot CAS events but I do occasionally enjoy shooting the Hahns.
  10. I wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year. I pray the Lord gives comfort and strength to those as needed.
  11. tacops

    New Deer Rifle

    My duty had me spending a lot of time over several years on the butt of custom built bolt guns with high end glass. Most all were .308. I did have a personal rifle at the time which was a budget Remington "Sportsman" in .270. My buddy and I bedded the original stock and floated the barrel and this was my deer rifle. It really cranked our armorer when my budget Remington matched groups of our custom duty rifles. Eventually I no longer was on the bolt guns for work and sold my Remington. Recently I finally decided to pick up another bolt rifle. I really didn't need to spend a ton of money so after talking around I saw an ad on Armslist that was nearby a couple of weeks ago. I picked up a Ruger American .308 with a 3x9 for just under three bills and am very pleased with it. There is probably no more than a half inch or less difference in three round groups from the groups I had on my previous rifles. In my opinion only, unless you are doing some serious competitive shooting, a Ruger American, Savage, Mossberg, Howa, Remington 783 etc. are fine for hunting and pleasure shooting. Granted there are smoother, nicer finish, sexier rifles out there for more money if that is what you want, but these will certainly get the job done. But then I am also pretty fond of Taurus revolvers, product may settle during shipping.
  12. The rebuild kit arrived and the ratchet is up and running again. Thanks again to Chucktshoes. Apparently I am with tools as I am with firearms. I decided to disassemble, clean and lube all of my ratchets after I rebuilt the one. After going through my boxes and gathering all my 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch ratchets I came up with a total of 16 ratchets 12 of which were USA Craftsman with an S-K, two Snap-On and a Proto. As I looked around my shop I realized that I am the same way with all my tools and assorted "guy stuff". This is when I realized two things, 1 - There is no way I can ever move again, and 2- my kids are really going to hate me when I am gone.
  13. When Sears told me years ago that they no longer had the repair kits and handed me the impostor, I never pursued it. Thanks to this thread and Chucktshoes telling me kits are available, I just went to EBAY and found a Made in USA kit which is now on order. My old ratchet is soon to be back in service.
  14. Actually, I did not know that. I haven't even tried. When I went in and asked for another repair kit and they said they didn't do that anymore and handed me the cheap ratchet I spoke of, I never tried again.

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