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  1. What is even more strange is the fact that almost all the companies that sell brass are out of .38 special brass. But I will say they are out of most brass at this point. A local range said they have lots of .38 brass and said if you want 9mm brass it would take 2 .38 special brass to trade.
  2. The media figures if you tell the lie or lies enough, the sheep will believe it.
  3. Good morning all. I receive emails from PSA and yesterday they had 300 rounds of .38 132 gr FMJ for $239.99 that is $0.80 each. They also had .40 S&W 165 gr. PMC brand 300 rounds for $179.99 or $0.60 each. It doesn't make sense to me that .38 would be that expensive. I would have posted this, but when I saw the ad it was sold out. For you folks that don't reload, this is a fine reason to start. Any day of the week you can load 38's for $0.12 or less, I cast my own lead bullets and can do it for under $0.06. I really feel sorry for folks that pay $0.80 for a fmj .38.
  4. Don't want to steal the thread, but probably just if not more important is a quality oil filter. Do your own research, but after years of changing my own oil, Wix is the only filter I will use. They aren't cheap, but I want quality not cheap.
  5. Isn't that similar to a doctors office? They schedule 2 or more people for 9a.m., their time is valuable, but ours isn't!!
  6. That is when you need the load out grunt and grayfox spoke about. Would be helpful with a ma deuce also.
  7. I called O.J. this morning to see if they had any brass for sale, they had a little of 9mm and .40. I asked about powder and the guy said they have none and haven't any word when they might get any.
  8. As alluded to previously. It isn't always about how many rounds your mag holds as it about how well you can shoot under stress. I haven't been in a gunfight, but shot a lot of USPSA, IDPA and ICORE and most folks don't realize if the crap hits the fan it won't be like at the range punching holes in paper. A BG or lots of BG's could be firing at you. I see guys that train tell us to run around for 10 minutes or so and get our heart rate up, then grab your gun and see how well you put hits at 15 yards. Just look at the stats of LEO's shooting they have a low hit factor most of the time. Trained
  9. Hi all, I know there are several suppliers of the leather wrap, any suggestions by those that have one or more on their rifles? Thanks Mac
  10. Not only should he be arrested for Treason, a tall oak tree and a piece of rope should also be applied.
  11. Hey Greg, I have been reloading in good and bad weather! It is a habit that I can't break, I see empty brass sitting here and there and it looks so much better with a primer stuck in 1 end and a bullet in the other.
  12. You know idiots like that is just what the gun community could do without. I had an old friend that commented several times about warning labels that we thought were stupid, he said if they didn't put them on the items, process of elimination would make the gene pool stronger.
  13. I don't know if most folks know it, but it is 6 times more difficult to accurately shoot a pistol. Greg I would suggest doing a lot of dry firing and like Red said try some powder puff loads. I know if I don't practice a bunch I have a hard time keeping it centered.
  14. It is my understanding that #4 shot and smaller is the legal shot size for turkeys. A good load of # 6's will put ole Tom in the freezer.
  15. Appliances are like cars. I will wager the new 2021 model of your choice will be in the junkyard before my 1993 Z-71 is, why you ask. Because I can FIX this one, this new crap was destined for the junkyard!! A 1963 would be an even better option.
  16. Like I have stated long ago the EPA is the biggest enemy of the U.S.A. I believe all or almost all lead smelters are long gone. But without primers, it won't be a problem to not have dies or lead bullets!!
  17. If you ain't saying, that is like saying your friend's Dad's 2nd cousin by marriage heard...........
  18. He should have pile drived him once more just for old times sake!! That guys & gals is why you have to keep your head on a swivel, situational awareness. Just like when I cut my grass, there is a .40 cal on my hip, you can prepare and train, but the bad guy does have the upper hand as to when and where the attempt happens. We, myself included let our guard down a little more around the homestead, we shouldn't because we don't know when IT's ugly head will rear up.
  19. Yep, years back folks got a load of birdshot or worse for stealing. You know they used to hang horse thieves, why don't we hang car thieves? You don't have to put much thought into why crime is rampant, the punishment isn't severe enough to make the thugs think twice, with the 2 brains cells they have left after doing crack and meth most of their lives.
  20. Oh yeah about 20 years breaking big rocks into little ones would be a good start. Her kids may be taken away, think how her kids felt when "mom" is out there waving a gun around. I guess she must have been late to buy crack or meth by the looks of her. Folks like her DON'T need to have guns.
  21. I am so proud when our state and country honors men & women like Mr. Coolidge. They endured things no human being should have to. We are losing these WWII vets at a pretty high pace. My wife has an uncle that will be 96 this October and served in the Navy in the Pacific. These old soldiers are some gritty fellows I will tell you.
  22. When I think affordable I automatically think of my $0.05 cost of .38 special and .40 S&W target ammo that I produce.
  23. Sorry Johnny, I used that name as an example and didn't note that. Are you sure you resent or resemble that remark?? LOL !!
  24. Can you make a pencil drawing for us, while we are waiting? LOL!! More description please, blue or SS, bull or regular bbl. length of bbl.
  25. I hate to say this, but repeatedly I have seen the suspect's previous issues and the LEO had done part of the job, don't you think that having him evaluated and maybe putting him on a probationary hold on purchasing guns for 6 months or so until the professionals could say one way or the other is he a menace to society. I have seen multiple shooters that had issues in the past, like several co-workers said Johnny is nuts and he is going to hurt somebody. Just saying. I don't like red flag laws unless there are some checks and balances and not the neighbor that doesn't like you saying something


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