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  1. Notice they said assault rifles, who had the rifles assaulted??
  2. You could also put up a DEAD END sign. Not the PC no outlet sign!!
  3. Plus this last 18 months has seen a bunch of Democrat voters decide they needed and wanted a gun and they won't be voting for gun control, so the way I see it there are many more voters against crazy gun control laws and there are for it. Like Colion Noir puts it " I will not comply" . I think that should be the new slogan to every gun advocating person in the U.S.
  4. And that my friends is just a sample. That is why nobody ever has and doubtful ever will land troops for a ground war on this Republic. They don't have the balls.
  5. Hi guys just saw where the last shoot at Knob Creek will be this October. They claimed old age as a factor. This will be the 50th year.
  6. Ding, ding, ding. Kahrman solved the joke!! Want another one? What do mermaids wash their fins in?
  7. The ammo now worth more than dope!!
  8. Corny joke of the day. Why do chicken coops have 2 doors. I will post the answer this afternoon.
  9. My wife would leave and never come back to this house if a snake was in it. When we moved here there is a 12x12 barn style shed and she was going to use it for her crafting. Well when we moved here we just put all her totes of stuff in there, so about 6 months later we cleaned it all out and I found several snake skins, one was 7 feet long. She said you wanted a chicken coop so have at it. Well about a year or so later I found the 7 foot long chicken snake over the door. She also doesn't like the little lizards or chameleons, I am not exactly sure what the scream would sound like if a bear or
  10. And let no-one forget the BATFE don't make laws, their"rules" mean absolutely nothing to a lawful gunowner!!! Laws are made and passed by Congress not the BATFE
  11. Eddie I would like to know how you practice shooting under stress. Even trained LEO have a very low hit factor when involved in gunfights, something on the order of 20-30%. I have read lots of articles that say there is good evidence though that many CCW holders to be better shots that most LEO. I can attest to that, when I used to shoot USPSA matches we had several LEO come and go and only a couple stayed with the group and I think most left because they saw they were a lot poorer shots than the rest of the group. Most LEO only have to qualify 2 or 3 times per year and some that is all the s
  12. Howdy Skyhunter retirement is what you make it. It is hard going from getting up everyday and having to be somewhere to all of a sudden you can sit on the back porch and drink coffee all day long. I retired from the chemical business that we primarily sold to the Oil patch. Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Texas. I retired in 2014 and my former co-workers have taken several paycuts since then. That would have to suck to do the same job for a lot less money.
  13. I learned quite alot that I didn't know Chip was responsible for. I had to do some searching, but Chip was only 51 years old. Let that be a lesson for all of us, we aren't guaranteed getting back home this afternoon. If you are not certain where you will spend eternity, make that a priority. You have to decide on the green side of the grass where you will spend it.
  14. Well said chances R. That is the mindset of most folks. Try not to go into the places that would most probably be the most dangerous. We never know if or when danger will rear it's ugly head. I usually carry even when out in the garden or cutting the grass. Bad guys are opportunists and usually prey on the elderly, weak or the person that isn't aware of the situation. Be safe out there boys and girls, this isn't Kansas and it's not the wonderful world we grew up in.
  15. Good morning everyone. Let us never forget this day or let our country forget it. I am privileged to attend church with a WWII vet as well as 2 Korean vets. The WWII vet had surgery a few weeks back but he is tough as nails. I knew a man that was a tank driver that went in on Omaha beach on June 7th and he was just a teenager and never could forget driving over the bodies as they didn't have the time to move all of them. Another friends dad was in the 82nd Airborne and parachuted into France. I met a 100 year old WWII vet about 5 years ago and he was in great shape. Thanks to all the vets for
  16. They must have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque, like bugs bunny is always referencing!!
  17. Install an electric fence and put a few head of cattle out there. You can sit on your porch and sip mint juleps and watch the ribeyes get larger!!
  18. Sorry to hear about your accident. Prayer lifted up for you. I used to shoot with a guy that had an old motorcycle injury that left his left arm useless in a sling. His buddy put a cocking spur on the left side of his pistol and he made him special mag holders that held the mag by it's mag bottom and he was a great competitor. There is a lot to be said for having 2 working arms and hands. That is why a lot of firearms trainers suggest shooting and reloading with your weak hand. Lots of times in a gunfight your strong/gun hand is shot and you have the choice of being killed or take up the fight
  19. I don't think you could get 3 bullets in a case, never tried it but think it difficult to say the least. I had a friend that did gunsmithing and he had a revolver barrel with 6 bullets stuck in the barrel, that some woman had shot. He took a band saw and cut it to show the bullets. Evidently they were very low powered. When I used to shoot USPSA matches we always were listening for a squib load and ready to yell STOP. As most of the guys reloaded it happened from time to time. Anytime you are shooting, especially at a range with others keep your ear tuned in to a pop instead of a b
  20. I realize old thread, but today saw one in Rural King in Crossville. I think price was $429, interesting to say the least.
  21. Deerslayer just noticed "your" distress flag. This country is indeed in distress. I was putting up a new Christian flag under our American flag and I asked the pastor if I could invert it, he chuckled and said better not, but we are under distress.
  22. The precursor to one of if not the best pump shotgun ever made the Model 12. Basically the model 12 is an 1897 without a hammer.
  23. The Remington brand used to mean quality. That hasn't been the case in several years. I won a 870 express magnum and was shocked to see in the warranty info it only had a 2 years warranty. There are lots of people that bash Hi-point, if you find one in a ditch it is fully under warranty for life. Plus you can call them and within about 4 rings a real American will answer and get you fixed up. Old Remmies good, newer Remmies not so good.
  24. I'm afraid that will be the "new" normal price. I was really expecting $70-75. Still makes handloading cheaper than store bought by almost half price.


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