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  1. Aren't most if not all primer manufacturers also ammo mfgs? They use most of the primers to load for those that can't or won't load their own. Folks that reload are at the bottom of the heap and are offered the leftovers.
  2. Keep it and use it for T.P. because it ain't worth much more than that.
  3. Now that is what I call a hoarder!! Nice looking rifles. I'm jealous.
  4. Yep!! I was watching youtube T.V and saw a newscast from Tulsa from last month and they interviewed a gunshop owner and he said his distributor told him to turn in an order for next year. He alluded to the fact it may be next year before things get better. I ain't worried, I am trying to get a buddy to go shooting Thursday, and have another range trip scheduled for next Tuesday.
  5. Well that sounds about right, maybe even longer. We went to south Alabama and I noticed a pretty good stock of 12 ga. birdshot, haven't seen hardly any around here. So I think it will be hit or miss, for a long, long time.
  6. Okay I will share my recipe, NOTE: use at your own risk. I shoot mine out of a Taurus 65, .357. This can be used in both .38 special and .357 revolvers. I use .357 brass and because there isn't a bullet protruding from end it will cycle in both. Take a dozen or more brass and remove the primers then open up the primer pocket flash hole to about twice as big.This will help prevent primer setback. I use 5.8 gr. Bullseye with 2 wads over powder, about 88 gr. of shot I use #8 because I didn't have #12, 1 wad over shot and either seal with hot glue gun or wax. I make my wads from thin cardboar
  7. We took a trip to Alabama/Mississippi last Thursday and I never paid more than$2.89 only saw a few stations with bags on the pumps indicating out of gas or particular grade. It appears that the metro areas were the hardest hit, we are our worst enemies by buying 5 times the gas or T.P. or bullets we normally buy and everyone else copies what the neighbor is doing.
  8. FYI in case you haven't thought of this, most of the marina's sell gas, it won't be cheap, but may have been overlooked. Just in case you get in a bind.
  9. Have all your papers together in case the Gestapo stops you!!
  10. Just noticed this morning that just about every gas station in Livingston, Tn. has raised their price to $3.19 per gallon, I bought from 1 of these stations at $2.69 Sunday morning on way to church.
  11. I hope our pipelines and grid infrastructure will get a little more hardened. I used to work with a lot of pipelines monitoring them for corrosion and they have pretty much went to computer automated valves that a few guys in a control room in Houston or wherever can open and close valves. I personally wish they would keep some manual control valves in place. If the thugs hit more that 1 pipeline at a time it would be very crippling. Cross your fingers they get this worked out before the weekend.
  12. I have a pair of tweezers I will donate to the cause. Cause I would like to pull up a chair and watch you for about an hour, then leave you to the rest!! LOL
  13. I don't know about you, but the .38 ammo will be some of the last used. Although my 1894 Marlins will sling the lead out there a few yards. Besides if they have any sense they will look at what the Japanese said about a gun behind every blade of grass, now there are 3 guns behind every blade.
  14. Grayfox I don't know how old you are, but I am in similar circumstances. I have several loaded rounds, but I got to thinking that at some point my mind or body may not be up to loading good safe rounds. So I think I am going to fill up every piece of brass I have while I am able. I should run out of primers by the time I get most of the brass filled. The kids and grandkids all shoot, so it won't go to waste. But I am onery enough to stay around and shoot all of it.
  15. But they grow up to be ugly people sometimes. LOL
  16. I will tell you I cringed at the video of the explosion. The Good Lord was watching out for Scott without a doubt. I hope everyone that watches this is mindful of every round they shoot. I don't think many people would have survived this accident.
  17. Sort of like you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Just like you can't motivate people, only they can motivate themselves. We can encourage, but that is about it.
  18. Hi all, due to the ransomware attack on Colonial pipeline this emergency status was put into effect yesterday. It stated Atlanta and Tennessee would be the first to feel the effects. If the pipeline isn't put into service tomorrow it will go downhill fast, as the tank farms generally have 2 or 3 days supply. This pipeline delivers about 45% of fuel we use. Just wanted this out for all to see. I didn't see any threads on this. Stay safe!!
  19. I call that non-sense, in that they have NO sense. I may shoot less, shoot .22 and pellet guns, but I refuse to pay stupid prices. I thought the last go round in '08 I had seen some crazy stuff, but this out does it. I have seen 30-30 for over $4 per round, SPP at $325 plus shipping, plus lots of common ammo go for crazy prices. I really feel sorry for the new gun owners that for whatever reason age etc, they didn't get to enjoy the cheap prices of yesteryear. I know things will never be as cheap, but hopefully one day this storm will pass and some normality will return.
  20. Greg this is almost verbatim what my dad told me. He said all you have going for you on this earth is your good name, if you screw it up it will follow you no matter where you go. He also said as you climb the ladder of success watch the fingers and toes you step on to get there as they are attached to the a$$ you may have to kiss on the way back down.
  21. I bought 3 of the holographic sights and absolutely love them. I read a bunch of reviews where they were holding up on AR-15's.
  22. I shall turn to my barn where buckets of wheel weights are awaiting going into the smelting pot and then to be turned into ingots whereby all the lead projectiles are cast, along with 00 buckshot. I have been at this game awhile, used to have a church friend that was manager over a big tire store and I didn't even have to load them up in my truck, we bought all our tires there anyway, but it sure is nice. Speaking of that I need to get the fire lit and do some smelting if I can catch a non rainy or windy day!!
  23. Congrats to the grad and his parents!! Now you can pick his brain for those questions you can't find the answer to. LOL
  24. Jamie I am totally with you on the dread of what components if/when they become available again will cost us. But the bright side is no matter how expensive they get, it will always be more affordable than factory ammo.


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