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  1. Hi all, I was in town getting tire on the car and decided to go to Academy sports to get a couple of big key rings that boaters use. Well as I am an old man I stopped by to inspect their plumbing and happened to see...... wait, yes it was AMMO. There was a cart behind the counter 2 box limit. They had 3 flavors of 9mm from $17.99-18.49 for 50, had .40, .308, 7.62x39, some cci 22. and more. This was at almost 10a.m., the lady at the counter said they weren't expecting it, it just showed up. I got 2 boxes of 9 for a friend as I don't have a 9. You never know what you might see just around the c
  2. Very nice example of one of John Browning's finest classic. Guys you won't find one in better condition than this.
  3. Aloha8, you will just have to come and look with your own 2 eyes. There are some really nice places out in the sticks, some have nice neighbors some have crack shacks and meth labs. But most anyplace has those nowadays. Just take a few 3 day weekends and start searching, although there are lots of nice pretty areas such as Gatlinburg, well it also has 4 million plus visitors on the roads, so you have to take all the things into consideration. Pm me if you want a few tips. Most anyplace in Tennessee will beat the rat race in Hotlanta!!
  4. Well I read it too fast, I could be a courier, but my wife may say I'm not reliable. LOL Wouldn't be a bad gig, would that be lawful?? It wouldn't be a straw purchase, just a straw transport?? Ya'll tell me if it is legal, then how much you are willing to pay. Show me the money!!
  5. Welcome, I bet that was a sigh of relief to leave!! Just shows what crazy politics can do to an area.
  6. We haven't gotten but the first one. I think the word got out that I might buy gun stuff with the extra dough!!
  7. That is true, but if the LEO smelled weed, the gig is up and he has the right to search the vehicle and it's contents. That is the probable cause clause.
  8. Nowhere from no-one on a non named alley. Btw Nowhere is in Oklahoma, the only clue you get!!LOL
  9. Once again the LEO had a very legal right to pull this car over. If you hang out with felons, perhaps deal a little drugs, have a list of arrests, and your attitude DUH will get the spidey sense of anyone a little keener. If he smelled weed, that is probable cause to search the vehicle. I would have cuffed her and placed her in the patrol car while I searched, she may have gotten off with a small if any ticket. After I found the gun in her purse, I would have checked to see if she was a CCP person, if gun was stolen etc. A whole long laundry list of things. But it basically boils down to are y
  10. This should serve as a reminder to all of us. Even the LEO can't get LEO backup to them quick enough. You/me should assume we are on our own and the cavalry may not get to us in time to help, but maybe just to do the chalk outlines!! That is why where I reside and 30 minutes or more before the cavalry arrives, 1,100-1,200 FPS are my backup!
  11. Sorry to hear about your health issues. Will pray for you.
  12. Hey Bob, glad you gave us an update. What happened at Thanksgiving I believe gave everyone a little more confidence in "people"!! Glad to have been a part. Keep letting us know how you are doing for sure. Prayers for you and your family.
  13. Yea folks the stuff that ticks carry can be very bad for us humans. Had a friend get the RMSF years ago and he had a rough time for quite a spell. I wasn't aware of this until a year or two ago, but you can buy Permethrin spray and spray your camping gear, boots, clothes and let it dry. Then you can wash as usual the garments at least a couple of times before the stuff wears off. You can get it at Wally-world in sporting goods or online Amazon. I think the logging guys were the first to use this.
  14. I bought a Beretta APX .40 last year and the first time I took it to the range about 13 or 14th shot the extractor popped me in the right knuckle and scared the crap out of me. I returned it to Beretta and have fired about 300 rounds with no problems. I figure after 700+ more I will trust it. As Erik said always eyes & ears when shooting. As I have said for years if it is man made it isn't if but when it fails. Hope this guy recovers well, that could have easily been fatal.
  15. Well that is only a 50% increase over the last I bought at Outdoor junction. So $45 primers would be reasonable. The last primers I saw were at Outdoor junction, lpp's for $79.95.
  16. Hey David, I may let you come check out my reloading component supplies, but let me warn you, I do have some, but the prices are out of this world. As in a new decked out bass boat will get you some powder and some primers!!
  17. One that you have is far better than one you might want but don't have!!
  18. Greg, I was surprised also, although I have killed a half dozen wasps already and a few skeeters. I had been weeding in our strawberry bed and stopped to get some tea and happened to see the little nasty critter on my hand.
  19. Just a reminder to all, keep your eye out for the ticks. Remember Permethrin is your friend.
  20. that is a good price, mine was better FREE!!. Not bragging just stating a fact. But lots of things used to be free or easy to get at a reasonable cost.
  21. DA as others have said, a SA is not what I would even consider owning, I see no need in them unless all you do is punch holes in paper and guess what that DA, allows to be shot SA!! I am like others here, don't worry about the bears unless you walk up on mom with cubs, watch out for hogs and 2 legged predators.
  22. Hey all, I am not an anti-vaxxer. I totally understand that people with underlying issues and those that are told by their doctor that they really need it, I think that is great. But first of all getting the 2 covid-19 shots won't keep you from getting it again, or giving it to me. So I may have missed something, what good is it?? The biggest issue I have is that Fauci and the government, in case you all don't know Fauci is the highest paid person in our government. If the gubbermint mandates that everyone gets a shot, I say that sounds a whole lot like Nazi Germany or U.S.S.R. . Especially wh
  23. Mandate is one thing, policing it is quite another!! They will have to try and force people to comply and that is when the #### hits the fan. About like gun control, there are barely enough LEO to keep the thugs from not having a nationwide riot. So policing chinese flu immunizations is going to require a bunch more LEO on the payroll.
  24. Welcome to TGO, at this time Tennessee is still red, may be purple and then blue. Depends on if people wise up or not. I came from Mississippi and have always loved Tennessee as a vacation destination. I don't like cities, I currently reside in the smallest populated county in Tennessee at about 5,079 people. I can't imagine living in a country like you described. A lot of Americans have the same viewpoint as the guys/gals on TGO. I won't speak for them, but I will say this. " I WILL NOT COMPLY", with any gun laws that are unconstitutional, they can take a hike. I hope you find a place that w
  25. Deerslayer that is sadistic!! Would love to see some video.


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