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  1. Nice work, think about making the barrel??
  2. FYI for everyone that isn't going into Death Valley, harbor freight makes a really good but inexpensive 12 volt air compressor that works well. Get a tire plugging kit also. Unless they didn't have a spare tire or didn't know how to use it, they should have had a minimum of 3 good tires?? When I was in west texas all the pickups you saw had 2 or more spares because of the mesquite.
  3. Yep I wouldn't want Fauci to determine whether I needed to be in an asylum or not. But all jokes aside, there are people that have mental disorders, some induced by drugs that need to be separated from the public and rehabilitated if possible.
  4. Just saw on the news that at least 8 people shot and suspect committed suicide. Late Thursday night. Prayers for the victims families.
  5. I was beginning to think nobody had shot one. I certainly understand issues happen with firearms, try to read reviews before plunking down the $$. My Beretta APX didn't get to the 15th round when it blew the extractor off and into my index knuckle. I have put about 500 rounds threw it after getting it back, another 500 and I will trust it. I always say if it is made with human hands it is not a matter of if, but when it will break. Keep us up to date when you get it back.
  6. DJTC45, I feel your pain brother. Next thing you know they will keep the Hoppe's 9 locked up behind the counter in the Adult section. I know one thing if the idiots in charge keep us from buying ammo online, this is the crazy crap we will be subjected to. I wonder if a mean ole black rifle case would require an ID also?? Where does it stop, the whole world has gone crazy!!
  7. I hate to tell you, but the ammo may cost more than the firearms!! Nice looking pup btw!! Proverbs 31:10 An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.
  8. These are about like finding hen's teeth. Somebody needs to spend that stimulus money and have a piece of Americana. Nice rifle btw
  9. To answer the last question first. I do firmly believe that Jesus Christ will return before I die!! I would prefer to have no political parties. I think they are the problem. I would like to be able to choose from among several candidates for president or other positions based upon their competence, love of this country and leadership skills. That might be a step in the right direction, if we had an honest media. I don't want the media's slant, all I want is the news in a truthful manner. Quite alot to ask for huh??
  10. Randall didn't mean to quote you out of context, but the Republican's have been pretty spineless for the last 40-50 years. They are Politicians and if you put them all in a burlap bag and shake them up they will hit the ground at the same time. My belief is the 2 party system is one of our biggest problems, they fingerpoint at each other playing a game and we are paying for them to play. That is the reason neither side wanted or liked President Trump he is rich enough he couldn't be bought and wasn't a politician. If Patriots don't demand our rights back, they will keep chipping away at them.
  11. I don't think so, at least not for another 15-20 years and my generation dies off. Grumpy old men aren't nice to deal with!!
  12. But as we all know close only counts in hand grenades and atomic bombs!! LOL
  13. Just looked on gun owners club and there are LRP and SRP for $100/1K
  14. Moral of the story keep your booger hook off of the trigger until ready to fire in a safe direction. I shoot trap and have NEVER rested the barrel on my foot. If you are that lazy or tired, just watch TV. It is moron's like this that give gun owners a bad rap.
  15. You stated you didn't need them, as previously stated let him RIP somebody else off. Be patient grasshopper, they will come back in time. Take that $250 and do some driving, just saw a guy that bought lpp for $45/1k not cheap, but not $250 either. Wednesday I bought some 10mm brass and the man sold me 85pcs of NEW winchester primed brass for $13.00. Deals are out there, but so are ripoff artists.
  16. Very nice shooting iron, and priceless since it was your grandfather's. If you have kids teach them to cherish things like this.
  17. Hey David I was just on GB they have a plain jane model with a $450 bid but a $500 buy it now price, 1 mag.
  18. Nice looking pistola!! I like me some 10mm!!
  19. Saw a bunch of hens in field next to barn on Saturday, went for awhile and never heard one gobble. Those Brentwood turkeys could be taken with a silent bow!!
  20. So true, used to shoot USPSA matches and for the most part the LEO's that shot with us didn't last long. They don't like it when most everyone beats them at shooting. There are lots of very accurate shooters in the masses.
  21. Hi guys/gals I would like some feedback from TGO members on the P17. I have heard bad things when they first came out and mixed ones after that. Thanks Mac
  22. This deserves a bump, someone needs this and the price is right also.
  23. David last week when feeding chickens 1 answered my rooster about 6:30-7, but I heard one about 10 a morning or 2 before. I am like KahrMan and have seen lots strutting in fields on way to Livingston and back.
  24. Alleycat, you answered your own question. Now you may not live until retirement, many don't. Please don't trade money for your happiness. But I am interested with the fast cars and loose women aspect, my wife of almost 50 years on Saturday btw wouldn't find it funny.


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