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  1. I have not been off this property I live on since this mess began. The only interaction I have had was with 2 TGO Members and my daughter and Son In Law and do to their employment types both get tested everyday before they can begin work. When they go shopping for my groceries they follow all the rules. N95 Masks in public and hand sanitizer bottles carried in their pockets to use frequently before bringing my groceries in my home plus we all wear masks. I have a specific place that they put my groceries and leave. I put up the frozen foods and refrigerated stuff up and then spray off the freezer and fridge with Lysol. After I have let the other stuff sit for quite a while I will spray the bags with Lysol and let them sit another 15 minutes or so and then finish putting up my groceries. Then I wash hands and put on hand sanitizer. It has worked so far so not changing anything. "If it ain't broke don't fix it!"
  2. I do feel sorry for my son-in-laws employees as they must wear an N95 mask all day while at work and they are working out side for the most part. Their job is to spray a product that fire proofs the iron girders in commercial buildings under construction. Their boss, my SIL does give them spraying a lot of breaks so they can remove the masks and get something cold to drink. They also spay in shifts so no one is doing it to long before they get a break. Each time they go back in the spray booths they get a new mask also to assist in easier breathing.
  3. I agree Fox!! It's been a long long time since anything was close to what anyone could call normal!!! I don't know about most folks but if people have really been paying attention to what has been allowed to go on in cities with Democratic mayors and states with Democratic Governors all ordering their law enforcements departments to stand down when the protests and riots arrive in their towns and states and not take any actions. Well over the 4th weekend a little 8 years old black girl was targeted and shot and killed along with several other people. The Governor called up the National Guard to regain law and order in Atlanta and Georgia but it was a lot to late as the damage was done. The Black female mayor said that she does not know why they would killed an 8 year old baby girl and that was worse then anything the police would have done yet she was the one that told the police to stand down. In each city where damage and death took place in riots there was a Democrat Mayor that told their police departments to stand down. The Mayor in DC actually proved to everyone that she is a racist by painting BLM on the street leading to the White House and renaming it Black Lives Matter Plaza. I sincerely hope that on election days all Americans remember all of these actions and vote accordingly to remove them and move right up the ladder and vote a bunch of House members out while they are at it!!! They have proven what they believe and now it's time for all true Americans to show what they believe and we take our country back!!!
  4. RIP Mr. Daniels. The world has lost yet another great Humanitarian and wonderful human being!!
  5. Thank you for the update. I hope if they ever get my Fiber-Optics installed I can begin watching some of the programs I really enjoy again!!! The package I have picked out to have installed has all of my favorite channels included.
  6. Ok now that we got hipower fixed up I have a question for folks that still have cable or satellite. Does any one know if the programs "Alaska, the last Frontier" is still on. I'm not sure if it was on History or Discovery but think Discovery. That and Deadliest Catch was 2 of my favorite programs!!!!
  7. Why don't ya give hipower a link or 2 and make his day (Even though your don't look at those kind of pictures)……….
  8. I think I can take some of the blame for what has taken place about this because I did say for him to keep preaching about it...…….. Yea I would guess the poor ole horse is dead for sure!!!
  9. I tried to post an article 5 times and every time it would cut off half or more and would not let me edit so I finally gave up. Sorry!!!
  10. Prayers being sent to you and your family Larry. Very sorry for the lost of your family member. You will all be kept in my prayers.
  11. "If any moderators think this should be removed please do so" I have a friend that lives up there, well actually I have a few friends that live up there and yes a couple of them are black friends I grew up knowing and they have told me that they moved out into the suburbs to keep their children from being killed and not by police, but just because they refused to join a Street gang. They said there are weekends that there is as many as 100 kids and young adults are killed by gangs and the police don't even investigate them. The Mayor has said they can't afford to spend the money to investigate the murders and have been told not to even patrol the gang districts. I only have 2 questions and that is, Does the life of George Floyd have any more importance to his family than the families of any of the young black children being killed in Chicago? Why has the BLM Movement not been in Chicago to spread their message????? Do you think it might be because they are not paid enough money to go into the "Devils Den????"
  12. Welcome from ahhh !! Gosh I have never given any thought to where I am!! Ok just east of Nashville and West of Knoxville but welcome to the site anyway!!!
  13. Considering the status of what's going on these days I would expect as you go out in public you will be seeing more of that as the spoiled brats have come out of Mothers basement and are now emboldened to act that way because they can. It's something we will have to get use to in the future I would imagine. All I can say is just learn to ignore them and don't give them an excuse to be worse. Attention is what they are seeking and best action is don't give them what they are seeking!!…..JMHO
  14. Thank you very much for the refresher on what I learned while in Middle school and High school history classes. It's a shame our young people today aren't able to be taught as we were taught!!!
  15. That was great and thank you very much for posting it!!!
  16. I'm guessing you have never been on a ventilator or other serious life sustaining equipment in a hospital or you wouldn't be picking on someone that has been. I have taken a few rides on several life support machines and not really wanting to do another so I will speak up on this issue. If the policy in that particular store or town is for people to wear masks then masks should be worn or management should require they leave. Rule in stores are the same as laws when you are in public. The police do law enforcement and managers do store rule enforcement. How many times do people have to hear the statement "IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING" before it is understand what that means.
  17. bersaguy


    I heard from him around Thanksgiving. I do miss his input into the site!!!!!
  18. Wearing a mask and having a gun does not make you a criminal. If your a bad guy your a bad guy and a mask will not change that. You can take the mask off and your still a bad guy!!!....JMHO
  19. You will love the Bersa Thunder in 380. Take it from a guy that has 4 of them...…... Just added my last one a little over 2 months ago and now have a safe house regardless of what ever room I am in. Now the only 380 I still want is an LCP and I will be done buying 380's.
  20. I will do my best to see how much stuff I can move for you. Just need pictures and prices to start off with sent to my email.
  21. You made me hungry just reading your post...….
  22. I have been in that same situation on several occasions and didn't enjoy any of them so I know where you are coming from Fox. You just keep preaching cause some people just don't listen till it's to late and then they want to blame their getting sick on someone else when they were informed and just didn't listen!!!!
  23. Guess this is not really a good place the sell Musky Lures even though there are a few good populations of those toofy critters in a few in east Tennessee lakes!!! I'm a member of a fishing site in East Tennessee. Send me the pictures in my email listed below and I will post them on that site and see if I can move them for you. Doug aka Bersaguy drichards.sr@gmail.com
  24. I try to keep my house stocked with food items and my daughter shops once a week and when she shops for them she takes my list and shops for me at same time. I always have a fairly good size list and buy extra stuff to put in inventory. I am well stocked now.

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