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  1. The day is coming that no store or company will accept cash. There are some that have already stopped accepting cash for payment.
  2. Is anyone here concerned about this new digital dollar banking system the Feds are working on ?
  3. WELL, I have filled my feeders for this season for the last time last night. I want to make sure the travelers have plenty to eat in their journey south. I will begin watching for the leaves to begin turning to Fall and start getting the seed feeders ready to go.
  4. Well, I went out this morning and had one bird come and snack and the feeders are about empty so I think they are feeding early and then fly back up in the trees and are resting up for the long trip. I just made my last batch of food and I will fill all my feeders tonight for the travelers and when the migration is over I will switch over to my seed feeders for the winter.
  5. They are already in the walls but so far all that I have found dead are in the middle of a floor and going under the floor won't happen as the house is built on concrete slab.
  6. I thought I had got rid of all my issues but I had a sticky trap get dragged across my kitchen floor last night and what ever it was got loose from it by going between chair legs at my table. I will put a few tablets out today for a snack for the critter and hope it comes back.
  7. I went out this morning and sat for an hour and only had 2 birds come and feed but it was more like a snack than a meal. They spent about 3 minutes and were gone. All of my feeders are half full was gonna make more today but gonna let them empty what is in them first. I will make 1 more batch and fill all the feeders for the migration and the birds passing through and then be done for the year. Once the leaves change and begin to fall I will get ready for the seed feeders and I start seeing the Doves I have that show up every fall/winter. I normally have about 15 Doves every year. The last couple years I have had 1 Red Wing Black bird that shows up with the Doves. He lives about 1 mile away in a pond with Cattails. My neighbor sees him around the pond all Summer.
  8. Tomcat Bait Chunks and they sell it at CO-OP stores. It says it works outdoors also. My neighbor uses it in his chicken house and storage building where he stores his animal foods.
  9. The Professional guy put these little boxes of poison that the mouse has to go in to get the poison. I looked at one of the boxes and the holes for the mice will not work on my mice cause they are to big. I don't have normal house mice. I have field Mice that look like small rats. He gave me 10 sticky mats to put around and when one of the big ones get stuck they have figured out how to get off the darn things. I was talking to my neighbor about my problem and he said he can help and he went home and came back with some tablets about the size of table spoon and about 2 inches thick. He told me to put them where I put the Decon tablets and I did and two days later I found two dead critters and in a week I had found 11 dead critters and quit seeing anymore. I offered to pay my neighbor for the stuff but he refused and said they sell it at CO-OP by the pail. Tommy and Moe ( daughter) was having a similar issue so I gave him about 8 pellets and in about 4 days they began finding dead critters. Tommy went and bought a bucket of the stuff so we now have plenty and no critters.
  10. Has anyone noticed they might have less birds recently. I went out and sat on the deck this morning and only had about 5 birds come to the feeders in an hour! These colder nights might be a signal it's getting close to going south.
  11. I have 1 bird that does the same thing and he acts like he is the boss. If another bird comes to feed on any of the other feeders he will go and try and run them off. While he is gone chasing that 1 bird several will rush in and feed while he is gone. When he comes back he will chase any off that is still on a feeder and then go back and sit on the same feeder. It's funny to watch him on guard duty!!! It's almost like they are playing a game.
  12. I am just glad we are back up and operational and Thank you for all you do to keep us running!!! Like a few guys have said, I don't post as much as I use to but do come and read about everyday.
  13. I only feed the song birds in the cold weather as most of the black birds and starlings have flown further south but not going to feed any seed eating birds until I get my Rodent problem under control. This is the first time in my life of feeding birds that I have had a rodent issue. I thought I might catch a few in traps and solve my problem but after catching 8 and still having issues I have a professional exterminating service coming to the house today to see what needs to be done to eradicate the problem. They have got to smart for the traps and will set them off without getting caught and eat the bait off it. I have tried Decon tablets in the holes they hide in but they just push them out of the holes and onto the floor and won't eat them. The man coming out today guarantees his work and says he will get rid of them so I guess we will see. He offers a money back guarantee if he can't rid me of the problem.
  14. They have started looking at Dodges now so just gonna let them shop for trucks.
  15. I have about 15-20 birds and have all my feeders up now and still having to fill them about every 3-4 days....lol. There is several birds fighting over the feeders all the time. It's funny to watch the smarter birds that hide below the railing the feeders are hung on and wait for a bird to show up to feed and they pounce on it. I don't know how the feeders get empty so often when there is so much fussing going on but they do. I have noticed that most of the birds are around when it is getting ready to rain and when it is drizzling.
  16. My son-in-laws company is looking to buy 2 new Chevrolet trucks and has looked locally with no luck so I told him I would check with my friends here to see if they had any ideas. They are wanting work trucks and all he can find is luxury pickups in stock. They are wanting a 1/2 ton 4 door crew cab and a 1 ton crew cab. He was told that to order what he wants would be a year to get them. Any help in possibly locating these trucks would be greatly appreciated. Doug aka Bersaguy
  17. @seez52, Those little critters have remarkable memories and can remember where they fed the previous years and that is why they keep going to that area. I try to put the feeders in the same places each year. Another thing I began doing with this hot weather is I have an old refrigerator on the back deck and at night after they have quit feeding for the night I take the feeders down and put them in the fridge and before I go to bed I go out and rehang them with the cold food in the feeders cause they do most of their feeding early and the nectar is still cool. My friends say I am a little overboard on taking care of the birds. I tell them it gives me something to do....LOL.
  18. Well, I got my wish... I have a bunch of H-birds and have to fill my 8 feeders twice a week. I finally got a few males this past week. I have 4 Ruby Red Throats that I have seen on different feeders at the same time and also have at least 5 solid black birds and many young half grown birds. I had another 10 pounds of sugar brought to me today by my daughter as I ran out on Thursday. The birds have gotten so use to me being out on the deck filling feeders that they come and feed on other feeders while I am refilling the ones they normally feed on and after I hang a feeder and walk away they move from the one they are on to the one I just hung. I have had a few times I will be going out the door with 2 feeders and there will be a couple birds hovering just outside the railing and when I begin to hang the feeders they will be on the feeders while I'm hanging them. If I am still alive next year to feed these little critters The deck will have any awning on it. I gave my daughter the last 2 feeders I had to put up and she has birds now also on her front porch. I hope y'all have birds and are enjoying them like I am!!!!
  19. Good luck with the Gallbladders stones and surgery. My son-in-law Tommy went through that surgery last Sunday and he is only 52 and he has been laid up in a recliner since he got back home on Monday. He is off work for 4 weeks and then goes back to light duty for 4 more weeks.
  20. Thanks for reminding me about being old......
  21. The Eagles was one of my favorite groups back in the day. RIP Randy !
  22. I thought I read somewhere that on the first traffic stop the original stop the police officer got out of his squad car with a long gun. Either and assault rifle or shotgun. Neither of which would be required for a Mud Flap violation and the driver panicked and took off causing the second chase and second stop where the driver surrender and was on his knees with his hands in the air and resulting in unprovoked K9 attack. As far as the missing mud flap. It could have been on the trailer when the driver picked it up and came off while driving without the drivers knowledge. Had the original police officer not exited his car with a long gun the driver may not have run. My opinion the entire incident was a bogus mess. I heard on the news that the K9 officer was fired in 2 days. I guess he was sacrificed in hopes to prevent a lawsuit that is going to happen regardless. I bet with all the Video evidence and other officers that were on the scene and telling him NOT to turn the dog loose and he did anyway it will be settled out of court.......JMHO!
  23. Well I am glad to announce that the H-birds have finally arrived here in Gordonsville. I filled all my Feeders last Sunday and by Wednesday I had about 15-20 birds fighting over them and had to refill the feeders yesterday and still have a bunch of birds fighting over them this morning. Most seem to be adults but there are a few juveniles in the mix.
  24. Sorry to hear about your cars damage. I have State Farm with a group plan that covers my renter policy, my boat policy and my Jeep policy and I have had 2 claims in 12 years, both on my boat. Both times the damage was over 2 grand and both times my boat repair shop submitted the amounts of repairs and both times State Farm authorized the repairs without even sending out an adjuster. My daughter and son in law switched to my State Farm agent 5 years ago and move their vehicles, both houses, Camper and 2 motor scooters on their policies. Someone broke into their storage building last night and stole both scooters and several other items so he is working with State Farm to see how much his Home Owners is going to cover. The storage building was covered on their home owners policy. Good luck with your car repairs!!
  25. I don't know if her(shooters) writings would provoke some one to go shoot up a school but one thing that has been released is the time frame from 911 call to dead shooter was being talked about in police departments across the country and that would start any possible shooter thinking that is not a lot of time to accomplish their goal. The police said this person spent 2 years planning this and doing all the research on TCS and Metro Police ended all her planning in 14 minutes.


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