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  1. I have not been well for almost two months so Daughter had to tend to feeders and I have about 6 birds that are regulars now and I just changed out the nectar in all the feeders 2 days ago. Have some medical plans coming up so will be coming and going here till I get my health back.
  2. sorry Wheel gunner. Can't help you with a Force motor. Don't know any mech's that work on Force motors.
  3. What brand motor ? Merc, Yama, John/Rudy?
  4. I had 2 Ruby Red throats for 2 days and have not see them so they must have been travelers. I still have 3 Juveniles hanging tight and they are on the feeders a lot.
  5. I'm glad to see folks are getting birds. I had one that kept coming to my deck where I had 5 feeders up last year and had about 20+ birds and I thought it was to early and been to cold but I made some nectar and put the feeders up anyway. That was Sunday and this morning I had two Ruby Red throat males and 3 what I think are juveniles as they are a lot smaller than the two males. I have the feeders on the deck on sheperd hooks mounted to the railings around the patio. I went out and sat and they were not bashful about coming to drink with me out there. I might get a couple more feeders if I get a lot of birds. I think one or two of the birds was here last year and remembered there was feeders here.
  6. Been though that twice Pop-pop and it's been by the grace of Jesus that I have made it this long. I have aged a lot faster since the opened me up the second time but I expected it as I'm 75 and drove my body hard for 35+ years on my life. I live alone except my old hound but the EMT's all know that there is no heroics during transport to the hospital. I trust Jesus with all my heart to do what is right.
  7. I worked on vehicles for 35+ years and I have seen about all the issues a vehicle can have and 90% of the time wheel shake comes from Alignment issues. I would look at getting an alignment 1st. They can put the machine heads on all four wheels and calibrate each wheel and see if pot holes have knocked it out of alignment and nothing is bent they can adjust it and put it back in align and your shake should be gone till the next big pot hole comes along......JMHO
  8. I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee 4x2 that was my EDD till I moved here and got a chauffeur and now the Jeep has been parked 90% of the time. I drive it 1 or 2 times a month to keep everything loose and working and I go top off the gas tank and it performs perfect with 186,000 miles on it. Tommy (SIL) has company truck and he drives it all the time and the company pays all expenses so if we go anyplace it is in the company truck.
  9. RIP Mr. Weathers. you will be missed.
  10. Many companies have gone trying to fool shoppers with the tag that says Assembled in USA instead of Made in USA. Ford motor companies advertises their Trucks are assembled here and not made. I am one that will read labels to see where something is made. About 10 years ago when I was fishing a lot of Bass Tournaments I was looking to buy a new quality rain suit. I was at Bass Pro looking and I found a nice Goretex suit that I almost bought till I read the label and it said Made in the Republic of Vietnam and I hung it back up. I did end up buying a suit and it was made in South Korea. I quit fishing about 2018 as my body was giving me issues but I still have that rain suit and still wear it if I go out in the rain and it still keeps me dry.
  11. I had a pair of those and double fast draw holsters when I was 10 years old!!
  12. Was not any fight. The guy was twice my size and younger. I asked him to come out on the porch were we could talk and he did. I told him that he needs to quit beating on my sons mother cause it hurts him to see his mother like that. I also don't like thee fact you hit my son. he backed up about 2 feet and said how about if I beat on you and I said that will get you killed and as he came towards me I shoved a 380 Thunder in his mouth and said your done talking and now you are listening. Your going to stop hitting my sons mother period. If I hear about you doing it I can promise you that you will not hear the shot that kills you. I am expert shot and have a gun that will shoot far enough that the bullet will kill you before the noise gets to you. If you don't believe me try me. I took my gun out of his mouth and he backed away and I looked at him and said you can go change your pants now cause he had peed them. I figure he did that when I pulled the hammer back. I heard that he packed his bags and went back to his home town of St Louis and had killed a new girlfriend by beating her to death and is doing life without Parole.
  13. As for my ex-wife she got what she deserved. She got to see the other side of her guy after they said I DO!!!! He used he for a punching bag. Got her pregnant and still punched he until I put a stop to it. He made the mistake of punching my son Ronnie and his wife dragged him out of the house and they left. The only reason he went down to their house was to ask the guy to quit beating his mother so he said ok and punched Ronnie. Tammy, Ronnie's wife could not wait to tell me what happened. She knew I would deal with it. I did.
  14. I think I did, hope I did. When my wife learned that she was going to be a grandmother at 32 she denied that it was Doug jr's and would not have anything to do with him and when I would not deny the baby was Doug's she left me and the boys and took up with a man 5 years younger than her and would not have anything to do with me or her two sons or her grandson. She said to she was to young to be a grand mother. We got a divorced and about 5 months later she married the young man. She would not have anything to do with Ronnie her youngest son and his family either. Let me mention also that my son Doug was in the hospital in a coma from his accident when she walked out on us also. There is a lot more but that should be enough to give you some idea of what my life was like after Doug's accident.
  15. Well I had two sons and I have to admit I waited to long to have the talk and I became a grandfather at 35. My oldest son got his lessons from a young lady 4 yeas older than him and was divorced from her husband and lived in the neighborhood. They had a baby boy and my son got to spend 6 months being a father before his car accident that took his life. I was lucky that the young lady married a great guy and they made sure I was able to be his grandfather and he would come and spend weekends with me when he was little and now he is an adult and I hear from him about once a week and he and his lady friend come and visit when he gets a weekend off. He works for the 911 call center in Dickson County which covers 5 counties. My younger son also has two sons and they have 3 children which makes me a great grandfather.
  16. The only thing I have learned since getting older is it is no for sissies.....LOL. I will keep you in my prayers my friend!
  17. bersaguy


    I use to have 4x4's back when I worked but when gas went out of site my was my 4x4 days of toys when I was no longer working. When I say toys my 77 Dodge Ramcharger was just that. I bought it at a sale cheap and began to build what I wanted. 6 inch lift kit, 15x35 Monster mudder tires with steel studs, Detroit locker differentials front and rear and an NP 205 transfer case gear to gear rather than chain driver. Having a 45 gallon gas tank helped when the Dixie Mud Hawgs went off roading in a rally. When I had everything locked in 4x4 it got 6 MPG. I learned 1 think quickly and that was even with the steel studs and big tire cleats on snow and ice it didn't stop any better than my wifes 73 Dodge dart. On a snow like this one the Mudd Hawgs made some good money pulling folks out of ditches and up hills to get them home. We also transported 1st responders from their residence to work at fire halls, police departments and even doctors and nurses to hospitals. Those trips were all freebees. Metro React would contact us on channel 11 on our CB.s and tell us who needed a ride. Those were some fun days. When I got ready to sell the Ramcharger I had a guy make me an offer I could not refuse. He gave me 2 grand more than I had invested to build it 4 years earlier.
  18. bersaguy


    We have about 6-7 inches now and still falling. I went out o back deck and swept away enough to feed the birds and they were sure hungry. They were on the deck with me and eating about as fast as I was putting the food down. I will feed them once more about 4 pm and then again tomorrow. Glad I got 50 lbs of food for them.
  19. bersaguy


    Electric heaters don't work if power goes out. That's why I have Kerosene heaters and a good supply of Kerosene!!!
  20. I have had that same Sinus condition with pure water dripping and sneezing once in a while and going through 4 or 5 boxes of Kleenix a month from blowing my nose but don't have the chills or fever and except for the annoying sinuses I feel fine. I have been going through this for about a year.
  21. I don't know if these idiots that is destroying mail boxes but just so people know, It is a federal offense to damage a mail box. Back when I was in high school a couple guys got caught damaging some boxes by an off duty State trooper and he arrested them and the judge made their parents pay to have every one of the boxes replaced.
  22. bersaguy


    I keep Christ in Christmas as a gift to me. The rest of the family do what they choose and leave me out. I do get a nice meal sent back to me from the front house where the rest of the family gathers and that is my Christmas. I did buy a few gifts for Rosie and she will enjoy the treats.
  23. bersaguy


    Touching on subject I mentioned earlier on and that is body armor. I don't know how any folks here remember that movie theater that guy shot up during the Batman movie but he entered through a back entrance and started shooting people and he was in a full suit of body armor from head to toe. There are 3 theaters in that town and 2 of them are not gun free zones and the one the shooter was the only gun free zone of the 3. After he was finished he went out the back door and stood by his car and waited for the police to arrive. When they found him he was surrendering and had his hands in the air and was still dressed in the body armor. He was so scare that the police would shoot him that he made the police remove the armor and handcuff him. Now with that said, I often wonder how he would have reacted if he would have been getting pounded by incoming hot lead when there was not suppose to be any because he was careful to pick the theater that was gun free. I wonder what he would have done if there was a couple sheepdogs in the theater that had went against the gun free signs and were packing heat and began sending hot lead at the coward standing on the stage? I am betting a lot less people would have been killed and wounded.....JMHO!!
  24. Your experience has me wondering how well firearms are going to travel safely in all these electric vehicles the feds are pushing on people?
  25. I don't know if anyone here has spent time in an MRI room with that machine running but I have and it almost killed me but it was my fault. My son had to have an MRI performed and he would not lay still inside that tube so they could do the test and the doctor asked me if I would be willing to go in there and sit with him ad try and keep him calm and lay still and I said I would with out thinking cause it was my son that needed me so I went through the metal questions and went into the room with a plastic stool to sit next the Doug jr. and talk to him and calm him down. They said the test would be 15 minutes as it was ust on his head. About 2 minutes into the test I realized there was a problem with me being in that room but I was going to get my son that test regardless. After the test the doctor came in and he looked at me and knew there was something wrong and he and a nurse got me out of the room. He asked me if I have any metal inside my body and that was when I remembered the 5 small pieces of shrapnel I had in my head from a Mortar back in 1969. The doctors at the military unit said that they were not equip to remove them but by their locations the wounds should heal quick and they should not bother me and until that day I had forgot I had them. The doctor told me that they could have killed me that day while I sat with me son if they had to do a full body scan. The doctor gave me a necklace with a medical code that reads Warning NO MRI on it and I have warn it since that day. He did do a CT scan to see the locations of the metal to see about removing them and after he saw the results of the scan he said it might be better to leave them alone so I still have them. The doctor said that due to the location of 2 of them is why the military doctor chose to leave them alone.


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