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  1. I have a Windicator .357.. think I got it 5 years ago. Love it. Shoot mostly .38 out of it ... do to shooting indoors and even with great ear protection .357 rounds sound like a freaking canon going off... just be careful with your thumb...the cylinder release can take off a thumb nail if not careful
  2. I had a sample of this last night. It was very good good when it hit the mouth, but had a weird taste to it as it went down.
  3. I tried a bottle of JAMESON BLACK BARREL Irish whiskey at the first of the year. I was pleasantly surprised. It has became on of my favorites. Now have both of the Caskmates. They are different but very good.
  4. I was stopped by the Memphis airport police about 4:45am Sunday morning for speeding.. As the officer approached my truck I had both my DL and gun permit ready for him. He ask why I was speeding and nicely and professionally gave me a talking to. He took both DL and permit..as he took them I said no guns are in the truck and that they were at home. I was told by the instructor of the permit class who was a deputy sheriff that most of the police will give a warning if you hand over your permit with your DL.....The officer took them both and said he was only going to give me a warning.......He came back with the warning and said he hoped the rest of my day went better......He never said a word about a gun.
  5. I guess Stossel didn't check the law..after further reading a magazine even empty can not be in carry on baggage....It must be in checked baggage locked up just like an empty firearm...and I found this..... If a passenger brings a firearm to the TSA security checkpoint, the traveler can be cited by law enforcement on a local or state charge. TSA will also levy a civil penalty against the passenger. The recommended civil penalty range is between $3,000 and $7,500. TSA evaluates each incident on a case-by-case basis.... From my reading traveling with an empty firearm or a empty magazine is the same. Still stupid..
  6. This is stupid..esp for just having an empty magazine... Stossel: NYC Government Traumatizes Gun Owners What, I really don't understand why the TSA employees who are federal employees informed the NYC police. If no federal laws are broken....why cause problems????
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/politics/courts_law/dc-gun-ruling-again-raises-an-issue-the-supreme-court-has-been-reluctant-to-review/2017/07/30/8348527c-73c2-11e7-8f39-eeb7d3a2d304_story.html
  8. Thank you! What i was looking for I read over them too fast last night.
  9. ok i have been looking for a few hours...I give.....so what is the actual code or law about guns in cars?
  10. Gay man attacked at zoo: 'they say you know you're going to hell right?' I guess they will start having metal detectors and bag searches there now! "They just started out of nowhere physically assaulting," Buckner said. According to the police report, someone in the crowd shouted 'gun' as Buckner's friends came to his defense against the man who punched him. After hearing someone shout 'gun', zoo visitors started scrambling. "That's what made everyone start running away when they had the gun," Buckner said. "When she lifted up the gun everybody just started running.
  11. the family and I were there back in june....we spent a day in each park....The wife got pulled aside one day for a random check and sent through a metal detector....she is Scandinavian.....i was pulled aside another day and sent through a metal detector....no beard, just an ave broken down 50ish year old disable grandpa even had my 9 year old grandchild in tow....I could have been because of of the Memphis st cap I had on..one of the guys that pulled me to aside was from Tiptionille or Ridgely .....the days we were there they were going through the bags big time....but it was the week the night club got shot up in Orlando
  12. I am with her. That could have escalated real quick....if the neighbors wife had a gun...she could have shot the guy and been within the law. All she had to say is his gun was pointed at her and she felt he was going to harm her. What would many of y'all have done...if you were sitting on a public street at night and not breaking any laws, minding your own business and a person walks up to with a gun pointed you way. I have done that many a times stopped to texted or check the gps.
  13. A few years back, the wife and I were eating at the wolfchase Ihop. Sitting at a table behind us, was what looked to be a family in their mid 20's. The male was sitting with his back to me reaching across the table playing with his 5ish year old daughter who was sitting next to the mother, who didn't seem to happy. He had what look to be a glock 22 just stuck in his jeans, no holster no belt. It was about to fall out. I still can not understand how it didn't fall out while we were there. It was in full view. It was so far out I think if anyone would have grabbed it he would have never noticed it. I kept thinking what an idiot. I was thinking you are so worried about you and your and family's safety...but anyone can grab your gun and you would not be able to a thing about it. I wanted to say something but he seem like he probably would not have taken any advice from anyone. Last weekend we were in the new walmart off whitten road in Memphis. There was a woman bent over getting something off the bottom shelf. She had what looked like a s&w shield or the size of a shield sticking straight up out of her jeans. She did have a IWB holster on. She was bent over for a bit of time. Anyone walking by could have took it and I do not think she would have known it. If someone would have taken it from her, unless she was carrying another pistol on her ankle she could not have done anything to stop it. After she stood up she did put her shirt back over it. She was on the skinny side and had skin tight pants on. I was thinking how is she hiding it. She walked by us later and if you didn't see it when she was bent over, you would never have known she had it. This is the stuff that scares me.
  14. Got mine today..Thanks! My granddaughter told me she took the bullets out of the holes..........So now it is going to leak.............It does look great!
  15. Academy Sports are still selling AR15s....I talked to one of their gun people in a local store.. he laughed...said they are selling like hot cakes ...said if there was a letter about a clearance on AR15s it would normally be models that individual store is not selling well. Said things that go on Clearance are not always but most of the time are when the computer sees an item in that store is not selling well and will generate a clearance item.
  16. I seen that today.....almost got it, but deiced on a bottle of Willet Family Estate Rye and a bottle of their bourbon. Thanks for the suggestions!
  17. Thanks for the suggestions! The Knob Creek small batch bourbon is what I have a liking for. I will have to try their small batch Rye, Thanks!
  18. If anyone has not mention Knob Creek....I have found a liking for it. Being a person who used to only drink Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniels black label before that. I stopped drinking about 10 years ago. Beer and wine would cause pain in the lower right back. Doctors could not figure it out. Last year one of the Doctors I was seeing suggested alcohol to make the pain killers I was on be more effective. So I deiced to try whisky, which for some reason does not cause any pain. I still keep it to a shot or two every now and then. I fell in love with Buffalo Trace, like Markers Mark, and Woodford Reserve. I like the Knobs Creek the best. I do have a question. Can anyone suggest a favorite Rye. I have been thinking about trying one!
  19. Academy did not take them out of their stores.....they just took them off of display......I have a relative who works at a local store...we were talking about that today...he was told they have been selling more ar 15 since taking them off the display then ever before.
  20. We moved back from IL a few years ago. We used to drive up and spend the day in Chicago a many of weekends. Oh how do we miss that. As everyone else says. Stay inside of the loop and you will be fine. Enjoy the city while you are there. If you do get a chance check out the museum of science and industry! It is just like Memphis....you are safe in Memphis as long as you stay out of certain areas! I know a lot of people here will never believe that!

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