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  1. Been on the local news, it's sad in many ways. Prayers for the family.
  2. I'm in favor of it. I spent an entire chapter or two of my life on the phone (work related at the office) and now I pretty much despise a phone. I have a cell phone to keep the peace at the house (happy wife, happy life thing) so she can call or text me when I'm not home or not home when she expects me to be home. I usually leave it in the truck so I don't lose the phone. My phone is "paired up" with my truck, and may/may not pair it with her car. She needs to pair her phone with her car in case of an emergency tho. Maybe this law will reduce the number of left lane larry's and lisa's who won't move over because they are on their phone.
  3. At least they are the right color.
  4. I'm absolutely positively sure you feel better now.
  5. I've got a couple of the Leupold "Rifleman" series, one on a 223, and it has good glass for this level ($$) of scope. They come in 3x9 and 4x12 IIRC.
  6. The position of executor/personal representative is a "legal/fiduciary" position, and can only be recognized when the will is probated and the executor/PR is appointed by the court. The court will issue "letters of administration" which indicate who the executor/PR is. This document is necessary to perform the functions of PR. Your mother could decline to serve and then you be appointed as PR. Since NFA items are involved, you should probably do it the legal way so whoever receives the items in question do not have issues later down the road. The attorney you have should be able to do this at minimal cost, but it really depends on the attorney.
  7. We've been having 2-3 at our feeders. Two males and one female that I know of. I've seen 2 males at the feeder at the same time, and a female on her own. Wife keeps those filled.
  8. You mean someone on this board was being difficult, hard to get along with or sarcastic????
  9. empty 22RF cases, aka have already been fired (empty)
  10. All I carry is a small Swiss Army knife, the extra small version, so why would I have any desire to have one of GT's knifes???? Cause they look damn good. LOL
  11. I really do wish you (GT) would STOP these types of posts. You are wearing me down to the point I where I'm seriously considering buying one. So, just stop it. JK. You got some skillz in that craft for sure.
  12. I'm puzzled by the "useful and helpful idiots", never seen one or been around one.
  13. I've gotten a couple good (IMO) flashlights at Lowes, have adjustable light beam, LED, always work when I push the button. Luxpro I think is the brand, keep one or two in the RV and one in the truck.

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