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  1. I renewed my fishing license last week, and qualified for the "old fart" lifetime license, so I'm set going forward. Now if the wind will lay down. Tried to go yesterday, and just ended up towing the boat for about 30 miles, white caps at the ramp, so I came home.
  2. I enjoy watching it. I prefer Fords but not Carharts. LOL. The challenges are pretty good, people trying to do something they have little to no experience with for the most part, sometimes their background helps, sometimes not. Not as much of a "social experiment" like Survivor, and no where near the drama either which is good.
  3. Prayers for the family in this time of sorrow.
  4. how far away is your gen set up and the connection points to feed the house FROM your main breaker panel for the house. My main breaker panel is close to the front of the house, so setting a gen up in plain sight is not good IMO. Noise wise yes, it's away from the living areas of the house, but in plain view from the road in our subdivision.
  5. Mind sharing how much it cost for Lee Company to do the wiring job? I've considered something similar but never pursued it much. TIA
  6. I was by SW in Chattanooga this past weekend, there was NO powder or primers on the display shelf, and only 5-10 boxes of bullets, one of which I bought for $12+tax (20 cal 32g Noslers). I was surprised by the price more than the fact they actually had something I choot. LOL
  7. I've seen a couple Cosworth Vega's, even test drove a used one. That was some fun, more power than that little car needed but it marked it's spot on the car lot with an oil leak, so I passed. Never drove a V8 version but would have loved to. I wonder if anyone has a Vega at the local car shows or anything. Haven't seen one on the road in years. LOL
  8. First wife had a late 70's Toyota Corona/Corolla, with AT, sucked big time. Turning around 3K rpm's on the interstate did NOT make it an econo car by any definition, and the hum from that 4cyl engine was bad as well. I would take my Vega over that POS any day of the week. The Vega was part of my growing up, and as I age, I would love to go back to that time, BUT retain the knowledge I have earned/learned from the school of hard knocks. LOL
  9. My brother got on a '72 for his 18th bday, he did not take care of it, blew a cyclinder and put steel liners in. He kept it thru college then got rid of it. I also got one ('73) for my 18th BD, and was able to order it like I wanted since I knew I was getting a car for my 18th BD. I had to pay the difference between the base model and the GT level, which included a a 2 barrel carb, a big wide racing stripe down the center of the card, sport wheels and short throw 4 spd. I was "hot stuff". LOL Mine was Medium Bronze Metallic, white stipe, beige interior. Drove it all thru college and
  10. I've got a pair of the "Muck" brand boots, pretty comfy but heavy. I wear 'em during winter fishing, not hunting. Recently got a pair of similar boots from Academy Sports for $60 or so, much lighter, thinner soles, just as comfy when walking. Not worn the new ones fishing yet just around the house due to all this wet weather we have now.
  11. I got one when we lived in the FL panhandle after Opal wandered thru. I start it up 1-2x a year but sits in the shed the rest of the time House is not wired for this, but I can run a extension cord thru a window, etc., to run a few things like the fridge and coffee pot, I just run all of the gas back out of it so the carb is empty & dry along with some stabil. I'm surprised each time I start it at how easy it does start.
  12. I've removed live primers from brass that had NO crimps on the pocket (22-250), just go slow and steady, wear PPE. I saved those primers as I didn't know whether they were 200 or 250, and the seller could not remember either. I needed to re-size the brass anyways as it had been neck sized for sellers rifle, not mine so. I did not set any off but was glad when I had 'em all done. I've used these primers for fouler rounds, everyone has gone bang , seat with normal pressure, etc. Just go slow and carefully.
  13. There's a saying for weather here in TN, "if you don't like the weather now, just wait 5 minutes and it will change." Good luck to you folks in the path of the storm(s). Watching the weather channel now, and they are calling the 2 or 3 storms moving across the nation "Historic Winter Invasion", the WC has turned into a drama queen for ratings. LOL.
  14. And for my area (between Knoxville & Chattanooga), forecasting a small chance for a light dusting. LOL Be careful in Music city.


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