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  1. My 2 cents.... This gun does not have honest ware on it. Clearly, some one has all ready sanded the original finish off by a quick glance at it. Thats a HUGE consideration in this project. Sadly Gf54 is right in his assessment of what passes for a reblue from buffing wheel hacks. That has been true for ever. I did Hot bluing of blued & Stainless guns for over 10 years and it is definitely a talent in knowing how to keep a radius curve and a flat flat and equally importantly, the defined edge between them. In gunsmithing school, we spent alot of time on exactly what a factory blue consisted of in metal surfacing and how to reproduce the same. Just the variety of high quality belt sanding belts needed is no small change along with at least 4 buffing wheel types and grits as pictured. Normaly I would agree to keep it as is but its not original patina by any stretch of the imagination along with the pitting coverage. If the gun has a good clean bore and is in good running condition, I would do it if it were my gun as long as you find a reputable smith that specializes in restorations. The trigger guard could probably be black ceracoated maybe? I never did that stuff. If I ever get retired from retired...... maybe.
  2. Now thats a serious woods hammer! The checkered walnut was way, way too long in coming Marlin. Now the thing I like about the regular 1-5 scope is the fact that little scope gives you 81' at a hundred yard of view. Basically no magnification at all on one power. There has been a few times when one step or slight move scattered a number of deer in a general direction and the low to no power was able to make a fast determination on all their sizes because they were all still in scope view. Dropping the biggest one when they stopped & turned around to look (as doe's do), pretty much convinced me on that particular set up. I admit tho, I never put a scout scope set up in the woods but with my bifocaly odd glasses, not sure it would work for me.
  3. Thanks for the ! out of 28 views, must be no one likes the idea of a gun like this. At least the folks here got me into joining TFA. Alot of good discussion there that I can rely on. Gun story tellin.... not so much! lol
  4. A while back when everygunpart still had a bunch of Marlins coming & going, I grabbed a straight stock 30-30 on one of their one day sales. I thought I would build a light weight 336 some day once a stripped receiver came across my path. That day came.... sort of a few weeks ago on GB when a guy sold me an early 1950 336A 24" bl in .35 that was mostly stripped save for the lower tang, trigger & loading gate. Found a 35 bolt on Ebay and then once the 35 was in my hands, I found the reason for the dumping of it. Some Gun smith??? drilled and taped the receiver but ended up with off center holes just enough to have a problem getting a scope to zero in. The thing with tapping a non taped 336 and older was the ceiling of those receivers have a arched cut nearly half way across the ceiling of the receiver top. 2 of the dead center holes actually cut threw into that open slot that is where the lever sweeps up threw the bolt. Once a drill breaks the very surface, it quickly wants to move into that empty space and thus, bores the hole over to the right where there is hardly any resistance. Luck for this receiver, the guy didn't use the newer 8-40 base screws of a regular Marlin but some odd ball 6-40 screws. This allowed me the room to mill the small holes over in the mill just enough to over bore them with 8-40's of the weaver base and be damn near dead on straight! All tho he also drilled a 5th hole in there that was beyond help. Then for some ridiculous reason, someone extended the forend tip dove tail more than 1/8th forward so nothing would fit it. So much so, it was clearly visible sicking out beyond the wood! WTF..... well, I cut a new wide dovetail blank and friction fit that one and a second one up where you see the front barrel band. Both got belt sanded down to barrel OD and sand blasted & cold blued to pretty much match the matt finish that was on it as received. The pistol grip lower tang got a trim job that matched the straight stock yet kept the G300XXX SN in place. I'v read the cast bullet shooters love these pre micro groove barrels. I cut & crowned to 16.5" Trapper style. Makes for a good small critter gun with cheap lead loads. Any way, I topped it with new irons and a pretty decent China Spina 1-5 scope that has surprisingly nice glass. Originally, I would keep this since its as nice as an old meat gun comes but last week I closed on a pasture lot auction that is adjacent to my 13 acres giving me 30 and extending my back 410' against the state park land another 411'. Needless to say, I walked out of the closing with my pockets turned inside out. I'm dumping some guns these days that normally would have been traders or value makers. The last time the pasture lot was for sale was 1946. It was a total of 78 acres and the tax on it was only $680 bucks. Needless to say... a once in a life time buy for me and now puts me in green belt tax catagory for what I will keep out of the new 17 acre addition. Funny thing is the land auction closed 9 days before I collected my first SS check! If it wasnt for that new found cash..... the land buy would not have been possible. Compared to my 20.5" barreled model 36 30-30
  5. The problem with shops around where I am is they don't want to do complete cars. They make their fast money on bang up collision jobs and out the door. The 2 main sorts of completes is a tape & paper everything complete and a restoration complete that requires about all the removable body parts like headlights & tail, Handles and molding removed and reassembled along with inner door jambs. Those restore jobs allow a better paint adhesion all along the accessories since you can sand the full panel instead of "trying" to sand up to the edge of something and time is the only way to sand close and tight to removables without removing. Trying to find a GOOD tape & paper complete is like trying to find a good gunsmith. One of these years when I get a new garage built, I'll set up a booth in it to play at it once again. Good Luck. For what its worth a Car show guy told me Chan's will do nice completes here in Crossville. I didn't do any more checking with that shop. Scarlets & Baislies are not into completes at all.
  6. Stealing is more genetically predisposed in some folks than others depending on the "health" of our social climate. Then there is all ways the ones who do it just because they can since they are well off to begin with. 25 years in state prison has taught me swift and harsh punishment will infact real in the numbers of crimes committed. The majority of inmates in prison are scared nearly to death of being hit with a tier 3 ticket that will put them in keep lock status for any length of time. That is 23 hours inside a self contained cell with one hour out in a rec area alone that is a 12 x 15 foot area, 12 foot high brick & block walls with razor wire around the top edge. A Book or a hand ball is allowed for the hour. The only movement he would see during that time is maybe a plane or bird fly over his sky window or the CO looking in on him threw his rounds window in the door. This is what is in place of the old world corporal punishments of the old warden days. The liberal courts have yet to rule this is cruel and unusual punishment. I tend to think totally ruling out corporal punishments was a mistake. Physical pain as a learned process of the brain (hand in fire) tends to stay more so in the for front of the thought process rather than a bout of "maybe" mental anguish that has yet to be experienced. Such as the mention of the 50's lack of steeling of things in rural areas. Getting the tar beat out of you and not having a single recourse of retaliation toward the beater for ones crime was a stable of the street. Today, the attorneys and courts have money to be made from defending a criminal if you can pony up a good argument during the $$$$ exchange process. The pendulum has swung way to far to the left putting $$$$$$$$ above everything else. Right or wrong has no standing since those accounts are over drawn. What would a Monkey do if another monkey stole his machete?
  7. The answer from the Speaker..... Thank you for the email. Simply sending a letter to Governor asking him to do something isn’t action or a solution in my opinion. It’s passing the buck. We will go back in session in January and legislators can actually file legislation that is meaningful and has more authority than a letter. I will put my second amendment voting record up against anyone anytime. I appreciate you reaching out to me. Sincerely Cameron January? I gotta get a job like that! 4 months to think about what they should or shouldn't do. Yah gotta love politics....... LOL
  8. I had to buy Frontier from the git go. now its been nearly 7 years and with the 12mb upgrade, its not been bad but does go down on occasion. The CS on it sucks tho. They dick you around alot before they will just replace a bad modem. I watch mostly off a fire stick off the router modem and havent had too many buffering issues on the movies. I have Verizon phone now but T-mobil serves this are the best and I might switch soon to it. My Brother in law moved here to Crossville a couple years ago from Glouster VA and they love it here. Hes retired Army. Thanks for your Service. May God help the kids thinking about it. I'm retire NY Corrections with a professional Gunsmith back ground. If you need an at the moment wrench over one of your hammers, hook up. I'm right next to the Cumberland mtn State Park. We share many of the same social principals.
  9. Both mine ducked this one. My Email to both..... To the Honorable Rep C. Sexton. It is with deep regret that I did not see your name on Rep Clay Dogget's letter of 2nd A abuses by the Feds to our Govenor. I moved my Family here from upstate NY 7 years ago hoping the Republicans here in Tennessee say what they mean and mean what they say. This letter clearly stipulates the conditions of federal abuses that are now being contemplated on top of an over regulated bureaucracy that should have been reeled in as President Ronald Reagan did by slashing their funding due to 2nd Amendment civil abuses. Being in Crossville my self, Please feel free to stop by and chat about your reasoning in defending the course the BATFE is set on. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  10. Just looked at the CMP web sight and the Criterion barrel they have there looks like a very nice repro. Iv used that brand on the M1 and its a great OEM duplicate of what came on the gun. 2 bones is a great price also. If they are in stock, thats like an early Christmas gift to ones self!
  11. I'v done a number of P14 barrel jobs and the barrels happen to be on very tight. The action wrench is a basic one but its the barrel collet that has to be a perfect barrel contor match to be able to brake the action free without spinning the barrel in the collet and then there is all ways the possibility of crushing the bore despite the contor collet simple because of the crazy tension the barrels are put on with. good thing is most dont want the original barrel so clamping the pee out of it to keep it from spinning is not an issue. Here are a few of the barrels I saved since they have good bore and can be repurposed for other 303 / x39 projects. The biggest issue I think on these 14/17's is no one makes a proper blank for them. The action requires a 1.320" OD to shoulder the receiver as the originals. The largest you will find is 1.250 on a unturned blank, and most are not even that large. Most smiths will just give you a barrel of that diameter to shoulder up and be done with it. Just be sure you get at least a 1.250" shouldered barrel. Its not going to be mil spec but those guns were a bit over done here & there in specs. What do you want to barrel it with?
  12. I gotta hand it to some of these TN natives. This guy had to be way, way up there in meth land in this police account. The meth heads around here never cease to amaze! Cookeville Man Seriously Injured After Severing his Penis Before Leading Officers on Pursuit - WJLE Radio
  13. Oh, one other thing. a sticky disconnector is usualy a poor engagement of the disconnector spring on the disconnector. When I work a 1911 action, the middle finger on the spring all ways gets a wheel buffted polished bevel where the disconnector rides up and down off of it. Factories dont do this. Also the bend in that spring must be just right for proper diconnector function. A slicked up 1911 will hardly show any hang up what so ever when hand walking the slide over it. A one minute buff with a 220g then 400g wheel will do wonders in taking the stall out of it.
  14. Since I interjected myself into this, the area of concern on a 1911 if someone has the habit of free slamming the slide home on an empty chamber is primarily the barrel link pin hole and barrel link. These two areas will see ware before anything else. Mil spec on the barrel pin hole was originally a press in fit AND a prick punched hole rim into the pin edge on both sides. This was in case the pin became loose it may still be kept from drifting into the frame cut that shoulders the barrel pin in place. The link can stretch and mostly the barrel will batter the slide stop pin, opening up the tolerances in the frame holes since the frames are not hardened by any significant means. Unlike the slides that must meat a hardness specification. The majority of slide stops today are all castings and clearly not as durable as the OEM hardened forgings. There for, the slamming will result in ware on the barrel pin hole, barrel stop legs where the barrel stops hard in battery on the slide stop pin and some what on the link its self along with the slide stop. Mind you barrels are not all that hard and subject to some peaning if repeatedly battered in a dead metal to metal show down as free slamming. When I went to gunsmith school 79-81, we got all our info from books, not internet sound bites. Too much of that going around these days.
  15. No need to ask any one for my part. In 1982 I was at Auto Ordnance running their rather new 1911A1 production line that I set up. Once we ran out of mil surp extractors at the Numrich warehouse across the street, I was tasked with going down to a casting house in Brewster NY to have new 1911 extractors made via the lost wax casting process. At the time, I gave them the Colt drawings and it was up to me to make sure the extractors would "shrink" during their cooling process into as close to the final specification as to be as reliable as possible once hardened to the correct spring steel tension. I was not thrilled with the final product but AO was not crazy about footing the bill for fine tuning the casting dies. I still think calling a 1911 extractor a tuning fork is disingenuous. IMO, If they break, its because of their configuration and metallurgy. Not because they were free slammed on an empty chamber. Here is an excellent article if you want to read up on extractors. This guy is spot on at cylinder & slide. Cylinder & Slide Ultimate 1911 Extractor (m1911.org) As an asside, I left AO at the 4600 serialed 1911 due to the fact I couldn't keep the guns running they way they were designed since the Mil surp parts were mostly gone and I had little to no say in the crude aftermarket parts being forced into my production line. It seemed management wanted to maintain the $279 dollar wholesale cost at the expense of quality. I warned of the returns multiple times and left them when my warnings came true. Circa late 1983.


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