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  1. One way or another tail is always expensive. Medical visits, weddings, or child support cost a lot... Never had cow tail though, but I ouukd probaly point out a few guys that have...
  2. I have a Flextone SIren Turkey call for anyone that can use it.
  3. There was a case of a lawyer for a large drug ring that actually built a fake block wall 3 feet in front of his real basement wall and put gun safes behind it filled with guns, cash and other valuables. It was dumb luck it got found when they raided the place. Almost like one of the comedies where someone leans on a candle holder and the wall opens. Too bad the guy had emptied all but one safe before they got there.
  4. I have a Taurus 738 TCP .380 ACP pistol that is like new in box. It is in Black Stainless. Comes with everything from the factory in the box plus a holster and 50 rounds of ammo. $325 This is a very small compact and light pistol (10.2 oz) but still has a 6+1 capacity. Located in the Tri-Cities
  5. I know a park I can point you to, but the city might take offense. I would be glad for the reduction of duck crap on the walking trail. lol I have been hit wanting to buy stuff several times by members that joined minutes ago. Many barely post a full sentence and never come back. If they can't bother to come back and respond tp a PM I am not sure why they bother joining. I did have a guy a couple years ago join, buy a mag off me, and never came back. Transaction was smooth, but he was in AZ if I remember. Part of what makes sites like this good though is that you have somewhat of a
  6. Bought 2 boxes of CCI Quiet .22LR at ours the other night. They had some 5.45, .350, and shotgun shells. Not seen 9mm in a while.
  7. I broke and watched a bit of the YT vid. What the hell is the current impulse to pull out your phone and video or livestream instead of calling 911, providing aid, or evacuating????? I guess he wanted to up his YT views. Then scared away someone trying to provide aid to a downed victim. Depends on your definition of mass shootings and where you look. Many places list a large number of multiple injury or death shootings during 2020, but most never made it to the national news. Granted, if you read through them a lot seem to be more gang/drug violence, murder suicide
  8. Nope didn't say that. I simply expressed that I am suspicious, and have been for a long time that at least some of these dont just happen, they are orchestrated. I will put my tin foil hat back on and be quite.
  9. We have another active shooter while such aggressive gun legislation is being pushed through. Not being insensitive to the victims, just suspicipus of the timing AND amount of media attention it gets. https://abcnews.go.com/amp/US/active-shooter-reported-grocery-store-colorado-boulder-police/story?id=76614488
  10. Kind of like I love that IBM made M1s for the war effort. @221 Fireball Looks like Mr. Ruger might have had an idea where he wanted his business to go.
  11. If you desire water storage, I had an idea. Build a duck house that floats in the middle of the pond and is anchored. Have pvc pipe as part of the "raft". Few people are gonna wade or swim out to that and even fewer are gonna dissassemble it looking for guns. Think this maybe. Could even possibly just mount pvc underneath it. Makes things easy to locate for retrieval.
  12. I have a Springfield Armory XDM-9 3.8 inch barrel 9mm pistol for trade. Comes with the 1 19 round stainless mag. Interested in trading for a .45 ACP revolver. Smith or Colt prefered. Upgrade your 6 shot to a 19 shot. Other possibilities: 9mm CZ 75, .223 Ruger American Predator. Open to other trade offers. I am in the Tri-Cities.
  13. Maybe a sunken boat hull. There seem to be a lot out there storing guns right now... ,)
  14. Got a couple return pay it forwards I am overdue posting due to my work schedule. Here is #1. These are pieces of a 2 different leather shoulder holder systems. Lighter one came out of bag and is an adjustable tie down. Darker is a cuff holder and has a belt loop, so could be used alone too. I figure soneone probably has one or both of these sets and might need refresher parts.
  15. I would take the .32 S&W Long brass if you dont mind.
  16. Never clean a coin until an expert telks you to. Some collectors of rsslly old coins want the patina on it. Google search found this https://cointrackers.com/coins/379/1893-s-morgan-silver-dollar/
  17. Anyone use sand? We use it in a lot of reptile cages, but not sure if the chickens would just scratch it all out. With it, you could almost just sift and wash it in a wheel barrel, let it dry and add it back,. Obviously you would need a coop with flooring.


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