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  1. In all honesty, I bet the web store side is outsourced, or at least ran on 3rd party servers. Usually when it starts the IT guys get to give it a green light and keep up with it. At some point someone puts reduced cost above security and changes are made that put things at risk. Cheaper hosting companies, cheaper 3rd party vendor software, and etc. end up meaning less security. How else can they do it cheaper without cutting things out?
  2. I never said to use a brace as a stock. Proof of Intent to use a brace that way probably would translate to the same as having a stock in court. The 2 separate legal issues here are the legality of braces and the legality of shouldering a brace. The ATF can change rulings at their whim so that means you need to keep up on the current opinion. Luckily most braces are easily removed. The origional comment I responded to referenced using a lower differently than the paperwork filed. For example building a rifle on a lower transfered as a pistol. Those situations are much less gray area. I just mentioned braces as an additional wrinkle.
  3. For how cheap lowers are, it is not worth the risk. Complete pistol lower $120 https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar-15-complete-stealth-classic-shockwave-pistol-lower-no-magazine-black.html Complete Rifle lower $130 https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-ar15-freedom-classic-lower-odg-7779347.html Having one of each around in case you want to build another one is not a huge outlay and you can switch uppers around as long as the rife meets minimum barrel length. Just remember a pistol is a pistol until you put a stock on it, then it is either a sbr or a rifle ( depending on barrel length) and per ATF can't go back. Of course pistols can use braces.... Did I miss anything on the tangled web of AR legality?
  4. I keep Glocks and Ar-15s because they are the lowest common denominator. If things go bad, I can probably find parts easily. I do not prefer them though. A S&W in .32 S&W I have is a much nicer reliable gun, but parts and ammo would be scarce. So Glock can announce whatever they want. Unfortunately, almost immediately some people will try to sell their previous gen or model to "upgrade".
  5. I pulled some out of an old set of blinds at one point to replace mine. It was white, but eh.. Good to know
  6. Seems a bit odd, but we may never know the whole truth.
  7. Our of stock everywhere I look so far
  8. I say this in the nicest way... I hate you guys... Where I get to hunt taking a 4 point would be a FANTASTIC day. Taking one of those might might cause me some cardiac arrest....
  9. PSA Black Friday Preview. I got an email, but did not see all on site.
  10. @Jamie Jackson Will do. Here are a couple close options I see today. 22.99 https://grabagun.com/smith-and-wesson-magazine-shield-ez-380acp-8rd.html 22.75 https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/209486/3008882/smith-and-wesson-mp380-shield-ez-380-acp-8-round-factory-magazine
  11. I sure do. Generally it means I get told no...a lot... To quote a song I like: "I'm not deaf, I'm just a real bad listener"
  12. The Black Friday thread has some larger safes at good prices.
  13. Rob No offense but I notice a pattern here.......
  14. Looks like it, At least for me. Added $25.50 if shipped to Tricities. I think tax free internet sales are a dying beast.
  15. @broox FYI SGAmmo just sent this. About the same as you got. Black Friday Sale - 1000 Round Case - 223 Rem 55 grain FMJ Brass Case Ammo by Fiocchi - 223ADG $249.95 + $16.00 Shipping https://sgammo.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=357567181b813d32cfdf1986c&id=1655d512ea&e=1482c04c63
  16. Steel Case Tula 16.8 cents - 21 cents delivered https://carolinamunitions.com/tulammo-ta223550-centerfire-rifle-223-remington-5-56-nato-55-gr-full-metal-jacket-1000-rounds.html?asaid=as0004 With a quick search I don't see brass cased any cheaper tgan you got, At least not shipped.
  17. Anyone have experience with a S&W M&P 10 in .308 or the Diamond Back brand DB10 .308?
  18. I have no context... just envy
  19. Dunham sports https://www.bfads.net/stores/dunhams-sports/ads/black-friday Includes $399 DPMS AR-15 $179 Ruger 10/22 $800 80 Gun Safe $650 16" DPMS AR-10 .308
  20. In fact comparing .308 v .30-06 specifically, my FIL's reloading books call for the exact same bullet to reload each. I know muzzle velocity and such differ, but as you said not enough to matter hunting whitetail. I have a .30-06 and a .308. I pretty much always pick up the .308. In my case though it is because that rifle is lighter and far more capable than I am at any distance I can see game in the areas I hunt. And this from a guy that grew up with my dad carrying a .45 and hunting deer with a .444. Overdoing it is in my DNA. lol

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