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  1. The S&W Model 1905 stopped being made in 1942 and I am still buying them. The SR9c is out there reasonable on the used market. In lots of cases slightly cheaper than the other ones mentioned. Gotta have options.
  2. A simple solution is to not have that pc/laptop internet facing unless it has to be. I know a lot of people running legacy apps that required old OSs, but they just run it isolated. Also, if you don't do shopping, banking, or anything else secure on it, it does not matter. I am not sure how much besides TGO @bersaguy does on his pc. But I bet @dralarms win98 pc is not on the internet.
  3. Nope one of those cat toy laser pointers...
  4. Never heard it refered to as "beating your rifle stock before"..lol
  5. Ronald_55


    Does the volume of all the jars exceed the volume of your average 2 bedroom apartment...If so you might be a prepper.
  6. I am thinking more and more you need the universal fix it tool..
  7. Try with Windows Firewall and Antivirus turned off
  8. Oh, and just so everyone knows, I do side computer work and accept guns as payment.
  9. Try updating the wifi or eathernet (wired) card driver. @bersaguy the only downfall of not upgrading is not getting updates for security. We are updating all the computers at work to Windows 10. It has been a pain because we have lots of old ones. I agree with the idea that it is better to buy a new one with win 10 on it than upgrade 7 to 10 on an old one. I just never have had good luck with an "in-place" upgrade. Hp's refubished units are normally just ones that failed we and were reworked. Unlike Dells site where they are 2 or 3 years old already. For about $70 you can upgrade their warranty to 3 years just like the non-refurb too.
  10. What part if AZ? I have friends out there. Glad to have you here.
  11. If you are not in a rush and not picky about looks or exact model you can pick up some good U. S. Made revolvers on the used market. Either locally or like @A.J. Holst mentioned. I think H&R and Iver Johnson revolvers usually come in priced under their worth. Just older style models. I have an Iver .38 S&W top break that is solid.
  12. Ronald_55


    Let me just say I run this site.... http://Leveledsurvival.com Should be answer enough. Oh, and I am in no way a "prepper"...
  13. Branch out into the infected humans in 28 days Later and it just gets worse. Sure body shots kill them, but they still have a level of itelligence and are fast to boot. Plus even body fluids can infect you. I have seen flamethrower used in movies and always think what else would they set on fire ambling around until their brains fry. I like the World War Z book where they use incendiary rounds and headshots to kill off the hordes. Fry their brain instantaneously.
  14. Versacarry Revolver Model .38 / .357 Extra Small Ambidextrous (right or left handed)- Trigger guard can be swapped to different sides to facilitate this. Inside the waistband only Works with most lasers and lights Fits any 5-shot revolver with a 2" barrel according to their support team White background pics are just for reference. The actual item has scratches from normal use. Fit Examples: Charter Arms Undercover Ruger LCR S&W J-Frame 340 S&W J-Frame 36 S&W J-Frame 442 S&W J-Frame 638 S&W J-Frame 642 S&W Bodyguard .38 (Left hand only) Taurus 80 2.0 in. Taurus 605 Taurus 650 Taurus 905 $15 shipped
  15. I thought the comic was ongoing.. Wrong. It has ended. Looks like this week.
  16. I think like everything in culture cycles, it along with all the prep shows have faded. The general public is fickle. Things in media unfortunately bend to that fickleness to keep ratings. That being said, those that really pay attention know that not being prepared for natural and man-made disasters is playing Russian roulette. Zombies are cool, but I don't see having to fight off the living dead any time soon.
  17. Man, that kid has it all. Lol
  18. @bersaguy Glad to hear that adventure is over. Maybe you should get one of those parlor gallery guns and shoot in the living room. Lol
  19. Roy's eyesight was a might bad, but he knew he bagged the biggest steer he had ever seen.
  20. A buddy if mine used to put Goldschlager in his coffee. Me, I like beer that fights you going down. Guinness is good. Michelob ultra is just mislabeled water...
  21. I figured we still had a bit before seeing it. I guess I never saw it growing up because we had so few deer around.

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