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  1. Ronald_55

    gun safe

    The U.S. Army doesn't have as many guns as some guys here........
  2. Ronald_55

    gun safe

    All depends on how much ammo and how many guns. Figure if they say it is a 64 gun safe, you will get 32 in there without beating them up or cutting off bolt handles. That is without any ammo cans,. Plus if you figure stacking full ammo cans on the shelves provided, you better look at the weight rating first. A lot of the shelves are far from high load sturdy.
  3. Ronald_55

    gun safe

    Having looked at safes with the intent to buy a larger one, I know mechanical locks are a lot less common than they used to be (at least in the ones in my price range). If you end up with an electronic lock one make sure it is the kind with a backup key. That way if the electronics go out, you can still get into the safe. And an additional +1 on buying bigger. You will possibly find all types of thing you want to put in there that are not guns until you fill it up with guns. Buy once, cry once as the saying goes, Plus, you only have to convince your significant other ONCE if you go that way and that is necessary.
  4. Damn! GT Man these are art. #2 needs a leather sheath with a braid down the center to match the handle pattern
  5. Commie Tommy? I expected to see something like this..
  6. Bristol you say... hmmm Might have to look into that. Was it a weekend deal?
  7. Remember how many gun companies have files for bankruptcy or sold out in the last few years... risky market
  8. Well everything is growing. Got a couple strawberries off the Alpine bushes, but nothing else so far. Have cucumbers on the vine and a couple squash. Tomatoes and peppers too. Monsoons we had right after we planted kept the beds a mud hole. Hopefully things have evened out now. Have a row of pumpkins down from the bed. Plus the purple basil that is everywhere. That stuff spreads like wildfire. I plan to top the beds off heavily with compost in the fall. Things just did not come together quick enough this year. Dirt we got was pretty much topsoil, but we grew more in worse growing up.
  9. Thing is, If you didn't tell them and the box is not marked, you could be getting back issues of Knitting Monthly for all they know. BTW, I want to order ALL the guns you used to be able to catalog order. lol
  10. Man, a bit late to do that at good deals. Maybe it will settle out some between now and then. Though I would have to try REALLY hard to shoot up all my ammo. Plus I don't even reload and I have bought some primers now and again just in case. If all else fails you can cast and load with homemade black powder.
  11. Nevermind.. mind working slower than my hands,.....
  12. Bump since I have been too busy to get it posted otherwise. Anyone got an offer?
  13. Only thing I hate about Fujimo is that I can't buy all the cool stuff he sells. GLWS to a top notch seller.
  14. I have a 39 Carbine (Nope, not a Mountie) , but it has a kind of ugly repairs from a previous owner. Project looks great. Love to see old guns saved.
  15. From Goldfinger. Man How far holsters have come. Looks like my grandma made that from scraps. Interesting promo released before Goldfinger related to James Bond guns. Anybody else shoot matchsticks in their house?
  16. I swapped mine to the shorter barrel. Has a very Sean Connery 007 vibe to me. lol
  17. Bump before I put it in front of the rabid masses on eBay.
  18. You can. I have the "Deluxe Range Kit" that comes with both barrels.
  19. @cknight98 Think Wakanda......
  20. https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/forum/42-non-firearm-classifieds/
  21. Ronald_55

    Bersa Guy

    I just drop my stuff at Goodwill or the Habitat Thrift Store.
  22. I like to say, as the size of the crowd increases, the IQ decreases. Even smart individuals can get caught up in the herd.
  23. Shooting is sobering. It can happen anywhere. You are slacking @BCR#1

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