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  1. Why do I feel his mustache doubles as a close combat weapon?
  2. Yep. I think personally it is the whole reason angled foregrips came about. This is old, but I think is still the current rule. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/open-letter/all-ffls-may2006-open-letter-adding-vertical-fore-grip-handgun/download&ved=2ahUKEwj40f-lvIjiAhVSdt8KHUrBAeYQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw1pWneRexYb6T7KC_VKk7bt
  3. Cool looking. Thanks for the review. From someone who has not looked at these, are they just an AR9 design in polymer? Fyi, you need an angled foregrip unless you want to stamp it, if this is truly a pistol.
  4. Maybe trade the wife and keep the table? Just a suggestion.
  5. I so hate myself for not being able to order one of these right now.
  6. Ronald_55


    At first glance it looks like a S&W M&P copy to me, but I have dug no deeper than the thumbnail above.
  7. My reason for Indoor is that I often have more free time in the colder months. Less yard work and such. Plus I can still shoot without worrying about my guns on rainy days. I prefer the freedom of outdoor but other than a couple of membership ones all the Public ones are a good haul to get to.
  8. At 21 I probably should not have had access to a car let alone be carrying a gun. I remember exceeding 85mph on curvy 2 lane 30mph roads. A stunt like that and then having a gun in the car could have spelled lots of trouble for me. Young and stupid... I tend to teach my kids to err on the side of caution. Just because it is completely legal does not mean it is a good idea. Hard to argue your rights when you are face down and bleeding on the pavement. LEOs are only human and some just want to make sure they can go home to their family tonight. Sometimes they have to make a split second decision based on little info.
  9. I worked in Pigeon Forge back in the mid 90's The very sucessful business owner said then that to start a business you needed 1 million in the bank to live through the ramp up period. That was after all the initial costs like leases, construction, fixtures, inventory and such. To put this in perspective she was also talking about a business with a dozen or less employees of a non-specialized nature. Think retail sales staff, wait staff, stock positions, and the like. So payroll is on the low side. Just think if you have very skilled and specialized staff (instructors, armorers, etc). So unless you have a way to really minimize expenses, a million is not gonna cut it today. Maybe if you owned the location, had a couple of employees like you and family working long hours for little pay, and a business model with minimal inventory debt you could squeeze by. It is asking for failure though. Shooters Edge in Piney Flats closed at the end of last August suddenly. Basically the guy that started it said he was pushed out by the main investor. He posted begging someone to buy the building before the owners (a leasing company) gutted it. As far as I know it all got demolished. I actually toyed with the idea of opening one before they opened. After reviewing all the safety requirements for backstops, hvac, and cleanup I gave up. Legally you pretty much need a full hazmat suit and respirator to even sweep up. Even an outdoor range has to mitigate the lead contamination. I know one that actually digs out the berms to remove the lead every few years. They sell it to people in the guise of cheap lead to mold with, but I think it is basically to pass off the legal responsibility for disposal.
  10. Generally ingesting television gives me heartburn... I have a friend who's kid is at UNC. They luckily were not involved in the shooting. He thinks based on discussions that several people they know there are leaning more towards getting their hcp instead of protesting for more laws. Now that is just a few. Hopefully more young people begin to balance their right and responsibility to protect themselves with the laws that allow us punish those that do harm. I never met a law that stopped a moving bullet.
  11. Here also on Chrome in Android.
  12. Not exactly what you asked, but I have EDC my Streamlight Stylus Pro for several years now. It is a 2 AAA light. I personally always prefer AA or AAA lights. So much easier to find in a pinch. Plus at my house it seems like someone always misplaces the charger everytime I try to recharge batteries. It is about $20. http://amzn.to/2gNDE3D
  13. Yep. The reason I have a dedicated Glock mag 9mm AR pistol...
  14. I am usually slow to catch on. Lol I agree this is not cheap. Maybe if you had trouble getting the 9mm mags that fit your magblock. With how cheap lowers are, does not make a lot of sense. Back when things were crazy maybe this would have been good to swap out 5.56 and 9mm on one lower if you could not get lower to dedicate to 9mm
  15. I think I will just pack my cannon with these. At that distance aerodynamics would not matter.
  16. Just saw this today. So a standard 5.56 lower could be used for 9mm with no magwell block. MEAN EndoMag™ 9MM 30 Round PMAG Magazine Conversion Kit with PMAG Housing https://22mods4all.com/mean-endomag-9mm-30-round-pmag-magazine-conversion-kit-with-pmag-housing/ Interesting. Anyone used one?
  17. Might be the closest you get. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/804065508 Though was the origional not in .22 Hornet?
  18. So basically a cap gun shooting a bb. Lol cool
  19. Any pics of the ammo?
  20. I have a '93 Model American with a Fender amp. Guitar still has the pickguard plastic on it. That is as far as I got into learning. Loooong story....

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