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  1. Saturday morning it sounded like a war zone around here at first light. I had one doe I let pass. Just came back from this morning hunt. Heard a few shots saw nothing but squirrels moving. Dang cold out in the wind.
  2. I have a 32 hp Kubota with FEL for general duties on my 5 acres. Loader lifts around 1k lbs. Have a PD 10 Land Pride 3 pnt auger that works great on this tractor. Also pull a 5' bush hog and Flail mower. At 32 hp I wish it had a bit more but really doesn't need as it has never let me down. I had a older small (not much bigger than riding mower) 12 hp Kubota few years ago. Don't under estimate those small hp diesels. They are a work horse for pulling. Get as much HP at the PTO as possible if your using it for mowing and drilling.
  3. I have a 2yr old Frigidaire up right freezer that has crapped out. Its sitting next to our 15 year old GE spare refrigerator that's still going great.   I expected better out of Frigidaire.
  4. I just put 305/70/17 Nitto G2's on my 2011 Ram 2500 CTD.  Rides great. Not to much road noise.
  5. I drove the roads and highways in FL for 20 yrs. Never once had rock hit/crack a windshield, Been in TN 10 years had to replace 4x and need a 5th. Most happened driving construction zones on I-65.
  6. I bought their Badlands 12000 lb winch to haul trees onto a trailer for firewood. That sucker will pull.  I went through and resealed the electrical box and it comes off the trailer when not being used. Is holding up well. Their magnesium fire starters work pretty well for 2 bucks. Hydraulic jacks are on par with anywhere else you can buy.   On the flip side I had a heat gun that I used 3x before it started to spark like crazy while the motor winded up like a 50,000 rpms. 
  7. I have an Earth Outdoor wood furnace. Aside from the pain in the rear it was to insulate and run the pex lines in the ground it rocks! Like a hair dryer blowing through the ducts. You got to find the sweet spot in setting the water temp or you will burn more wood than necessary.
  8. Hate them little F'ers! I was bushogging my neighrbors field and suddenly felt something similiar to getting beanned in the head with a golf ball. Looked back and they were on me! Dont know how many stung me in the back of the head but I felt it all day. On a positive note I sat on the couch drinking beer and watched football the rest of the day. Everytime the wife walked by and gave me 'the look' I just said Yellow Jacket and she walked off.
  9. I bought a Chard #8(i believe) that was on sale at Dunhams sports for $59.00. Used it to make about 10lbs of Sausage. Worked well for me but I have nothing to compare it too other than chuncks went in and hamburger then sausgae came out. Seemed to grind it up easily.
  10. Out on my land. Had this guy come through but got past before I could close the deal. Heard him in the thick stuff on a ridge behind me. Keep playing with the call. He walks straight to me about 30 yrds off. I take a shot and primer cap no fire. Held him in my scope as I reached up to recock. Thankfully he was kind enough to hold still. This time she fires. Dropped him where he stood. Small 8 point.
  11. My 2011 2500 CTD front shocks didn't make it past 25k miles. Front tires cupped bad due to this. Rotated tires and added some bilstens it rides much better but its a Dodge its going to be a bit rougher than others. I bought the Cummins engine the Dodge just came with it.
  12. Stopped by when it first opened. To diverse for my taste. Restaurant, lodging, thought I saw an arcade or bowling alley, restaurant..... We were talking to one of the workers who said the lodging rooms were already booked out for a year. I don't get it. Nothing like sitting on the porch overlooking people shopping. It's still worth a look if you've never been.
  13. Sorry to hear of this. Knowing nothing other than what I just read I would say the company was looking to downsize and to avoid paying severance they pulled this card.
  14. Never done it but have read lots about it. Heard if you don't cut it correctly after the aging you may never want to eat beef again. LOL


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