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  1. Did these officers lose their jobs and did this man receive a massive settlement?
  2. I went through this with competition rifles for my daughter. A Savage MkII FVT for a right handed shooter is around $350. For a lefty, $650 and good luck finding one. I found one on Gun Broker. One.
  3. You aren't looking very hard then. They are everywhere and so easy to spot. Go to Walmart any weekend and I bet you can find ten without even trying.
  4. We judge them oh so hard. It has become a game for me and my daughter to see who can spot the gun first when we go out.
  5. I have conceal carried for a long time. I live in a Constitutional Carry state now, but I still have my permit. When I carry (everyday) the goal is to have what I need, and not let it encumber me. That means a lot of different things. First and foremost that it not get in the way of what I am doing. If I were to carry a big iron on my hip for everyone to see, sure, they would all stand in awe at what a mighty and powerful man I am. But that isn't why we carry. Well, it shouldn't be. We should carry so that if the need ever arises, we have it. And frankly, keeping it concealed adds to that. I don't get spooked when I see guys open carrying. I do get spooked when I see guys in an Uncle Mike's holster on a floppy belt with a cocked and locked 1911 in flip flops ordering food at McDonald's. If you carry, be responsible, it is my opinion that part of that is concealing it with a quality holster.
  6. The closest you will get to authentic Mexican food here, those shady little roadside taco stands. Oh yes. Pure win.
  7. I haven't spoken to anyone that has that model, and with the mods it would be hard to price. Has he set a price, otherwise I would look up the base cost of the gun, and each mod, then deduct 20%-40% from the complete cost to give yourself a starting point to negotiate. They have a fairly good reputation though.
  8. That is a hell of a deal.
  9. That is a good deal for $200. I can almost never say no to a sub$200 gun.
  10. I didn't want a big dresser. I went from my Dyna to a Road King. It is still a motorcycle, not a car with two wheels. Mine is an older one, `12FLHP, got a it cheap with like 15k miles on it. I ride the hell out of it and it handles like a bike half it's size. Did my Iron Butt on it last year and didn't need anything other than a windshield.
  11. I got a Churchhill 612 for like $250, pistol grip, rail, sights. I put a light on it, extended magazine and a sidesaddle. I was under $400 for everything and it eats whatever I feed it.
  12. Seven or Ten yards, I can't recall, but if I had to guess it would be seven.
  13. Got some parts in. Not impressed with the ADE optic. I knew better buying it, but it was like $40 cheaper, and well, I am cheap. It is personal preference, but I bought suppressor height sights, and well, they don't cowitness. Ease of use seems to be alright, I have been reading a bunch of stuff from Massad Ayoob about them and following some of his methods I can find the dot fast and easy, Focus on the target, bring the dot in on it. I will take it to the range this weekend and see how it does.
  14. I carry my 19s. They are unaltered as from the factory. Just something that was beat into me for years. I know it is a hot button subject, but I carry an unaltered stock gun.
  15. I actually changed my mind on the optic. I am going with and ADE RD3-009, I have suppressor height Ameriglo Sights coming as well. I grabbed a few extra 17rd magazines this evening before the range. Lakeline makes a threaded barrel and +3 mag plates, so I am grabbing those too.
  16. Honda CB500F or CB500R. There is no better starter bike if he wants a Street Bike. This is my opinion. That opinion is based on many years of owning motorcycles and tens of thousands of miles riding them. I currently have a `12 FLHP (Road King Police) that I have done a few Iron Butts on. Honda makes a great motorcycle. Probably the second best motorcycles in the world. Sure that is up for debate, some mistake folks might say they make the best. They are reliable and run forever if you maintain them. Just like their cars. Before purchase I suggest he take an MSF course, completion of which will make getting his endorsement very easy. It also teaches the core skills that will save his life on a motorcycle. Good luck to both of your sons. Riding is a lifestyle and for many, it is a way of life. *EDIT* When you say street, most motorcyclists will assume you mean a sport bike, Cruisers and Street Bikes are two different breeds. If he is interested in a cruiser, the best starter is a Shadow. Just the right power to weight ratio to have fun and learn the fundamentals. If he has to have a Harley, well, there is always the Sportster, though I am loathe to suggest them as starter bikes. They are great bikes though, cheap and plentiful too. However they are top heavy, and contrary to popular belief, they are better suited to aggressive riding that most cruisers.
  17. Went to the range this afternoon, 200 rounds down the pipe. One ammunition related malfunction. The RO came over and was teasing me and asked me how I could tell I was shooting any good if I just kept putting the bullets through the same hole. Parts will be in later this week to tear it down and build it up. So far I am still not unimpressed.
  18. The irony is not lost on me. Nor the fact that had I spent time looking I could have found a Glock 19 MOS, or hell just got the XD-M Elite OSP. But I am a Glock fanboi. I have multiple Gen 3 Glock 19s, dozens of magazines and holsters and that is what I carry. The Taurus G3 is a pretty good copy of the Gen 5 G19. Size is nearly the same, takedown is nearly the same and it fits half of my holsters. I walked out of the store for under $800, so I am pleased with myself.
  19. Shoot Point Blank had it for $379 in the case, the website showed it at $349 and I got a 5% discount because of my membership level. Here in Kentucky that just about cancelled tax. For $350, I am not unimpressed. Looks like that XDS has the CTS-1550 on it, which is $113 on Amazon. Making it give or take the same cost as the G3 with the same optic.
  20. I just made a post about this. Oddly enough, I missed this entire thread to make it. I just bought a Taurus G3 TORO. I know, it is nothing nearly as fancy as a lot of what is posted here. I am just testing the waters for the optic though. A lot of good information here.
  21. So, for some reason lately I have gotten heavily into modifying my guns. I have been a stranger around here for a while, but I still lurk. I have had a burning desire for a pistol mounted optic, and well, I didn't have a pistol for one. I didn't know if I would like it or not, so I didn't want to drop a whole lot of money into it. I am a Glock guy, I have several G19s and I think it is the greatest carry pistol of all time. But I just can't find a 19 MOS, and didn't feel like dropping $300 for a new slide. Which lead me to the new Taurus G3 TORO. At $350 out the door, it seemed a no brainer. It is a copy cat of the Glock 19, takes Glock sights, fits my Glock holsters... And well, it comes with an optic mount. Now I am falling down a rabbit hole of optics. I am still wanting to stay cheap, and frankly all of the options out there are rather intimidating. Right now I am leaning very heavily toward the CTS-1550 with a set of suppressor height sights for co-witness. This puts me into the gun total for about $500, which means if I don't like it, I can easily recoup my losses. I have watched at least ten hours of videos discussing optics and the specific firearm. So is there advice from the group think on dos and don'ts? And just because I felt bad buying the Taurus, I bought a Glock 19 too. Which might seem counterintuitive, but it made sense to me.


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