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Found 635 results

  1. DWARREN123

    New 1911

    Picked up a new RIA "ROCK" series full size in 45 acp. Already had one from 2012 I got in a trade, 45 acp. Also have a Ruger SR1911 in 45 acp and a RIA "ROCK" full size in 9mm. I have already made some changes, changed out the full length guide rod for a GI type and put the rubber grips on. I like my 1911's to have rubber grips, GI style recoil system and single sided safeties. There is just something about a full size 1911 in my opinion.
  2. I have a Ruger LCPII and it's been great. I am wanting to know if it's a high mileage gun like some guns that go maybe 20,000 rds or so ? I reload and I am thinking about getting some dies to reload the .380ACP to shoot more with my LCP . I just didn't know if these guns are limited to a certain amount of rounds before they start wearing down .
  3. Bubba8806

    Sig P224 info

    Hey guys I was doing some YouTube watching and I seen a video of hickock45 doing a review of the sig P224. Do any of y’all have your own personal experience on it. Is it a good gun or junk? From what I understand it’s a cut down subcompact version of the 229. Let me know what ya think
  4. I purchased a Tomcat 3032 for my mother thinking the tip up barrel would allow her to load and unload without having to rack the slide, which she has significant difficulty doing due to age (nearing her 70s), as well as grip and arm weakness from spinal surgery and arm surgery. I took It out to the range and unfortunately out of four magazines I had two stovepipes. Maybe mag related, or ammo related (they don’t recommend hotter ammo because of their reputation for cracking the frame) but either way it turned me off to the thing because she won’t realistically be able to clear a malfunction under stress with it, so I plan on revisiting revolvers, which she seems to like and be more comfortable with. Prior to this I had gotten her an Armscor M206, simple, ugly and no frills but it worked. She shot well with it, but wasn’t entirely happy with it so we tried a Ruger LCR, but because it was so light it was quite unpleasant to shoot. She’s not carrying it (for at home) so in retrospect the heavier revolver was the better choice in this case but we had already sold it before trying the LCR unfortunately. So back to the drawing board. I’m a semi auto guy so I don’t know a whole lot about revolvers, was just going to see if I can find another Armscor and be done with it, but thought I would ask here what revolvers are decent for the money and ideally have a little heft to them that would be worth considering. She prefers shorter barrel ones.
  5. TAURUS Rebate of $25 or $30 varies on the Model (color). Typical price on the gun varies from $189.99 up to $209.99. Rural King (RK) is offering it at $179,99 on the all black model (add tax and background in store) and take off the $25 REBATE. NOT BAD for a 12 +1 9MM that I consider a decent gun. Base that on my Millennium G2 bought in 2016 and guess 1000 plus rounds has been reliable and decent shooter for my ability. The G2C is near same gun with one modification (the lock feature has been removed). INFO in case interested --- go to Taurus WEB site for details on REBATE and search for the gun where ever suits you -- RK has advertised the best price as far as I know.
  6. Have any of you guys/gals wondered about a single sided slide stop ? I like some of the Glock Gen 5 changes but I don't like the double sided slide stop. I know I could cut off the other side but wondering what you guy think ? Any information is appreciated.
  7. This came from an estate I'm helping the widow sell off. I'm not a big fan of wheel guns but for $450.00, I couldn't say no. Bill
  8. Hey guys so I’m kinda in a dilemma here. I normally carry a Glock 19 as my EDC. I’m a big guy at 6’6”. I have no problem concealing my Glock with everyday clothes. The only time I have a trouble is when I wear church clothes or like dress clothes. I was looking at getting like a subcompact or single stack to help this out. What do you guys recommend for this type of application. By the way I had a Glock 43 but hated it as I have big hands and kept getting slide bite. So I sold it and got my Glock 19. Let me know what you guys think would get and why. Thanks!
  9. I could use a little help. I listed the Thompson Contender under handguns because that's what I shoot although they make nice rifles and shotguns as well. I bought my Thompson Contender in about 1985, stainless steel with a .22 bull barrel , also a .223 barrel. Now that all these years have gone by I would like to buy a .308 Pistol barrel but I can't follow the model numbers interchangeability . G1, G2, and the latest. Are they all interchangeable? I'm thinking not. Just trying to locate the right one to fit. Trouble will probably be in finding one.
  10. Cuz

    handgun Sig P226 MK 25

    Cuz here, New member joined yesterday,I've never been on any forum before. Bought the sig p226 mk25 a while back, shoots great with no issues. I think I would like to install the (short reset trigger). Wondering if anybody KNOXVILLE, Maryville area could do it for me... Thanks Cuz
  11. Hopefully this is the correct section to ask this question. If not, feel free to remove it. My 50 year old husband got a felony when he was 20, so 30 years ago. His felony was expunged this week and the records were deleted from criminal clerk's website this morning. Eventually, he wants to obtain his carrying license. He has no other charges anywhere. He wants to purchase his own handgun to practice at the range and take the ccw class with it. When he goes to purchase a gun, how long does a background check take? Also, how long should he wait before trying to purchase? We want to make sure. I think TBI does the background check, but we don't know which database they use. I know it's deleted from cjis, I think that's what it is called. I have my ccw and my own guns, but I keep mine in a lockbox. He could use mine, but I am sure you can see why he would be excited about getting his own. Thank you!!
  12. Found a 9mm cartridge case @ the range today with a series of dark flutes all the way around it . A first for me, what kind of pistol has a fluted chamber ? I'm curious.
  13. Anyone know of any LEO S&W dealers in the Nashville area ? Like the S&W version of the Glock Blue labels . Thanks for any help. I am not very computer savvy but it pulled up some places that don't exist LOL .
  14. New in box Ruger New Model Blackhawk in 357/ 9mm has 9mm cylinder and 357 Cylinder. $600 or best offer.
  15. Ruger Blackhawk in 357, 1969 Three Screw in ex condition. $600 or best offer.
  16. A.J. Holst

    Colt 45

    Works every time? https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/03/20/potd-autonomous-armory/ Would only be better if it was a forty...
  17. Hi everyone. My new P238, its 3 weeks old, I have out about 150 rounds through it. I got home from the range today and noticed the damage below you can see on the attached pics while I was cleaning it. The mark on the left actually feels as though there is some metal missing, its certainly not just the coating that has come off. I clean the gun methodically after each time I shoot and keep it well lubricated as I know Sig's like to be kept that way. Something I have noticed the last few times I have shot it is the first round I shoot each session does not eject properly, I am wondering if that is anything to do with the marks. I know sometimes that you need to bed these guns in on occasion. What do you think? Nothing to worry about, or take it back and have Sig replace the frame?
  18. Just wondered what the normal rate is. I was thinking about ordering a handgun and didn't want to end up paying what I would pay in most stores. Thanks
  19. Will a standard Colt 1911 .45 ACP plunger and guide rod work in the .22 conversion kit? Thanks, Bill
  20. The 2.0 trigger is an improvement over the 1.0 without doubt. I promised I would shoot my 2.0 for a good while before monkeying with parts.......promise broken. I put in the flat-faced, forward set trigger kit in this past week-end. Just wow! I have had at least a half dozen 'gun guys' try this trigger out, all with the same impression. What an improvement. Pull wt can be changed by reference to the Apex flow chart that accompanies the kit. Mine by trigger gauge runs 3.3#. One can bump it up to over 6. Very sharp trigger break, no creep, no stack. Great reset. Can highly recommend it, and yes there is a difference that is worth the money.
  21. Tell me about the good the bad or the ugly of this in 380 ss.
  22. Slides for $550.... This.... https://aimsurplus.com/agency-arms-syndicate-s1-compact-kit I can get behind a "Gucci glock build" but whats the advantage to this? I feel like i'm missing something...or is it just a rich people thing?
  23. Prybar


    Never mind, I'm new, I posted the wrong place.
  24. My primary carry is a Glock G19 (Gen2). I plan to add a G26 for something more compact, but still with decent capacity. Do I keep the Ruger LCP (with upgraded trigger) and/or the Remington RM380? We all know the LCP fits in a pocket very easily. The RM380 is a bit bigger but also pocket sized. It also seems to get on target and is easier on the hand & wrist. Of course I don’t have to get rid of either. Anyone got any thoughts or opinions on the subject?
  25. Finally found a Python in what I consider good shape and I could afford. I've been on the Python search for quite some time now. Most of them I'd want to take home must have gold screws! Sorry for the lousy pics.

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