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Found 53 results

  1. Got my stamp in the mail today! Going to build a 6” aluminum tube .22 suppressor. Anyone have any experience with drilling/machining out baffles like these? Any lessons learned? I’m assuming I don’t want to just drill a .25” hole? There needs to be some sort of cross cut? Just asking for advice and design ideas.
  2. Can anyone recommend a lawyer in the Knoxville area to help me set up a NFA trust? Thanks
  3. I’m in Smyrna area and was wonder Where everyone goes to get their fingerprints for form1 and form4’s? I’ve been going to the police dept, does ups do them?
  4. In about 2 weeks, I will be starting the process to convert my PPS-43c into a SBR. Why? Because without a stock, I can't really enjoy and use the firearm for effective legal and sporting use. In it's current config, it should be stamped, "not particularly dangerous to target, know what's beyond." I am pretty sure I am understanding the pros and cons of individual vs. trust. The extra $200 should make it easier to transfer when I kick. Leaning towards a trust, any Knox area attorney recommendations from the posse? Please PM me if you prefer some additional level of privacy. Thanks! AJ
  5. Anybody familiar with the company? Has anyone test drove one of there suppressors?
  6. An unnamed member here and myself are conversing as to whether or not this would be legal. He wants to purchase a "RONI" and install his Glock to make it essentially a Glock carbine. The product in question is here: https://usa.caagearup.com/roni-m4-pistol-carbine-conversion I argue that it wouldn't be legal without a tax stamp. He argues that it wouldn't be an SBR because of the following in bold: An SBR is legally defined as a rifle with a barrel shorter than 16 inches, or an overall length of less than 26 inches. Pursuing that route requires registering the rifle as a Title II weapon (often referred to as an NFA weapon) under the National Firearms Act (NFA) and paying an excise tax. But even then, if that were the case, the catalog for this product lists it as 62 cm, or 24.4 inches. So even in that regard, when closed/retracted, the overall length is less than 26 inches. Some of the RONI kits advertise as "NO NFA REQUIREMENTS". However, the "RONI_SBS" (which appears to simply be one of their standard RONI kits + a " Skeleton Style ButtStock, or SBS), does not advertise as being "NO NFA REQUIREMENTS". Anyone should be able to click the above image to bring it up full-size. Thoughts anyone?
  7. Just made my first NFA purchases, pretty excited, kicking myself for waiting so long, but such is life. I went through Tactical Investments here in Collierville, he had just gotten the Silencershop Kiosk and it really made it easy. I was the first to use it, wahoo! The SilencerCo deal of $200 rebate until 06/30 is well worth it, as you will more than likely need a number of accessories for your can if you are a rookie like me. When I registered the Omega they even gave you the option of getting another muzzle break in addition to the one that comes with it, along with a hat or pouch, and hat or pouch for the Harvester too. Here are my purchases: SilencerCo Omega SilencerCo Harvester Dead Air Mask The wait begins now, sounds like the dump from last summer is finally clearing, maybe I'll get them by Christmas???? Here's hoping..........
  8. The latest iteration of tacticool weapons doesn't usually rev my engine but this is simply stunning: http://www.battlearmsdevelopment.com/paratrooper-7-5-300blk-pdw-sbr
  9. Being thrifty, I have been looking at different ways to make my more functional. I may have stumbled on to a solution using and AK brace. I'll need to do some more measuring and research, but here's what I have: 1. Remove buttstock and destroy 2. Extend legs of non functional stock and lock permanently. 3. Attach stabilizing brace to legs of stock. Or, totally remove stock and see if I can attack a hinged type. More research and measuring needed. Thoughts, opinions, advice?
  10. Check this out. Pretty cool. Once again, capitalism and the private sector prove that they can do anything the Government can do, faster and cheaper. Without rule changes, regulation amendments, politicians or legislation, a partnership between the U.S. government and a small private industry group has dramatically changed the process in which National Firearms Act (NFA) controlled items are transferred between individuals and entities. There is now a system in place within the BATFE’s NFA Division, that will allow nearly everyone who files a Form 4 to transfer controlled items, such as silencers, a genuine chance at receiving approved forms in a few short months. Alongside the ATF, three silencer industry stalwarts spearheaded the best modernization of the registry in 83 years: Dead Air Armament, GEMTECH and Silencer Shop. The goal is to have wait times down to a fraction of current levels. Read more here: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/08/18/nfa-process-modernized/
  11. I didn't have a whole lot of hope for it anyhow but this really ticks me off. Two days after an attacker opened fire on concert goers in Las Vegas, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc) announced he was shelving legislation to deregulate suppressors. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/10/03/paul-ryan-sides-with-hillary-shelves-bill-to-deregulate-suppressors/
  12. Just wanted to chime in on my form 1 wait. I (foolishly) submitted my form 1 for my Scorpion immediately following the rush last year due to the law change in July. It was a paper form, not an e-file. I went over a year wait at the first of the month, and am still here twiddling my thumbs. Curiosity got the best of me, so I called about a week ago and was told it was still pending!! I'm really hoping it wont be too much longer....
  13. A new Senate bill introduced in June by Senators Mike Lee and Mike Crapo would remove federal regulations of firearm silencers, classifying them as firearm accessories. This bill, known as the Silencers Helping Us Save Hearing (SHUSH) Act, would take the Hearing Protection Act (HPA), which is currently under consideration, a step further in protecting the rights of hunters and sportsmen across the country. The bill has also been introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Steve King. What would the SHUSH Act do? The current HPA bill, that has 154 co-sponsors, would be a victory for gun enthusiasts across the nation—eliminating processing delays in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and getting rid of costly tax stamps. However, the HPA bill would still include transfer requirements, that regulate firearm suppressors the same way as firearms. By taking the bill a step further with the SHUSH Act and reclassifying silencers as firearm accessories, the transfer requirements would be removed, making it easier for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearm suppressors over-the-counter. In a press release from Senator Lee’s office regarding the introduction of the SHUSH Act in the Senate, Senator Lee states, “Suppressors can make shooting safer for the millions of hunters and sportsmen that exercise their constitutional right to use firearms every year,” going on to state, “The current process for obtaining a suppressor is far too expensive and burdensome. Our bill would remove these unnecessary federal regulations and make it easier for firearms users to protect themselves.” Hearing protection for gun owners In addition to removing burdensome taxes and processing delays, the SHUSH Act would protect the hearing of gun owners and hunters. Anti-gun advocates, such as Kristin Brown who works for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, have stated that “there is not evidence of a public health issue associated with hearing loss from gunfire.” However the American Speech Language Hearing Association has found quite the opposite to be true, reporting that firearm use can often lead to “high-frequency permanent hearing loss.” This hearing loss associated with firearm use can make hearing certain sounds of speech and pitches difficult for those that suffer from it. The SHUSH bill would be an important step in protecting the hearing of sportsmen and hunters around the country. In the release published by Senator Lee’s office, Senator Crapo states, “By properly classifying suppressors as a firearm accessory our bill would allow sportsmen to have better access to hearing protection and preserve the hearing of sportsmen, gun owners and those who live near shooting ranges.” Learn more about the use of firearm suppressors If you want to learn more about how you can protect your hearing while participating in shooting sports and the laws surrounding the use of gun silencers in the state of Tennessee, contact our Nashville shooting range today to learn more! Our five-star indoor gun range in Nashville includes a knowledgeable staff, gunsmithing, a gun shop, and a wide range of educational training courses. We look forward to hearing from you! Royalrangeusa.com
  14. I caught the audio version of this on the radio this morning. Well presented by NPR. I'm shocked. I think the audio can be played via the blue button at the top left of the article. http://www.npr.org/2017/07/26/539438864/military-tries-to-cut-through-the-noise-of-war It was nice to hear them describe and then demonstrate that "silencer" is a misnomer. In the audio version, they demonstrate an M4 fired unsuppressed and suppressed. Well done.
  15. Gonna put my paperwork in the mail tomorrow. I've looked all over and haven't found any guidance on attaching the passport photo. Is there any certain way you have to attach it? I have glue l, 2 sided tape or I can staple it. Just wanting to cross all my t's and dot my i's correctly
  16. As I understand it I can legally build an AR pistol if I buy a pistol lower and it isn’t NFA? I have been looking for a used PLR-16 or a Diamondback AR Pistol for a trunk gun. However, I see several used AR pistols for sale locally and the prices have come down drastically. So my question is.. If I buy one of these used builds sold as a pistol, and I am stopped, how can I prove it’s a pistol and not a SBR? Are there markings or something? I don’t want to deal with any NFA/BATF drama.
  17. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/07/02/gemtech-sold-smith-wesson/ Massachusetts based firearms manufacturer Smith & Wessonhas purchased Idaho Silencer manufacturer GEMTECH. With details slim at the moment, there are obviously a lot of unanswered questions. However, the new GEMTECH headquarters building in Meridian, Idaho is still on schedule as well as all current product development and manufacturing capabilities.
  18. Now that I have a stamp, I'm looking for someone to engrave my Scorpion EVO. Anyone recommend someone in Memphis to do this work? I also am hunting for a stock. I've almost convinced myself to go with the factory stock from CZ. Does anyone have input on alternate models they have experience with? Feedback also welcome on the stock CZ model. I've found the 922R kit for sale at 199. Seems like a great deal.
  19. cliberty.txt Sorry guys I still haven't learned how to share stuff. This was supposed to be an article about the hearing protection act.
  20. I wasn't happy with the previous foam cuts, so I re-did it. Much better! When you raise up the silencer tray, there is another section underneath for all the accessories.
  21. I am just looking for the best bang for my buck. I have a single shot 300blk for now and not looking at other calibers. Any help is much appreciated.
  22. I am picking up my MPX today and want to get my Form 1 in queue as soon as possible. Any tips on where to get fingerprinted and photo'd in Knoxville? I know I can get passport photos at Walgreens or the county clerk's office. I can get fingerprinted at the Sheriff's department, but I gather that I need to bring my own cards. It looks like these can be purchased on Amazon, but is there somewhere to get them locally? This is my first foray into the NFA world, so just wondering if you pro's have tricks to get this done cheaper/more efficiently. thanks.
  23. Im still in NY (Surprise!) and I was able to find a quality Class 3 dealer. Talked to him for a while and got 2 AOWs on order. Once the form 3 comes in for the second one, I can head down there (3 hrs each way in an F350). Ill put my flame suit on but I put in for a Serbu 870 with breecher and another company mossberg 500 version. Yeah, I had to get 2 to offset the travel I know, I know low capacity shotgun with limited range. But, a middle finger (or 2) to NYS is another motive.
  24. Saw this in a Facebook group and thought it was funny enough to share here. Basically the folks at Texas Machine Gun & Ordinance (TXMGO) had a fund raiser and raffled off a bottle of Garrison Brothers Texas whiskey which had been serialized, engraved and registered with the BATFE as a Molotov Cocktail which, by law, is a Class III destructive device and can only be produced by a manufacturer under an FFL Type 10 / SOT 2, produced by an individual under a Form 1, transferred to an individual under a Form 4. So for an individual to obtain this someone had to pay the $200 for a tax stamp and do the BATFE wait. I guess it's what you do when you have money to burn. No pun intended.

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