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USCCA Carry Insurance

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I didn't see anything else out there that offered as much coverage, so I pulled the trigger finally. I also added my wife at checkout for a 50% off discount on her policy.

It was $30 a month for me and $15 a month for her for the platinum plan. Not bad for what you get IMHO.

What also helped me choose the USCCA is one of the attorney's listed for TN is none other than John Harris from the TFA

Who do you have your carry insurance through? Why did you chose them? 

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22 hours ago, bud said:

Thanks for posting this. Didn't know coverage like this existed and I'm all about insurance. However, if the pool is 200k like they say on the site, and just making a WAG about the likely hood of payouts considering the size of the pool, it seems this coverage could be more like $180 bucks a year as in your wife's 50% off cvg., instead of $360 per year for the policy owner. Will be looking at the comps today. Thanks again!

I thought it was decent coverage for the cost at about $540 a year for the wife and I.

Is there comparable coverage for less out there?


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3 hours ago, bud said:

Is it possible that homeowners would include  coverage for upfront payment for lawyer's retainer fee? Or, would some other company offer just that product? That's the only thing that seems unusual to insure, my endorsement for "lawyer for in case I have to shoot somebody", but maybe it's not?

I don't know, but I'd be kinda surprised if it did. Best to ask your agent and/or read the fine print of your policy. 

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Homeowners carrier will NOT hire a lawyer for anything except to defend a civil suit against you that seeks damages from you arising out of "bodily injury", "property damage", or "personal and advertising injury". Got thrown in the pokey on a BS "reckless conduct with a firearm" charge ? Jailed arising out of what looked to you like a good shoot of a burglar, but the local Barney Fife disagrees ? UR on your own, bubba..............

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I have carried Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network coverage for several years. It expired last week and have been looking at other providers. If you do the math they are all making big money off this type of coverage which is normal for any insurance these days I guess.

The USCCA seems to have some extras such as the magazine and such.  The ACLDN is $95 a year for renewals.




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Been getting E Mails (bunches) ever since responded to a USCCA add. Made me worry about the so called Second Problem after a shooting of any kind (self defense or accidental).

Just now got on the ACLDN site and have been reading thru their information. Copied this statement regarding "Insurance Backed" Memberships which was part of a discussion of various methods to help with the problem.


NOTE: I have not gone to the link they refer to at the end of the paragraph regarding USCCA Program "Read The Policy".  I intend to do that. 

The “Insurance-Backed” Membership Program

The only “insurance backed” membership program of which I am aware is sold by the United States Concealed Carry Association. Because they are alone in this category, there’s little choice but to address their program specifically. Their promotions emphasize that USCCA is the insured and their members are the beneficiaries. If one is considering joining the USCCA and obtaining their insurance backed coverage, I would STRONGLY advise you to read the policy, which can be found at the bottom of the page at this link https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/membership/?id=3steps&sid=Homepage&kmi=


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I finally got to the Nitty Gritty of USCCA Membership Insurance.

Like most insurance documents need a lawyer to use it ( I'm not a Lawyer) and make sure you comply with everything in the event of an incident that is covered.  

It is a .pdf file. Not sure it will open with this link, but can get to it on the USCCA web site.


Go to https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/membership/?id=3steps&sid=Homepage&kmi= and scroll down to a block "WE'VE Got Nothing To Hide)



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