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Imgur issues

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1 hour ago, 10-Ring said:

Still having issues.  When I paste the url into the box, this is what it looks like, and it will not let me post.  Anyone else experiencing this?  I am doing everything from a phone if it matters. 


That means that the link is not a direct link. Imgur made it harder to find recently.

If you pull up your imgur account in the app and copy the url for the image.  Paste it into Safari or Chrome and it will open on the web at the imgur mobile site. In Chrome you can press and hold on the pic to choose 'Open image in new tab'. Then in that tab, just copy the url displayed in the address line. Not sure how to do that in Safari though. 

I did these steps to get the url for this image. 


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You’re posting the gallery link, not the individual image link. In Safari all you have to do is tap on the image and it will rise up and at that point you can press the arrow button at the bottom and copy the image link. 

This is what the gallery looks like. 



This is what it looks like if you have an individual image selected. 



See the little up arrow in a circle in the bottom center? If you press that button this menu pops up. 




at that point you can click “copy link” and then you’ll copy the link for the individual image. One way to know that you got it right is that the link will end in the image format file name like this. https://i.imgur.com/TAeyUC9.png This one ends in .png because it was a screenshot in Safari. 

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Gotta say, one of my favorite things about imgur is posting guns, hunting pictures, and fishing pictures.  I always get more dislikes than likes, and to know that my picture get under that many people's skin makes me feel warm inside. 

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11 hours ago, Grand Torino said:


See the BBC code for message boards and forums on the right side of the screen? All you do is copy and paste it into your post on the forum.

I've always used the direct link version, since many of the forums automatically add their code, and the ones that don't have a button that will add the appropriate brackets to the link to display it.  Before they went away from the signed in version on the web page, getting to that page was easy, now on my tablet it forces me to go to the app, which sort of hides that option.  Now, you have to press on the image until it displays the full size, then use the share link to get the correct url to post your pic.  I always check it has the .jpg at the end, that way I know it will work.  The one without that will not display correctly on many forums. 

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I notice that there are some folks on here selling stuff that only have links to pics; they don’t show the pic. I often wonder if they know that? If they are seeing the pic, but we are just seeing the link? I won’t click on a link; not worth the risk.

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8 minutes ago, DaveTN said:

I notice that there are some folks on here selling stuff that only have links to pics; they don’t show the pic. I often wonder if they know that? If they are seeing the pic, but we are just seeing the link? I won’t click on a link; not worth the risk.

Posting urls to pics or vids is 100% hit or miss here.  Sometimes it embeds, sometimes it doesn’t.  It all depends on the platform, browser, and your mood at that particular time.

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