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Well Hell! This Sucks!

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I was checking my State Representatives and just now discovered that, as of last November, I'm now in a completely different State House district.聽馃槻聽Where I was in District 97, I'm now in District 88. They moved the line less than 1/2 a mile and this is what happened. What's more, my State Representative is a Democrat!聽馃挬

The new district starts in downtown Memphis, runs north through Frayser, east through Raleigh and eventually drops south into Bartlett where it just does include my house.聽 I mean I can almost throw a rock into my old district from my house. 3 Blocks! They moved the line 3 blocks! Who the Hell designed this thing? It wanders all over the place.聽馃が

Not only is my Rep a Democrat, but the way this thing is laid out, the vast majority of the district is too. No way this guy is going anywhere.聽馃檮

I guess I shoulda paid better attention when they redrew the districts last year. Not that it woulda done any good. I didn't have any say in it.聽聽馃檨

Funny thing is, the guy I've been e-mailing and griping so hard at for the last year ain't even my Rep anymore.聽 Oh well, he had it coming.聽馃榿

I guess now I need to introduce myself to the new guy.聽馃槈

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57 minutes ago, Grayfox54 said:

I have a nice house in a nice town that just happens to be next door to Memphis. I like it here!聽

Now they're bringing their crap to me.聽馃が

I feel your pain. I live in T county and they gave us one of the biggest commies from Memphis. And now there鈥檚 not enough republicans to vote him out. 馃が

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This is what happens when you have people who do nothing, contribute nothing to civilization, received welfare for generations, too lazy to work but not to lazy to get food stamps, live in government聽 and subsidized housing that is free and looks like a bombed-out town in Ukraine, have no morals, lack responsibility and ethics, yet vote for honest taxpayers to give them more and more and take everything聽 but still live like willfully ignorant jungle pigs (no offense to real pigs).

This is democracy unrestrained by justice. No wonder Socrates didn't like democracy as this is the result.

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5 minutes ago, Grayfox54 said:

I can see that as most of the district is deep blue north Memphis. But once you hit the Bartlett city limit, it changes to bright red. Why would they wanna punish us?聽馃ゴ

They're required to keep the districts roughly equal in population.聽 The gerrymandered districts are more likely to get overturned in court if they're too egregious, i.e. keep a few safely democrat, and in the process practice a form of "containment", by lumping as many democrats as possible into a small number of districts.聽 The final factor is to protect the incumbents at all cost.聽 Once you plug these factors into the equation, you get the bizarre districts we (and practically every other state) have.聽 I'm sure it wasn't directed at Bartlett residents personally,聽 your neighborhood just happened to be sacrificed to ensure a republican majority (or super-majority) continues, while allowing whoever the incumbent is to stay in his locked-down district ...

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I also feel your pain, some. I live in the Davidson County side of Goodlettsvile and we were redistricted last year. 聽While this helped get rid of liberal Dem Jim Cooper, which was good, it made my home fall in Rep John Rose district. 聽While he seems ok, and at least he鈥檚 a GOP member, his base area has little in common with this area, so I feel like I鈥檓 still not represented. 聽My state rep is Vincent Dixie and state sen is Heidi Campbell, both liberal Dems.

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On 9/24/2023 at 2:08 PM, Grayfox54 said:

I have a nice house in a nice town that just happens to be next door to Memphis. I like it here!聽

Now they're bringing their crap to me.聽馃が

Memphis turned really 馃挬y after I left and Willie Herenton took over.聽 I'd be looking at a place like Grand Junction and hope that's far enough that Memphis doesn't get there before you die.聽

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