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Feeler: LONG range class in Nashville?? Want one?

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Hey guys in my former post announcing My LR class @ bass pro a few of you Nashville guys seemed to express strong interest in my having the class in middle TN. I spoke to this later in the thread but you guys disappeared on me! I figured you guys stopped reading that thread so I put this one up.

I am checking to get a preliminary headcount to see if it's worth my while to get the logistics sorted out for having the class in/near Nashville.

If I were to make it a go who'd like to be onboard?



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Okay guys. Sounds good to me. I'll start looking for a location. The Bass Pro conference room in Nashville will likely be booked up, but I will check. Any body in that area that knows were we can find a suitable meeting hall, conference room etc with enough room for us and a dry erase board, etc. let me know and I'll inquire.

Maybe we can have the class in March...

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Yep all classroom instruction. Class room & live fire courses run AT LEAST $200 per day, and you generally have to sign up for at least 2 days, more often three days= $600 skins, plus travel, plus several hundred rounds of match grade centerfire ammo. There are long range schools out there that do this. Rilfesonly.com Gunsite, Thunderanch etc. It approaches the $1000 dollar mark with incredible speed.

That's not my deal. My deal is for the blue collar guy like me who will never be able to afford those institutions to have the same education & instruction at an affordable cost. Anybody can practice what they have been taught at their local shooting spot once they have been clearly educated on exactly how to proceed.

I'm the blue collar working man's advocate...

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Class would be $115 pre-paid/pre-registered. ($130 day of at the door) It includes a 40 page student manual in a binder I have written, which costs me $100 to print for a typical class size.

I'm quite busy with the student manual and need to get back to editing and finish printing the rest of it. But off the top of my head:


I shot my first 1000 yard match @ age 12, at ORSA- Oak Ridge Sportsman's assoc. Seems like yesterday but it was over 20 years ago.

Been shooting rifles off & on competitively ever since. Heck I have even shot 2 perfect scores @ 1000 yards with a 20" barreled AR-15 in .223. (With many witnesses)

I have shot nearly every style of competitive venue out there that involves powder based weapons. I have competed in Archery as well, even a- believe it or not formal spear throwing compete twice.

I have been competing in some format with a firearms since I was 7. I was in the NRA Junior competitive program as a kid.

The last few years I have participated in "1000yd league" @ ORSA; We meet every monday evening during daylight savings time months and practice @ 1000yds weekly.

I'm mostly into 1000 yard NRA F-Class and tactical matches right now. "F-class" is a form of bench rest shooting, but instead of being fired off a heavy cement bench, it's fired from the prone position off the ground, making it, (to me) the next best thing to a tactical match.

Per "field" shooting or UKD (unknown distance): It used to be called "sniper matches" but that seems taboo now so it's called tactical matches or UKD.

I of course hunt at long range. Not the longest shot, but my favorite was with a girlfirend. We were sitting under a cedar tree over looking a LONG field. She noticed a deer at the tree line on the other side, at the narrowest section of field.

I told her to range it with the laser. She got several readings and we averaged it to 413 yds. I dialed the proper elevation, held .2 mils into the wind and squeezed off the round. The wee little AR barked. The deer jolted, ran 20 yards straight towards us and crashed, with not so much as another quiver.

That shot was with a little .223 AR wearing but a 16" barrel, shooting (HOT!) fine tuned handloads with Sierra 65 grain Game King bullets.. I hit within 2" of where I was aiming with that little rifle.

The girl firend kept looking at me, back to the deer, back to me- I was "da man" that day. ; ]

Most of my training experience has been one on one teaching/coaching a shooter right there at the gun. So I have a lot of real world experience in teaching.

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