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A group just for folks in the greater Knoxville area to gather.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. New to Knox 2 years ago as well and missing regular range time. I am retired so maybe we can get together some weekday if your schedule is flexible. I imagine the weekends at the range are packed.
  3. Great American gun show April 27 th and 28 th. At Lenior City National Guard Armory
  4. I've only been there once, many years ago. Range officers were very over-bearing. I haven't heard anything about it in a long time.
  5. I'd like to know, also. I've been in Knoxville for about 2 years and done no shooting. I need to fix that. This range is close but the hours are weird and the staff is, also.
  6. If you have experience shooting here, I would like to hear from you. Thinking about shooting there in the future but the reviews are very mixed.
  7. The group is free and you can post and start threads, etc. If you want to run ads in the classifieds you have to be a paid benefactor which is $20 for 6 months, or $35 for a year.
  8. Wow. I lived in Indiana and joined the group Indiana Gun Owners, which was free. Can’t believe there is a fee in Tennessee.
  9. You have to be a paid benefactor to post an ad. Below are the steps once you are a benefactor. Link to benefactor page. https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/subscriptions/
  10. I am trying to ad an add to the gear classified section to sell 9mm ammo but I can’t find the button to “create” the post. I have over 50 posts so I thought I cleared that threshold. Any advice?
  11. I am looking for an experienced gunsmith to work on my Savage 10 Fclass rifle. Who do you use?
  12. September 30 and October 1st at National Guard Armory
  13. Seems to be pretty good was a few more empty tables than normal. Seem to almost always find something I need or could use.
  14. I thought it was a good show I went Saturday lots of people I was able to sell 4 guns so I was satisfied. I always get to see old acquaintances And got to see a lot of great gun and gear
  15. If you attended the June Gun Show, let us know your thoughts?
  16. I went on Sat. It was fairly packed to the point where they should of made the isles a bit wider. My wife was Volunteering at another booth, so walked around. Seemed everything was a bit higher priced than new. I really didn't see anything that popped out as "I need to have that" type of thing. But its was an "ok" time. It might be just me, but the amount of flagging and lack of finger discipline was appalling. There was a lot of people walking around with guns and rifles purchased and to be bought. I don't think anyone really knew the 4 rules. All in all I probably would not go again, but this is just me.
  17. RangeUSA north of the I-40, between Campbell Station and Lovell is pretty decent as far as indoor ranges go.
  18. Agree also beef. jerky and jewelry. But I have found some deals on things I haven’t got to go since Covid Would like to go hopefully this year
  19. Deals and gun show should not be in the same sentence. Stopped going to shows long ago when all the vendors started bringing weapons forged from pure gold to the shows.
  20. Did anyone go I didn’t get to. Any deals or treasures found. Turnout
  21. At Expo Center. January 14-15 Knoxville


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