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A group just for folks in the greater Knoxville area to gather.
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  2. September 30 and October 1st at National Guard Armory
  3. Seems to be pretty good was a few more empty tables than normal. Seem to almost always find something I need or could use.
  4. I thought it was a good show I went Saturday lots of people I was able to sell 4 guns so I was satisfied. I always get to see old acquaintances And got to see a lot of great gun and gear
  5. If you attended the June Gun Show, let us know your thoughts?
  6. I went on Sat. It was fairly packed to the point where they should of made the isles a bit wider. My wife was Volunteering at another booth, so walked around. Seemed everything was a bit higher priced than new. I really didn't see anything that popped out as "I need to have that" type of thing. But its was an "ok" time. It might be just me, but the amount of flagging and lack of finger discipline was appalling. There was a lot of people walking around with guns and rifles purchased and to be bought. I don't think anyone really knew the 4 rules. All in all I probably would not go again, but this is just me.
  7. Anyone have any feedback or recommendations on shooting at the Norris Shooting Range? From the search results I've gotten, it's annual membership only, ran by the Norris police department. It might be worth a try for me as it's not too far.
  8. Agree also beef. jerky and jewelry. But I have found some deals on things I haven’t got to go since Covid Would like to go hopefully this year
  9. Deals and gun show should not be in the same sentence. Stopped going to shows long ago when all the vendors started bringing weapons forged from pure gold to the shows.
  10. Did anyone go I didn’t get to. Any deals or treasures found. Turnout
  11. At Expo Center. January 14-15 Knoxville
  12. I'll put a plug in for Broadside Firearms on Broadway in Knoxville. Shane has been there for a year and is one of the first people I met when I moved here in April. It's a small shop, a one man show, but he's growing and is good to deal with. Tell him Jay sent you and he'll charge you 5% more...
  13. I recently moved here. Knoxville Safe House sold me a safe and installed it. They did good work. I was in a time crunch so I didn't price shop at all, so do your own homework on cost. Jay
  14. Yup. You can enter or spectate one of their hosted events on a Saturday and meet folks and check out the club while you are there.
  15. A small gun show is being held in Lenior city at the National Guard December 17-18 th
  16. Josh had less than a week notice. He was blindsided.
  17. Did you ever find a good place for a safe? I was looking at Spartan on Lovell and was leaning that way but as you posted they went belly up. Champion "outlet" off John Sevier doesn't have much of a showroom but the guy that ran it showed me the warehouse and they had a LOT of safes in stock. Not as good pricing as Liberty place but now I wonder if they were "blowing them out" to get people's money and then go out of business. SMGA has some decent stuff and reasonable prices. I might lean that direction now.
  18. Thanks for posting that up. I was trying to find them on google and it said permanently closed. I was going to go out there tomorrow and look around again. I was out there about 6 weeks ago and that guy was trying to get me to either put a deposit down or pay in full (can't remember which) and said the safe would be here several months down the road. I'd like to think he didn't know what was going on and they were about to shut down but now I wonder.... ;-(
  19. Anyone know anyone frying and selling these in my general area I have always wanted to try one Merry Christmas
  20. Sadly, Liberty Safe Co. has ended their partnership with Spartan Safe so all Spartan stores are closed. Josh at the Lovell Rd store was a great guy and a pleasure to work with.
  21. Smaller show at National Guard’s armory in Sweetwater this Saturday and Sunday
  22. Anyone able to answer this question.
  23. Does this range prohibit AR style rifles?
  24. I am a HUGE fan of Gunnys in Maryville! Volunteer is good in Lenoir City, 2nd Amendment in Lenoir City is sketchy. SMKW in Sevierville is wayyy overpriced for everything but probably cater to tourist. Bud's Gun Shop in Sevierville is ok but more of a range than a shop. Not much inventory. Knoxville Tactical is good also. But my favorite is between Gunny's in Maryville and Volunteer Firearms in Vonore,
  25. FYI small gun show this Saturday and Sunday. Aug 27-28th at National guard armory in Athens.


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