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  1. Hi Chris. welcome I’ll scoot over and make room for a Mississippian any day. We have lots of common ground. TN, MS, FL and TX all use the mocking bird for the state bird. Useless knowledge from back when schools made students memorize stuff about our country
  2. Similar budget but caliber use is 556 I dropped to 1-6 and spent $535 total on vortex viper pst and couldn’t be happier. I was able to compare to primary arms and enough difference to go down to 6x for vortex. I suspect a true 1x doesn’t matter to much for your application. Reticle difference from the scopes you mentioned If you haven’t run across C_Does on YouTube check out his reviews.
  3. Welcome. It’s nice on the east side Kamala was hanging out with Gavin and said “everyone has to vote.” You may want to take her up on the opportunity or at least check to confirm someone didn’t vote for ya
  4. So far I saw internet YouTube’r claiming primer shortage will be affected. I can remember when I purchased primers not made in USA. I assume wolf brand is one but don’t see who else JSC makes primers for. the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy taught a me a few things. Two that apply on this forum are: 1. Make it totally clear that this gun has a right end and a wrong end. Make it totally clear to anyone standing at the wrong end that things are going badly for them. If that means sticking all sort of spikes and prongs and blackened bits all over it then so be it. This is not a gun for hanging over the fireplace or sticking in the umbrella stand, it is a gun for going out and making people miserable with 2. DON’T PANIC
  5. When trump was going to impose sanctions I spent a month’s salary on Tula. They’ve been at it for years. Our government bought a lot of Russian ammo to train with. Since we just armed the Middle East with ar’s no need to cross train. Move on with sanctions would be the next step
  6. What? You’re over there in that rich county and carry a G17. Way too much info already Link that vpn from and get to posting. welcome. Lots of tn specific firearm info posts on here. Some even pop up in a google search. Yea, I’ll use google for pro2a purposes.
  7. Hello from the midlands of TN. If there’s an acceptable place to learn something on the internet it would be from here. Be cautious everywhere else!
  8. I’m not there. Nothing is inexpensive. Heck, they’ve managed to make dying an expensive event. Those other hobbies an’t cheap either. If it doesn’t bring you joy, spend money and time elsewhere. cheap fun & challenging, try a simpleshot scout till primers make it back to reasonable prices
  9. Welcome. I need to get further east. How did those insane over lords get to rule the roost out there in LA?
  10. It’s a fun piece. cdnn has some if you have a cheap transfer location. You’re responsible for your own tn tax through them. At a good today price. Keltec is not friendly on second hand sale warranty request and zero parts for these right now.
  11. Well if you’re going to confession might as well get the 22tcm9r blouse for it before you get there.
  12. I don’t see this as true. Some paragraphs are ambiguous adding to the quagmire navigating GCA and NFA but worksheet and rule change intent revolve around firearms using a “stabilizing brace”. A traditional ar pistol will stay as that and exceeding 26” generally puts it into firearm under gca as long as firearm was not born as a rifle, used as concealed and has no stock or per proposed rule “stabilizing brace”. Using pistol buffer tube designed for flat wire spring will cut length allowing longer barrel and under 26” for traditional pistol Comment through any source but recommend using GOA so they have a record for lawsuit. The NRA will do nothing.
  13. A striker fired pistol slide & ar upper would be ffl item. Jeez, keep it simple stupid the government just can’t crap a neat pile
  14. No worries here. They’ve been getting “gun safety” education in schools for a while. Maybe firearm education is a better choice.
  15. No idea what load your looking for, but #5 would be my choice over unique for HP bullet in g21 with stock barrel length. cfe pistol moves good velocity without being flashy. Plenty accurate at <murder charge distance. I use a lot of #5, but my g21’s have 6.6” barrels so pack a lot of longshot or cfe-p in not for plinking rounds.
  16. I don’t for golden saber but I’ve run gold dots, zero hp and xtp off this map. OAL posted is 1.275”
  17. MidwayUSA shipping cost drives away some of my business. Brownells would ship gas rings for 4.99 Still expensive when it’s just gas rings but not so bad with respect to other sites or thirsty 12 mpg
  18. ohell


    I just learned of this through email. Sharing on here for link or QR for go fund me. They’re 16.5k of 20k. Not sure if I’m in violation of a forum rule but sending it. Not many people made like this anymore. Gonna miss that friendly face.
  19. You can have the free world 6 round or the California Model single shot
  20. Assuming it’s a recoil friendly caliber.... Superlative gas block and rtb lightweight carrier. You can spend more to go lighter but 69.00 on sale rtb is ok. Tune the gas out of it and cheek weld buffer tube. I keep going away from them unless shooting 9mm blowback or 7.62x39 then get the sba3 and enjoy until you have to go back in the closet.
  21. Just write in Pat Buchanan and move on. At least we’re a red state but not smart enough to get fresh blood in the fight. Only hope is 3rd party, but enough won’t step out of line to help so career politicians win Back to topic. MarksmanTV ?? Anyone watch. He commented pricing was up about 5% and all the markup is happening on the retail floor. If you don’t have it, panic. Harris = panic. Everyone else remain calm.
  22. I hope that’s sarcastic. That’s exactly what I’d expect from sig and why I sold all of them. I’m not the only one. Throw back link to sig customer service song So buds is like gunvana? Kiosk and someone comes out with a box?
  23. Pocket full of money and you like picking up casings with a magnet? Maybe they missed the market. Looks like it might cure the 40s&w/10mm glock bulge. Didn’t think it would stump this group.


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