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  1. If you do the first two with government run fiat, it will have exactly the same effect.
  2. That may have crossed my mind I'm of half a mind to call up and see if I can change my decision but, meh... The msrp of the gun is 250. I do still have some ammo for it and no other guns in the same calibre.
  3. So I was recently contacted about a gun that was stolen from me nearly a decade ago. Apparently it turned up in New York. Local PD contacted me and after a bit of back and forth, they told me that it had been found in someone's basement with a lot of other guns and none of them were operational and some were unsafe and did I want to get mine back or not bother? It was a cheap, small caliber gun so I said not to bother (more trouble than it's worth. I have enough on my todo list). Since then, it occurs to me that this is New York and it's possible they're just saying stuff to have to avoid the effort or possibly for other reasons. I'm sure if I asked for it back, it would be in poor condition one way or another anyway so I'm not sweating it but just thought it was worth floating out here.
  4. I know this is a dead thread but video has been removed just FYI.
  5. I was thinking it was going to be about good t-shirts for covering IWB carry. Most of my t-shirts are a bit short for that with my current shape so I've been looking and my research seems to be pointing at Carhart shirts which are apparently cut a little longer.
  6. I'll have a think about it. Probably not for much less than I bought it. Note that these are gen 1 (I think) and don't have the rear pin pocket already milled.
  7. Well, seven years later, I still have a box of 80% lowers :)
  8. I had a couple hanging on my workbench. Of course, many think it's not manly if your lungs don't have a good coating of tar & sawdust.
  9. Do people think this is going to be like the last ammo shortage where it persisted for a long time after things got back to semi-normal just because people were buying from FOMO? Also, is this a possible model for the TP situation?
  10. Why is it concealed-only anyway? I don't see anything about the difference in qualification requirements that would make a difference wrt concealed vs open carry.
  11. I started wondering what the impetus behind this legislation was. "It just makes things a bit cheaper" doesn't sound realistic. Scratch the surface and it's really not better than what we had before (unlike when the requirement to have a permit to carry in your car was removed). I suspect it was lobbied for by the same companies providing the online classes for speeding tickets.
  12. When I took my class, there was a couple turned up with some guns they'd just bought as a pair. I'm not sure which make & model they were but nearly every single round stovepiped on them. At least they found out with a paper target and not when their safety depended on it.
  13. Well, cable can be tricky. They can not have cable running down one road but your neighbor behind you might be on a road that gets service and if they had the appropriate hotspot you'd be in. If there's no one within 12 miles then obviously not (I just mentioned it as an easy check since you can just look at the wifi available from your phone). I'll just also point out that you can get the internet without the TV (That's what I do). We were paying $50/month but just went up to the $70 plan as it allows us to use the aforementioned hotspots. I'm very skeptical about those satellite guys. If you have clear LOS to the satellite, you're pretty much good. You'd have to be under an antenna or next to a radar installation to see problems. Assuming you're not at the base of a cliff or something. Perhaps they just didn't want to be climbing up on the roof. The Dish guy did a lot of umming-and-ahing about our roof and how it was "too old" etc (lies, I've walkied all over it fixing storm damage) and in the end I stuck it on a pole I attached to the deck and aimed it over the top of the house and aligned it myself (I wouldn't recommend that for satellite internet though but people do). DaveTN is also correct about the antennas. Depending on where you are, you need better/bigger ones but that's about all. I'm 40 miles or so from the transmitter and still using the one that Dish gave away when they had a falling out about providing the local channels.
  14. The only thing with cellular is that it isn't too cheap. T-mobile was the cheapest last I checked. Tracfone can be good if you have really low usage as you can buy it when you need it. Satellite should work but it needs a clear view of the satellite (no trees in the way). We're around 36 degrees North so you would want to be able to see sky 54 degrees above the horizon. If there's stuff in the way, you either need to get it out of the way or raise your dish. Sounds like you have your solution anyway but I thought I'd just chime in a bit of extra information that might be useful to someone. Edit: an additional option is that if you see an xfinity ssid in your wireless list anywhere, you can buy service from comcast.
  15. Nashville is swinging so far left that we may have to change its nickname from NashVegas to NashAngeles.
  16.   For the landline, consider Ooma. Just pay and upfront purchase cost the regulatory fee every month or a bit more if you want to keep the number. It's a good and cheap way to ween the women-folk off the mental need for a landline.   I really need to cancel ours. It's been unused for a long time now.
  17. I dunno. I've read the books and whilst there was certainly some issue with them, I think it seems like HBO has started to depart from some major structural points.   I hope they can keep the quality at least reasonably but I'm concerned from what I've seen so far. Oh well...   I have to say they really packed it in this episode though. My wife asked me to pause it and I told her it was near the end. Turns out we were only 34 minutes in.
  18.     All of them. Just buy.
  19.   I have the RT-AC66U and it works pretty well. I threw the Tomato firmware on it as I'm used to it.
  20.   I see it every morning where 840 joins 65 heading north and it actually works pretty well. A few people do still get over early but many do not because it's usually not that easy so they go to the end and merge. If traffic is light, people move over early and it just works smoothly.   Construction traffic is exactly the same idea but starts off with a bit of a different mindset (people are on the same road, not joining) so people try to be "polite" and get over early leading to the issues as observed. Thus you end up with two different mindsets of people and the ensuing annoyances. It's really should be a rule made as clear as other rules and then the issue becomes a non-issue.   It took me a while to become convinced about the zipper merge so if you still don't see it right away, give it some time to mull it over.   The primary error people (including myself previously) make is thinking that if everyone got over early, traffic would move through the constriction smoothly. This is not true. The backup is caused by the amount of traffic trying to move through a confined space. The backup will occur, it's just about how it's resolved. Also bear in mind that a backup that uses multiple lanes is less likely to cause snarl-ups at other places (such as junctions) further back than the same amount of traffic in a single lane.
  21. In California, lane splitting is also supported by it being so hot all the time there. Having ridden in a country where it was legal for quite a while, I have to say, it's a good idea and should be legal.   Shouting at guys in BMWs texting is not a good idea though.
  22.   Using the full length of the lane is actually the more correct thing to do and some states are starting to recognize that in their laws.   It seems "unfair" because everyone gets over early and those that don't appear to be getting an advantage but if everyone were doing it correctly, it wouldn't be an issue.   http://www.dot.state.mn.us/zippermerge/


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