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  1. If you use pump diesel ( or gasoline) for farm purposes you can recover the federal fuel taxes at tax time by filing a form. {IRS 4136}. Probably need to have farm or other off road expenses and income . I know farm income is one of the uses that qualifies.
  2. I thought he did well, came off believable (to me). A jury may see differerntly of course. There is no doubt in my mind it was a valid case of self defense. An older wiser person likely would not have put himself in that position. He had as much right to be there as anyone else. I doubt that any adult would have presented himself better in either the confrontation or on the stand.
  3. The surplus place in Trenton has all kinds of ammo cans for sale, J & W Army Surplus on Manufacturers Drive. Its not too far from you. I think the 50 cal boxes were $15.
  4. Call them and get on their waiting list, it took several months to get my garand rebarreled. Once your turn comes around they send a rma number and instructions for shipment. It is fairly quick from this point. It turned out to be a lot cheaper than the gunsmith quoted. Covid caused then to be shut down for a while. I had previously left it at a local smith for what was supposed to be a two week job. It turned out to be an ordeal and I pulled it out untouched two months later when told it might be two or three months more. I was more than satisfied with CMP even with the wait.
  5. What is the barrel length, looks to be less than 16"?
  6. I still have one but it hasn't been used in years, its one of those many things i keep because I might need it someday. Handed down from previous generations.
  7. If the property is not in a city limits (Bolivar, Middleton etc) you can shoot with no issues legally. Complaints from neighbors could happen depending on distance and personalities. You must do it safely of course. The county Sheriff would be the place to direct questions.
  8. THP cad dispatch system is down statewide, not sure if it is routed thru this att site or not. FAA is having issues as well.
  9. Was it oiled with WD-40 or similar ? My experience is that this will lock a revolver up due to the residue forming a varnish like substance. I speak from experience.
  10. Great offer, too bad I am on the other end of the state and unable to meet. Someone else will be lucky. I think this is the first time I appeared to get there first
  11. no info on masks but I did hear on the local TV station (Jackson) that TWRA has closed all public boat ramps. This did not make a lot of sense to me. Of course, this station is not known for their reporting accuracy .


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