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  1. Was it oiled with WD-40 or similar ? My experience is that this will lock a revolver up due to the residue forming a varnish like substance. I speak from experience.
  2. Great offer, too bad I am on the other end of the state and unable to meet. Someone else will be lucky. I think this is the first time I appeared to get there first
  3. no info on masks but I did hear on the local TV station (Jackson) that TWRA has closed all public boat ramps. This did not make a lot of sense to me. Of course, this station is not known for their reporting accuracy .
  4. TN department, consists of Dept of Safety, Military Dept, These include THP, TBI , NG , and TEMA
  5. I think we are misunderstanding each other, if my children (or in my case grandson) had been living with me or had otherwise been a regular operator he would have had to have been named on the policy to have been insured. They certainly made a point of asking if he lived with me. He does not, it was a temporary loan on a vehicle while his was in for repair. I (like some others) thought that his insurance would be involved but that did not turn out to be the case.
  6. It would not have made any difference, it was my vehicle that I am required to have insured if it is on the road.
  7. My Grandson's insurance did not cover my vehicle when he was in a wreck in March 2019. My insurance (Allstate) took the complete hit. He did have insurance on his car at the time. My agent said it followed the vehicle.
  8. I was in a commercial airline over Detroit, the ground stop had just happened, planes lined up on the taxiway but none leaving. Even security at the airport had not been told. the CNN on the monitors were showing the first tower strike. The second strike occurred as I left the airport. I drove back to Nashville the next day in a rental car. If I had not already gotten it I probably would have been stranded there for a week.
  9. Some LE departments have policies requiring seat belt use and include this in training. This is true for local SO. I believe I am alive today due to belt use in a dept vehicle. State law does not override common sense.
  10. -As I recall you must have at least $1500 in income to qualify, Its been a while since I filed the form. edit: Its $1000 from the TN site
  11. A very generous offer, I hate I am not closer to Nashville.
  12. By "local dealers" in my comment I was referring to those at the Hamfest, Unfortunately not many (if any) ham radio stores in Tennessee.

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