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  1. Good thing Waffle House has a nation wide "gun free" policy to prevent things like this from...oh, never mind.
  2. Thanks. It's far too nice for me to carry & will probably just stay in the safe. I need funds to get my truck project completed more that I need safe queens.
  3. PM sent on the M9A1 Compact Inox.
  4. Two local guys moved a 400+ lb safe using some pry bars to lift one end, a bunch of golf balls to roll it out on, & a cut 2x4 made into a frame to fit around the bottom rear & sides of the safe to keep the golf balls from slipping out from under it. Unfortunately these scumbags were stealing it & were later caught & arrested, but the golf ball idea worked like a charm. The police said they had it moved & loaded in about 10 minutes. Just an idea. (Not the stealing part...the moving part.)
  5. The first handgun I ever bought was a Beretta 8045 Cougar & I haven't regretted it for a second. They're exceptional shooters & have a milder recoil than any 1911 I've ever shot. It's my main choice for daily carry unless I need deeper concealment. Then I reach for my LC9S.
  6. Posting some good photos would help. Most people don't look twice at an ad without pictures of the actual firearm/items being sold. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Location, location, location...story of my life. GLWS.
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