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  1. No. Only long guns can be shipped person to person in the same state. Handguns MUST be sent to a FFL if being shipped, no matter where.
  2. I don't live anywhere near Nashville. I'm about 3 1/2 hrs NE of Nashville near the TN/KY state line. If it helps, I'm also about 1 1/2 hrs NW of Knoxville. I can include free shipping to your FFL if you want.
  3. I'll throw in a new 18 rnd Mec-gar magazine. Here's a photo with the 18 rnd. mag & one of the included extensions. Just make me an offer & come get it.
  4. It's a little out of the norm. It's a Swiss Absinthe, bottled in 2005. It's an authentic Suisse La Bleue "Clandestine" & I've had it since 2006. This is it... https://www.alandia.de/absinthe-la-bleue-clandestine.html Only 1,000 bottles were produced each of the first two years, but the 2005 batch isn't numbered like the 2004 1st batch. Here's a photo of the actual bottle...
  5. I'm curious; has anyone on here ever sold any of their drink collection & where did you advertise it?
  6. No. Our car was 21 years old & had well over 200,000 miles on it so the insurance totaled it. ('97 Toyota Corolla) Ironically in the 18 years we owned the car, the only thing we ever had to replace was one starter & the timing belt. It was a great car & was running perfectly until she hit it. The girl was driving her mom's SUV & it didn't even put a scratch on hers. Our situation is now FUBAR!
  7. Not at the moment. I'm trying to sell about half or more of my gun collection. I just have too many bills & other interests to keep them. My wife's car was totaled when she was rear ended at a stop light by an idiot teen playing on her cell phone a few months ago so now were's down to one usable car. I'll consider any offers, but I'm mainly interested in selling. Thanks.
  8. I know someone out there wants this incredible firearm (plus, I have rent to pay). Maker me an offer & come get this beauty.
  9. It wasn't an "AK-15", as the jackass of a news reporter first said. According to police, at the time of capture he had a Kimber handgun with him.
  10. Link to live news coverage. Warning... the news reporter says the shooter was armed with an "AK-15". Wow! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/video/live-news-coverage-from-cbs-news/ar-BBmYvYY?appwebview=true
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