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  1. I retired at age 53 from my real job, traveled and moved during the next 5 years, then worked P/T to keep busy until my wife hit SS age. Now we both work a little bit and goof off a lot.
  2. Sometimes even finding a road doesn't help you find civilization. When you're following a road and the road is getting worse, go the opposite direction. If you come to a fork, take the better looking road. Good roads lead to people.
  3. Welcome! Chilhowee Rod & Gun Club is possibly closer to you - handgun, rifle, skeet, archery, fishing. Also in the south end of McMinn County.
  4. I'm wearing a pair of low-magnification (1.50?) Foster Grants now. I like them for the computer, as the focal length is a little longer than the 2.50's I use for reading. I'm under the impression that the lenses in the FG's are a little better quality than those in the Walmart glasses, which I also have. Never wore reading glasses until I got cataract surgery this spring. I wore progressive bifocals for my near-sightedness, which I no longer have. 20-20 beyond 5 ft, but I can still make out the front sight.
  5. Rust and expensive parts. Been there, done that.
  6. I use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. I dropped my Kaspersky subscription when I got the Win 10 machine. I also run backups and keep the OS updated to the latest version.
  7. I went and downloaded the app. Just for S & G.
  8. Thanks - I read that one. I'm using it as a bore rust protectant in a truck gun. All lubing is with bacon grease.
  9. Do you have any links to Frog Lube reviews handy?
  10. Multiple Rubies, male and female, are re-enacting the "Star Wars Death Star Valley" battle today at my house. Yesterday was the Battle of Britain.
  11. It was just an innocent question. Save the hostility for your enemies.
  12. Why wouldn't a simple umbrella liability policy suffice?
  13. You'll end up with 8 dents in your floor. Wheels have practically zero contact area with a flat surface. The pressure skyrockets.
  14. The person needs to be willing to help himself - to change his situation and get out of the hole he's in. Without that, money and effort is wasted.
  15. enfield


    My portable generator runs on propane, is electric-start and the battery is kept charged by a solar trickle charger. I run it every month or so. My automatic generator runs on natural gas and it exercises itself every Tuesday afternoon. We lost power last month for a few hours, and it started delivering power to the whole house after about 35 seconds (10 second delay to avoid dithering and 25 seconds warm-up).
  16. Big money ALWAYS attracts big thieves. I've given the NRA a lot of money over the last 40 years (Benefactor member) but I find I've been screwed over once again by someone I trusted. I'm tired of people.
  17. You can't trust anything you see or hear or read on the internet. Or (almost) anywhere else, for that matter. This is a P.T. Barnum-type scam.
  18. But they can't do this on 2 lane roads.
  19. My truck doesn't have BT built in, but my Garmin GPS does and it links to my phone. IMO, the law is unenforceable. Speeding and crossing over the centerline are much more obvious, but if there's no cop to see it, did it really happen?


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