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  1. PSA dropped a couple of big bombs at SHOT. First is that they are introducing a striker fired polymer pistol compatible with most 3rd gen Glock parts for $299 for the base, $350 for one with a threaded barrel, optic cut, and suppressor height sights. In addition they, have announced that the PSA5, their MP5 clone, will be out this year. Projected price is not finalized, but still expected to be below $1200. This places it several hundred below it’s nearest MP5 clone competitors, and over $1500 lower than the just released HK SP5. I swear, I’m not a paid spokesman or anything, but I am excited to see these product releases. PSA is really making some major moves right now that can have some serious market impacts with regards to pricing.
  2. Of the last seven handguns I have acquired, only one has been a full sized or service pistol, a Taurus Tracker Model 627 .357 Mag. The rest have either been compacts, subcompacts or mouse guns. What's the last service or full sized pistol you bought? What was the last compact or subcompact pistol you bought? Which came first? And GO!
  3. As ya'll know, i get manias from time to time... Ya would think as old as i am, this would finally stop... This one is the 10MM long slide mania... What are your collective thoughts and experiences on the new Remington 1911 R, Springfield XDM 5.25, Glock 40, or custom build 10MM pistolas..? I've got 2 Glock 20' s (...4.6" barrels, im thinkin...), but wuz thinkin a bit about the advantages of a longer slide n barrel... At first glance, It looks ta me like buyin a complete " long slide " pistola will be about as cheap as buildin a custom long slide for one of my 20's... Whattday'all think..? Thanks in advance... " J Thaddius " leroy...
  4. Another question I'm confused on...My wife's dad purchased a gun in GA at a dealer, we were there with him, he filled out all of the paperwork for transfer/background check etc. Anyway, he gave it to us and we are in TN, is this handgun legal for us?
  5. Colt is reintroducing the Python. https://www.colt.com/detail-page/colt-python-425
  6. I added yet another M&P to the collection and went shooting today. Having a Shield and a Compact, it was time for a full size so i bought an M&P full size 45 ACP (4.5” barrel). It’s my first 45 and I’ve done enough reading to know I wanted a larger gun, plus I’m trying to get one of each series of the M&P line. I shot it today and though it was louder than my 9mm, it didn’t flip as hard as the 9 does. It shot like a Cadillac. Solid, heavy punch.... but not any harder to hold on to than the 9. So the question is was it because of the full size frame (vs the 9mm Shield) or was it because of the low velocity ammo? I shot standard rounds (230 grain vs 115 grain). I was very intimidated by the huge gun and bullet before I shot it, but it was an absolute joy to shoot and ended up finishing the first mag as quickly as i typically shoot my 9 (2 shots per second).
  7. Hi all. Recently started becoming interested in the reflex red dots and bought the Walther Q5 Match and mounted a Vortex Venom on it. I took it out to the range on two occasions now along with a few other 9mm of mine. First, about the pistol: - Great striker fired pistol. I own dozens of guns and only two are polymer, this and my Springfield XDS 3.3. I have shot many, however. Best striker trigger out of the box that I have fired. Granted it’s not my Kimber Aegis Elite but that’s not expected. - Nice balance in my hand. Comfortable grip. - Holy muzzle flip. Not an issue for slow shooting but follow up shots take some work. - Flawless operation out of the box. Can’t say that about a lot of new guns I’ve purchased in the last year sadly. (Looking at you Ruger and S&W) The sight mounted easily with the number one plate included with the Walther. It came with three different mounting plates. I had been practicing dry fire and presentation with the sight and find the dot very easy to find. No issues with “searching”. While this is my first sight of this nature, I do have a rail mounted Browning Red Dot on two Buckmarks. I used the sight in “auto” mode and found the brightness very good for the range I visit. It was easy to zero in. Shooting with the dot: I shot this gun today along with my Beretta M9A3. At close range I found my Beretta much easier to group nicely and tighter. Close range is 5-7 yards. Beyond that, out to 25 yards, is where I saw the huge benefits on the dot. It improved my accuracy tremendously compared to the open sights of the Beretta (a gun I have tens of thousands of rounds experience with). My goal is to continue practicing speed and accuracy with the optic mounted pistol at the closer ranges. My confidence at longer ranges has gone through the roof with it!
  8. Is there any dealers in the tri-cities area that stock Glock 48 night sights?
  9. CBOW

    .38 super???

    I found a really good deal on a DW Guardian in .38 super locally. I have been searching for a Guardian in 9mm for awhile and haven’t been able to find one. I Have never shot .38 super. Would it be a good carry round? I’m assuming it’s way more expensive than 9mm. Wonder if you could swap barrels and bushing to 9mm if you wanted
  10. I am at the point where I want to start carrying a 1911. I have owned a couple lower end models over the years and just prefer them to anything else I’ve owned. I’ve decided on a 9mm, probably one of the Dan Wesson’s like the Guardian. My question is, do you own them to shoot at the range or do you actually carry one every day? I’m not really asking about how they carry, I am good with that, more about if your fine paying the price for a gun that will see a lot of wear.
  11. DBTN

    M&P 2.0 C.O.R.E.

    After a short wait, I finally picked up my M&P 2.0 C.O.R.E. a few days ago. I’ve been a fan of the M&P since the original 1.0. I continue to be impressed with the refinements made to the 2.0 line. Now that Smith is finally pushing out the 2.0 C.O.R.E. in non-Performance Center models, the M&P 2.0 C.O.R.E. is everything the M&P 2.0 should have been from the start.
  12. I’m not a Ruger guy, but I’ve been looking at them. I’m pretty clear on most models, but I keep seeing "Flattop" mentioned and I’m not sure what that means.
  13. Once again i am experiencing a mania kinda like J. THADDEUS TOAD in " The Wind and the Willows "... I'm thinkin about a long slide conversion for one of my Glock 20's... A six inch slide model... Im kinda thinkin about a red dot type sight addition, but bein a cheap skate, i aint gonna spring for a $500 + Trijicon or Aimpoint; so the Vortex is the top of my line... Please let me know about your Vortex experiences... I need ta decide whether to mill the slide or just add my favorite irons... Thanks in advance... leroy... AKA " Uncle Scrooge McDuck"...
  14. robin48


    I picked one up today. Feels good in the hand and hopefully I'll get to shoot it this weekend.
  15. Does anyone know where online I might be able to find a decent green laser that mounts on a Piccatinny rail? I have an FN57 that I'm trying to find a decent laser sight for and I'm having a lot of trouble finding one that a retired diabetic living on Social Security can afford, which means 80 dollars or LESS. Any help will be appreciated.
  16. Does anyone have any experience with them ? (pros/cons, opinions) Don't really need one but have been looking at them lately.
  17. Interesting both parties were armed with an NAA 22 derringer(one was killed by police)...also like your parents always told ya...nothing good happens after midnight. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/nypd-2-dead-after-police-open-fire-on-shooter-in-east-village/ar-BBYM95H?ocid=spartandhp
  18. https://www.wtvy.com/content/news/Taurus-gun-facility-will-bring-300-jobs-to-Bainbridge-564358211.html 300+ jobs too. I cant wait to own one that says MADE IN THE USA on it
  19. With recent interest in both these pieces, thought this review might be helpful for anyone considering either.
  20. CBOW


    Need some recommendations on a snubbie. I don’t want ultralight and would like something with a concealed hammer. I’ve handled the Kimber K6 and heavier .357 LCR and like them both. Anyone have experience with either? Kimber is quite a bit more money and don’t know if it’s worth it. Both had really nice triggers from what I could tell.
  21. Who has used a Boresnake for gun cleaning and if so, what do you think as compared to traditional cleaning methods? It seems like a fairly easy method to keep the barrel clean, but I wonder how quickly the boresnake gets to dirty to use.
  22. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/12/30/tfb-review-ruger-lcp-ii-22-lr/
  23. I just picked up a used one from Armslist for cheap and would like opinions from current owners. Thanks. Bill
  24. Hello everybody, new to the forum so I apologize if this is the wrong place for it. I've decided it is time to have more than just home protection and my wife and I are going to get our carry permits. However, 10 years ago I was charged with class E felony theft (>500 <1000) because I sold a landscape trailer. Its a long story but basically my 15 acre property had an old beat up trailer on it that I used for months and ended up selling. Well turns out it was somebody else's and I took the fall for it. Anyway, I agreed to a judicial diversion and was able to complete a 1 year probation period and then had the record completely expunged. Now, I have run an FBI and TBI fingerprint check on myself before I got into nursing school and it all showed up clear after the expungement. I have since had no problems with my nursing school or anything else, and this was the only trouble I have ever been in. So my question is, am I eligible for a carry permit? Also, if not, am I still able to have a gun for home protection?
  25. I ran across one of these on Gunbroker recently and got it today. Quick blurb from Wikipedia: I'd never seen the BDAO model in person. Browning gave them a confusing name, BDA, which was already applied to the Beretta-made .380s. The included "manual", about 4 stapled and Xeroxed pages, calls it BDA9. If I'm reading the date code correctly, this one was built in 1996. I gave $550 for it, which is more than I would have paid in the past, but seeing as these things are only getting more scarce, I felt comfortable with the price. I'm keeping my eyes open for a DA/SA one as well. The case contains 1x10rd magazine, 2x14 rd magazines, a cleaning kit, nondescript gun lock, "manual", and a lanyard ring. In BDAO config, the safety lever is completely omitted. The trigger is about 10-12 pounds and after about 1/2" of takeup, the real pull travels about .650" until it breaks. Reset is a bit longer, maybe .700". The trigger pull is the same at all stages of operation. It'll never be my favorite trigger, but due to the bobbed hammer and lack of a safety lever, I find it notably more ergonomic and usable than the standard BHP. Sights are the standard Browning white blocks. The frontstrap features serrations and the grip is a one-piece affair very similar to the one used on the BDM, secured with one screw on the backstrap. Being Browning/FN, of course standard BHP mags don't work, nor does any other mag they ever made. It looks like BDM mags will insert but not lock, despite having a similar semicircular cutout as the BDM mags. The underside of the "beavertail" has an import mark from Ohio Ordnance Works. Not sure when these were imported, but judging by the holster wear, this one may have been issued to someone at some point. How does it shoot? Quite accurately if the user does his part. This is the first mag of 10 rounds at 10 yards, 115gr reloads. I put another 14 rounds right on top of that group with the second mag but neglected to get a photo.


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