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Found 28 results

  1. I'm always looking for vintage Randall Made Knives, especially WWII, Korea, & Viet Nam Era fighters. As always also interested in buying silver coins & bullion. Thanks for looking.
  2. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just needs to be sturdy, dry and lockable. Use will be for household goods and such. 8 ft width is about the widest my drive will allow; other dimension is open. If you can build, or assemble from a package, that works too. I can offer firearms and or reloading equipment/supplies in exchange. Just thought I would try here, before I buy something to build myself(at my age that ain't so easy any more). Or if you have knowledge of the already made strutures around town, and can recommend one, I would appreciate hearing about it. Of course, any transaction would include a bill of sale and be of legal age with TNDL(HCP Preferred)
  3. Looking for a working, or a useable core, out of a forklift. Any make it model. Have cash to buy, turbo parts or guns to trade. Prefer in or around Knoxville
  4. I'm looking for another vehicle for my son. I have been looking for 4wd '97 to '01 Cherokee XJs, late 90s to early 2000s 4Runners and possibly '99 to '04 Grand Cherokees. It is to be a daily driver so I don't want more than 3 inch lift if any. If you have something in the east end of the state taking up driveway space you have been thinking of letting go, let me know. Thanks
  5. As stated in the title, I'm looking for a cheap vehicle for my daughter to drive back and forth to work. Did I mention cheap? 8 out of 10 I've checked on Craigslist have been scams so I decided to throw this out to my invisible friends. I’d also be happy with any recommendations as far as honest dealers.
  6. Hey guys, I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone has a 6x12 or maybe even a 6x10 cargo trailer they no longer want or need. I'm in the market for one and really don't want to pay new price for one. If you have one...let me know and we can talk. I'd be interested in a cash purchase, or considering where we are...maybe some firearms in partial payment or trade. Thanks for looking.
  7. wanted Commuter car

    I'm looking for a commuter car that I can drive for a couple of years then pass to my daughter. It needs to be sound mechanically and good on gas mileage. Ideal candidates would be a Honda Civic, Volkswagen Jetta, etc. Bonus points if you're interested in a partial or complete trade for firearms. I have some nice toys I'd consider letting go. I'm in Knoxville but will travel a reasonable distance. Thanks for looking.
  8. Got an acre or so cleared a while back, and it needs a butt-ton of lime, and to be (re-) seeded around September. Would like to like to spread the lime and disc it in, then let it set for a few days (or longer, maybe 1 good rain?), then scratch it up and put the seed down, and likely disc that in as well. Unfortunately, I don't have a tractor! If you've got a spreader and a seed drill, that would be fantastic too! I can get the co-op to spread the lime for me if needed, so the disc is the big thing. Wondering if there's any TGO'ers w/ a tractor and disc that wouldn't mind bringing it out to me and leaving it there for a few days while waiting for mother nature to do her thing. Property is in Kingston off Highway 70, close to Lenoir City/Rt. 321 (FWIW, a Butt-ton = about 3-4 ton's according to the folks at UT Ag Extension office, soil pH is 4.1!) Thanks for looking. - Kevin
  9. Anyone got an iPhone 6s or 7 Plus that will work on Verizon and want to do some trading on guns?
  10. Looking for a small boat that you can put in back of a truck to fish farms ponds. Let me know what you got.
  11. Hello all. I am looking for a nice grade of 1 man canoe. Something in the 12 ft range. I would something like an old town, mad river or another premium grade. Something light that an old man like myself can load and deal with. I have a ruger American compact all weather in 243 to trade with. 200 rounds of Hornady white tail ammo 243 All the same lot. 200 rounds of Federal 30-30 ammo? Depends on quality of canoe as to trades? Could entertain cash if it was reasonable? Please let me know what you might have. Blessings. Doug
  12. Looking for a variable speed bench grinder, or even an electric bench motor. I will be adding a drill chuck to one side to run some stuff. I am currently using an electric drill mounted in a bench vise, which works but there are better options...... Not looking for something expensive and not in a rush, this is more of a nice to have than must have item. I am in Columbia so looking around the area. If you reload, I have some CCI #450 small rifle primers I may be able to trade.
  13. Looking to buy a nice, clean, original condition 1984 or 85 Toyota 4Runner. Not interested in rock crawlers, high lifts or anything modified or altered. Would like a nice Southern truck with ownership and service history. Prefer manual transmission. Would also consider 4X4 Toyota truck of the same vintage. PM me if you have anything you think I might be interested in.
  14. I'd like to find an old antique wagon from the 1800's. This will be used for display purposes around our old historic barn and farm, so it doesn't have to be fully functional. I'd even be interested in something that is broken or in pieces. Let me know if you have or know where I might find something like this.
  15. wanted Anvil and vice

    I'm looking for an anvil for my shop. Hoping someone on here might have one there not using. Also, a 6" or larger vice
  16. Did I not see a bank vault door for sale on here? I've searched the threads and can't find it.. Hmmmmm
  17. Just throwing it out there to see if I get a bite. Cash or trade. I just really want to enjoy a bottle this year.
  18. Wifey needs a new phone. Doesn't have to be super recent. She's using a Samsung S3 and had no complaints before it died. Needs to be able to work on AT&T and pretty cheap. We're not sure we will stay with AT&T so don't want to buy new.
  19. wanted Outdoor Fireplace

    I'm looking for someone to build an outdoor fireplace in the East TN area. Call or text 865.719.3780
  20. I need someone to do some work on an older Nissan Xterra for a 16yo. Any takers? Knoxville / Lenoir City / Kingston.
  21. Looking to see if anybody had some tickets for Vandy/South Carolina season opener you might want to part with. They are still available at Vandy. Just seeing if I could help someone out.
  22. wanted WTB Ford seats

    I figured here is as good as place as any to find some seats for our Ford van. If you have some to sell please let me know.
  23. wanted Looking for Hauler

    Looking for someone to haul 5-6 loads of crush and run to my house. 1/2 way between Lenoir City and Kingston. 865.719.3780
  24. Hunting a Walther Model 4 32auto pistol Hammer. Any leads on one is much appreciated. THANKS

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