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Found 747 results

  1. I know some of you could care less where your guns are made; but many of us do; this discussion is for those members. Buy American, Hire American, America First. More and more we see guns in the bottom feeder category that are American Made. Lets face it, until the last few years the only decent American Made gun that is low cost and wasn’t (arguably) junk was the Hi Point. We have come a long way. The thread about the Stoger and the Canik (both made in Turkey) being under $300 made me think that we have better options for less money; even American Made options. So if you like to buy cheap guns, and want to buy American; now is a good time. Even prices on some of the top quality, best sellers in the Industry have dropped. The SCCY CPX we routinely see selling below $200. It’s currently made in Florida with the company in the process of moving to Tennessee. And it gets good reviews Kel-Tec PF-9 right at $200 and the P-11 just over, and made here. Diamondback at just over $200. New models like the Remington R51 (brought back after a bad start) at just over $200 and the Mossberg MC1SC at around $300; we shall see. Ruger EC9 at around $250 and Security 9 and SR9 at $300. MOSSBERG MC1SC at $300; we shall see. All the Highpoints at around $175. They have a big following… bless their heart. And even Smith & Wesson Shields at $250 and Full Size models dropping below $300!! Proven performers.
  2. Seems like 2020 may be the year of the RMR. Seeing a lot of new guns pre-milled. Never been a RMR guy but this may create an interest now that I won’t need to get it milled and recoated. Just curious if RMRs are all standardized hole patterns and footprints though...
  3. Just wondering, revolver or semi and what kind of caliber? Just casual trail riding in the mountains mostly. Feel free to be specific... Barrel length and other.
  4. Been looking for one of these for two+ years. Finally found a Sig P220 Legion in .45 ACP and brought it home.
  5. I’m considering one. But, they seem to be scarce in the Nashville area. Are you happy with yours?
  6. I am admittedly stuck on Glock and Glock-like handguns. With more than 25 years of experience with them, carrying them, shooting them, etc. I am just not going to get away from them anytime soon. Lord knows I've tried. Not because there's anything wrong with them, but because I like new experiences as much as the next guy does. THIS however is not a Glock. There's nothing Glock about it. Not a single Glock part rests within it. It is 100% Zev Technologies from stem to stern, including every little piece and spring within it. Hence the O and Z in OZ9. Original Zev. Not a Glock. It is however familiar in many ways to a Glock shooter, albeit with the dial turned up to eleven and then ripped off, thrown in your face, kicked out the window, and stomped upon outside on the sidewalk. Zev amped it up like they hated that dial and it owed them money. This particular configuration is very similar to my beloved Glock G45. It has the compact G19 length barrel and slide, with the G17 length grip. Unlike a Glock it has a 1911-esque grip angle and uses a serialized internal chassis much like the Sig p320 does. The chassis is a solid hunk of machined metal that contains Zev's take on a Glock-style sear, their fantastic trigger and trigger bar, the rails upon which the slide moves, and I guess an ounce of black magic. All it takes is pushing out one small pin to remove the chassis from the grip module and turn this into a G19 sized compact gun. Which I've done for summer carry. It shoots like a dream. The trigger clocks in at 2.69 LBS on Lyman gauge averaged across 5 pulls. It tracks smoothly under recoil and doesn't move an iota off target unless YOU move it. If you miss, it's the shooter - not the gun. You just have to own that fact and accept it. I've heard my friend Dr. Sherman House ask another shooter if their Zev OZ9 was really all that or if it was just a Camry with nice wheels. FUNNY! I had the same questions as I considered buying it. But, I'm glad to say it's got the goods to back up the sticker price. This is very much a Porsche wearing a Camry suit. There are dumber ways to spend $1500. I dig the hell out of it.
  7. Got tired of staring at the thing...they are surprisingly easy to shoot without a brace and woo-wee what a fireball...but the triggers suck...tons of phillips screws look dumb, and lets just face it having a brace makes aiming easier...however one huge advantage to these is weight...3.4lbs stock....I still need to weigh it but even with the added kit I think im still at 5lbs or less....I got some other plans for later but im happy with its direction.
  8. willis68

    Steyr M9A1

    In my opinion this by far is the most underrated pistol on the market, this is a Gen4 and out of the box better than any polymer pistol I have ever owned. It fits like a glove in my hand is deadly accurate and has a trigger that is amazing. The only complaint I have is there is a very quiet audio sound for the reset. All of my Glocks have Johnny Glock combat trigger packs installed and those are awesome but for a bone stock trigger I love this one. Years ago I think I had a Gen1 possibly 2 not certain that had extractor issues, this one has been perfect. The trapezoid sites are very accurate but I may change them to Tru Glow TFX pro as they are made for this gun, in my opinion Steyr is a top of the line gun company
  9. Seems everyone is going to semi-auto. Anyone still old school wheelgun
  10. Hi all, I just got into handguns after moving away from a state that made them impossible to get. Are there any tips and tricks to get less expensive 9mm ammo for target practice purposes? I currently get them at Academy and its about .175 per shot. At the range I typically go through 150-200 rounds which starts to get pricey! Thanks in advance for the advice.
  11. I'm 18 and a new gun owner. As of now I have a pretty basic collection. One AR, one 870, a few .22s, the works. However, the obvious hurdle to owning a handgun is the federal restriction on purchasing a handgun from a licensed firearms dealer when you're under the age of 21. Buying a handgun from a private seller, however, is totally legal. Sadly, that limits my options dramatically. I can't have a gun from a listing shipped to me since that would require an ffl transfer, so I am limited to sellers in my area. Even then, most of the listings I've seen in my area explicitly demand a HCP, which, being under 21, I can not obtain. I'm aware for many people this is to protect themselves in the event the buyer is a criminal, but this comes off as really hostile to any 18-20 year olds who want to exercise their gun rights. If I can buy an AR easily I fail to see why it should be so difficult for me.
  12. DBTN

    CZ Scorpion Pistol

    FOR years I have been very dismissive of pistol caliber carbine’s. I was of the opinion that if I was going to have something shoulder fired it needed to be of a rifle caliber. The only purpose for a pistol caliber carbine was for competition purposes. I’ve begun to reevaluate my opinion. They can be out right fun and the pistol versions offer a great deal of portability for a shoulder fired gun. I recently purchased a CZ scorpion and I am really enjoying it.
  13. Fun Video Jerry Miculek is my favorite shooter of all time.
  14. WFM

    Kimber K6

    I just picked up a Kimber K6 revolver I had ordered online. I haven’t had a chance to get to the range yet. I had been considering one for a little while and decided to go ahead. I like the looks, the trigger, the night sights and the 6 rounds. The range trip will tell me if I made the right decision or not. I was wanting to get any feedback I could from any members who have any personal experience with a K6. Thanks.
  15. Not sure if this has been discussed or not in this forum, I'm relatively new here. But I'll throw this out there.... I have a S&W Walther ppks. All stainless. Purchased used, but was told only one magazine (7rds) had been ran through it and then put away. I tend to believe the guy I purchased from. (Gun was spotless and the second mag had never been used) Seems after every few rounds being fired through the pistol it fails to go back into battery. At first I thought this was a FTF, but all it takes is me to push the slide forward (with not much force) and its rocking again. This has happened with all different types of ammo. I did just order some new recoil springs from Wolff, hopefully that will correct. But I'm curious if anyone else has had these issues and it there is a proper fix for it. Thanks!
  16. Tim Riemann


    I'm new to this site. Looking to sell a handgun, but can't find a link that allows me to list it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  17. Here is what I am slowly working on. Aero lower rise arement trigger 10.5 in Bear creek barrel low profile gas block with a pistol length gas system and chambered in 300 BLK. What length hand guard would you use seen from 7-10 inches. Also looking at possibly free floating it just because.
  18. Dear Brother n Sister gunners... Which of the double stack 1911's do ya'll like n why... Any caliber, any flavor... Thanks a bunch. leroy.
  19. Has anyone actually seen or put hands on one as of yet? I would definitely like to see/handle one in person. This may become a "I want one" type things! Can use some after market Glocks parts/OEM parts but is different enough to be interesting. I like the Life Time warranty.
  20. Did any of you see the sale at Bass Pro and Cabella's for $419.97? Did anyone get one? I missed out, and now they are showing "out of stock". Bummer! In researching this revolver, I found out that they have barrel length from 4" to 9.7" and calibers from .22LR, .22 Mag, .17HMR, and .32ACP. My favorite would be the Ruger Single Six convertible in stainless and a 5.5"-6.5" barrel. Hate I missed out on the sale. What are you guys favorite barrel length, caliber, and use of this versatile revolver? I'd like as much input as possible, as I'm going to buy one soon. Thanks.
  21. I have a question for a short discussion. What's so great about the P99? Is it really better than a PPQ? Or just hype? Not sure if I'm looking to be talked into or out of buying a P99 from Classic Firearms. I'm really happy with my PPQ M2, but always hear that the P99 was and is the standard for the Walther lineup. Never shot, nor even held a P99. What say you?
  22. Supposed to be available soon, MSRP $39.99. Steel aftermarket mag.
  23. owejia

    9 mm revolver

    Thinking about getting a 9mm revolver. Needs to be ss, short barrel. what is a good buy? Taurus model 905 ss 2", or the Ruger sp101 ss 2.25, Charter arms Pitbull ss or there other short barrel 9mm revolver out there? Opinions, likes and dislikes. What say you?
  24. kellyII

    Remington R51

    Recently received quite a few handguns from a good friend that passed away and one of them was a Remington R51. Curious to find out if anyone owns one and has any opinions on it? I haven’t shot any of them yet. The design is most definitely different from any others that I own and some features I like and others I don’t. Not a fan of the safety on the rear of the grip.
  25. I finaly got around to putting sights on this fake FN Hi Power made by FEG. It has all the right FN roll stamps and proofs but the SN is not a Belgian one. I think the Israelis parkerized this one before they got imported. I put a Real FN barrel in it since the FEG had way too much head space. The sights were original from the 1927 design. Now I can see them right nice. The dots are milled in pockets so the florescent paint will stay put for the most part. The front sight is a S&W one that was way too low so I built it up with mig weld, then reformed the sight to the proper hight. The face is cut in a bit to wipe out the lower S&W white dot that was there. Also added an extended safety. If there is one fault in these guns, its the puny safety to seer contact point. Its tiny and like a number of these that I have modified by putting a dab of weld on that contact point to eliminate the poor contact there that on most guns has trigger creep on safe. I trim the weld down little by little until that safety/trigger creep is zero. Finaly my confederate FN is a pleasure to shoot. A couple months ago, I picked up an Arcus 98DAC off GB for a tad over 3 bills. I was curious about this new version of the P35 that is the Police/Military pistol of 15 countries. It uses the same Hi power magazines and a couple other things. I could even fit a Hi Power barrel to it with a little machine work. It shoots well but is just as heavy as the original pistol at 2lbs 2oz. They left ALOT of steel in the shorter slide. I was thinking about cutting all that extra off some day just to see how much lighter I could get it since it does group pretty good and that weird web hook in the grip actually feels pretty good in my hand.

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