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.22 LR 100 Yard Squirrel Sniper Challenge


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I found this on Rimfire Central several weeks ago, and it has been driving me nuts.  I thought I would post here to see if I could get some other people interested.  Misery loves company, right?


  • .22 LR only
  • 100 yards
  • Must get 8 out of 10 straight shots in the bullseye (no sighters once you start)
  • Breaking the outer black ring is in
  • Must use official target linked below
  • No fluorescent stickers to enhance the bullseye
  • Bench rest ok - anything but a vise

Click here to download target.

Print as actual size.  The bullseye should print just under 1 5/8".

My best is 7/10 so far.  I have done that over and over, so I'm about to lose it since I can't get that 8th round in there.  But I've really been having fun with it.  Ammo inconsistency and wind has been killing me.  

When you complete the challenge post a pic of your target along with details on your rifle, scope, and ammo used.

If several people get interested in this I may offer up some sort of prize or drawing like they did over at RFC.

Good luck!

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28 minutes ago, Randall53 said:

It's looking like a LOT of rain for the next 8 or 10 days. What is the time frame to participate?

No time limit!  I just posted it up for fun right now.

I wasted some more ammo on it today.  I'm taking a break until I get my hands on some better stuff.  Mini-mags aren't getting it done.

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18 minutes ago, Randall53 said:

My CZ seems to really like the CCI standard velocity. 40gr. @ 1070 FPS. That is at 50 yards though. I'm going to try to get out a couple of times this week in between showers maybe and see how it does at 100 yds.

I think standard velocity is the way to go.  It should be more consistent since it doesn't come back through the sound barrier.  Wish I had some CCI SV to try.  I'm ready to move on with my life!  Haha!

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3 hours ago, gregintenn said:

Now it says:

The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.

Error code: 2C171/1



I guess I won't be participating,:D

I got the same one. Guess I could go the C&K route (Circle with Krylon).:devil:

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Just now, gregintenn said:

LOL! Perhaps he could mail a hard copy to those computer illiterate among us, like me.:D

I think I am the one who is computer illiterate!  Haha!  The attachment issue must be a problem with the TGO site.  I put another link below the rules from a file hosting site, but I'm not sure if that's working either.  This challenge has beaten the life out of me, so it's only right that I would have trouble linking the target!

If anyone has a foolproof way of hosting a PDF I will email you a copy and then put a good link in the original post.

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26 minutes ago, quickbiscuit said:


If anyone has a foolproof way of hosting a PDF I will email you a copy and then put a good link in the original post.

Here, this oughtta work for most everyone (at least on actual computer):

http://www.macmcdougald.com/misc/Squirrel target-1.pdf

click to open in whatever your browser uses, print or save from there

or on puter, can also right click, "save link as" to save directly

- OS

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