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Gen 5 Glock 17 frame IS BEVELLED


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I saw a Gen 5 19 and 17 today at Guns And Leather and both had the "unbeveled" frames. So I guess Glock is slowly making the new frames beveled now. It doesn't make any difference to me but I read a lot people raising cain about it when they first came out. The youtube guy Yankee Marshal was complaining about it on his video too. I don't care one way or the other. I have to carry this at work no matter what , but my personal carry will always be my Gen 2 and Gen 3 :)

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10 hours ago, res308 said:

Does this mean CPD is moving away from that unnecessary cursed compromise known as the 40? If so, I'm glad to hear it. I haven't fired a Gen 5 yet so let us know how it shoots.

If so then it's probably going to be interesting to see what other agencies in the Mid-State move away from the 40 S&W and back to the 9MM P. My question would be how overall qualification scores with 9mm P service ammunition differs from the same with .40 S&W service ammo. 

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Most of the agencies surrounding me have seen the light and switched, except MINE! TBI has already made the switch as well. Admin here is still enamored with the 40. I have been trying to decide whether to buy myself another Beretta this year, or go to 45 like my youngest son is wanting to do, but if "Grock" keeps taking steps to clean up their act I might give them another try. That 17 ain't lookin too bad. 

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1 hour ago, TNWNGR said:

How'd everyone feel about going from the .40 S&W to the 9mmP? 

The few people I heard the other day didn't seem to care either way. A few of my friends were happy like me. I'm buying my old G22 and have the extractor , spring loaded bearing , ejector , and conversion barrel to make it shoot 9mm.

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The Gen5 is nice. I’m not much of a Glock guy but I am warming up to the Gen 5.  In less than two months I have over 6,000 rounds through one straight out of the box with no cleaning or lubrication. It’s been abused but just keeps working. 

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22 hours ago, tercel89 said:

The few people I heard the other day didn't seem to care either way. A few of my friends were happy like me. I'm buying my old G22 and have the extractor , spring loaded bearing , ejector , and conversion barrel to make it shoot 9mm.

Pretty much my story.  I always shoot 100% on quals with my agency issued gen4 23. I don’t even own a Glock in 9mm. I just didn’t see the need to keep a 9mm Glock around when I get tons of free Glock 40 Mags and 40 ammo. I do have some other 9mm guns though. I asked our chief if we were sticking with 40’s, and his response was he just bought another 100 cases of 40.  I would just assume keep the 40’s.

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4 hours ago, DMark said:

Clarksville PD is dropping their Glock .40s and converting to Gen5s in 9mm starting next week. 

I'll check with my son once his is issued and see if their frames have reached perfection with a bevel.   

Does he work for CPD ?

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On 12/30/2017 at 8:09 PM, tercel89 said:

Then his should be beveled . His pistol is in the same batch as mine.


He was issued his yesterday.  Said its the best Glock that he has ever fired and he has been shooting them since he was 14 years old.

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