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Black Class Benchmade knives

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I am now a Black class Benchmade dealer so if you want one let me know, my two favorites are the AFO2 and the Automatic Adamas if you are considering any of these knives the only short coming I see with them is their factory edges, which I will correct and make scary sharp if you buy one through me my prices are MAP minimum advertised prices that include a $35 sharpening if you would like it for all non serrated blades


and just in case any of you did not know, as of 2014 automatic knives are perfectly legal to carry in our great state 

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    • By willis68
      I will  be sending in a order in a couple of days if any of you want a light let me know, they have a great new WarriorX Turbo model with 1k Lumens with 1000 meter throw I may get one for myself 
    • By JunkiCosmonaut
      Alright I'm back! I've finished the process of becoming a vendor and here I am! 
      My pricing per order is 10$ for processing and set-up, and 2.75$ per print hour. shipping is flat rate which you can find the rates here: https://www.ups.com/assets/resources/media/en_US/retail_rates.pdf#page=74
      example: a 10 hour print would be 10 + (2.75 * 10) + <your choice of shipping> = total cost
      Expected resolution is 0.2mm x 0.4mm x 0.4mm voxel size. voxel is volumetric pixel. Imagine that your part is made up of legos 0.2mm x 0.4mm x 0.4mm in size. That's the dimensional accuracy that you 
      could acheive typically. Post-processing methods can be used to make up for this inaccuracy by over-drilling holes and sanding surfaces. 
      I can print ABS, PLA, PETG, and TPU
      the current colors I have in my stock for various materials are as such: 
      ABS: red, blue, green, black, white
      PETG: black, red 
      PLA: black, red, green, blue, sky blue, yellow, white 
      if you don't see a color or material you want listed let me know and I can get it, it may add up to two weeks to your order as I have to order that material and wait for it to arrive.  
      some disclaimers that I believe I need to cover based on previous interactions: 
      I have been asked in the past both on, and off, this forum to print certain items that would be "questionable" from a legal stand-point, so here is my take on that
      1) I am a printing service, I am selling you time on my printer, I am not selling you a printed item I am printing an item that you are providing me with the instructions (or language) to print. 
      People ask about printing things off of thingiverse as they are licensed under a "no commercial" public license. This means that you cannot use their design for your
      own profit, but this does not mean you can't pay someone to print one for you personally. It means that you cannot have me print of a number of models of a design for you that you 
      then market as an item or a product. 
      2) I will not print anything that is a"regulated" or "restricted" item. For example: receivers such as AR-15 lower receivers, or glock lower receivers ...... etc. I'm not making a political statement, if it were up to me you could buy your choice of arm from a vending machine at the air port that accepts bitcoin. This is just the law of the land and it carries very real penalties for violating it. I'm not gonna risk the site's integrity or my freedom to print something that could get me 10 years in prison.
      3) I wont print a part if I reasonably believe it will be used to commit a crime. I typically don't care what people ask that I print, i get requests for obscure parts with no context as to what the parts do or go 
      to, but if you ask me to print a full-auto sear the answer is gonna be no. again, this isn't anything to do with my political stance I simply don't want to draw any unwanted attention to this website or to myself by being involved with someone else's commission of a crime. 
      4) All of the proceeds for prints are going to fuel my UNENDING BID FOR WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!!!! - I'm thinking my next big project will be a freeze ray or a spray that turns any normal pair of comfortable pants into skinny jeans so tight you'll get inducted into a crappy alt-pop band for style alone. If you ever hear on the news of a large message carved in the moon "mseals22 rocks!"then you'll you know that unlike your tax dollars, your money from your print went to good use! 

    • By willis68
      Coming Soon
      I will be offering for sale Custom Gun Slings hand made from Paracord by a fellow offshore worker these are some of the absolute best slings I have ever handled and completely Hand Made here in the USA Coming Soon!
    • By willis68
      If you have any knives you want sharpened text me 4233148751 
    • By willis68
      I just became a dealer for what I consider one of the best Flashlight companies in the world, Olight, PM me if you want a certain model, I will give you my best prices 


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