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Another East Tennessean - Hello

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Hello everyone. I work in the IT department at a small college and live in a small rural town. 3 years ago my sister and brother-in-law bought me my first gun for Christmas. Today I own 3 handguns, a 9mm carbine and I just bought my first AR 15. Pre-Covid I went to the range about twice a month and went through 200 - 300 rounds per trip. Lately, it's almost impossible to find ammo at a reasonable price so my range time has been cut back drastically. I have my carry permit and have attended 2 other training/safety classes. I'm trying to get more involved in gun forums and organizations lately. Not too bad for never having touched a gun in the last 45 years 🙂

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Hey MTroxell,

Greetings from Franklin, TN. Good to see people like myself, getting (back?) into firearms late in the game. I think it’s a perfect time in life to invest in something like this!


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