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House Rejects Senate Guns In Bars Bill

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April 23, 2009 12:47 PM CDT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The House has voted 45-44 to reject Senate changes to a bill to allow people with handgun permits to carry their weapons into establishments that sell alcoholic drinks.

The House had earlier passed the proposal sponsored Rep. Curry Todd (R-Collierville) that included an 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew, and a ban on bringing guns into age-restricted bars.

The Senate version does not include those restrictions.

The Senate now has the option of agreeing to the original House version, or the a conference committee will be appointed to try to seek a compromise.

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Guest mustangdave
I wish I could say I am suprised but I am not suprised.

I am guessing there is some political hijynx here.

Its the Naife effect..I betcha:tinfoil:

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Guest benchpresspower
well, lets keep our fingers crossed that they can work it out. I am not optimistic though.

Kinda like dangling a carrot in front of the donkey and then yanking it away.

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Guest Linoge

Sonofasmallfurrymonkey... Not sure whether I would prefer that they reach some kind of negotiation point, or whether they just pass it and run... If I had a hope of the legislation making it out of the negotiating committee, I would probably angle for that. But given past experiences with committees eating up pro-gun bills, never to be seen again... Pass it and worry about the details in the future.

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Guest truthsayer
exactly.... and honestly thats what will happen, they will drop the curfew in committee and add the age restriction and we will be fine.

If you could stop saying "we," that would be great. Thx.

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If you could stop saying "we," that would be great. Thx.

sorry, but the reason I say "we" is because I've been fighting this fight for many years... the "we" comes in because I know a few folks that have been right there with me.

If some of you new comers don't want to be included, then fine... but WE'VE been waiting on this moment for a long time and WE realize sometimes you have to take what ya get and be happy knowing you can change it in the future.

If you look back I told ya'll this wasn't going to get passed and it would probably go to the committee... so far WE/I have spoken to about 6 persons that should be on that committee and have a pretty good idea of whats going to happen.

Unless we shoot ourselves in the foot WE will be fine.... its th "all or nothings" that scare me... if WE had left it up to them in 1993 WE wouldn't even have a HCP law right now.

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I hope you are right, but the age restriction still sucks since many restaurants are age restricted to allow smoking.

As the bill is currently written, unless they card at the door, it's not an age restricted restaurant under this bill.

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Guest m&pc9
As the bill is currently written, unless they card at the door, it's not an age restricted restaurant under this bill.

That means I cant carry into The Pink Puddycat, Or the Mouses Ear:cry:

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As the bill is currently written, unless they card at the door, it's not an age restricted restaurant under this bill.

Can you elaborate please...

I ask because I have been to places that have the "NO ONE UNDER 21 ALLOWED" signs, but there wasn't anyone checking IDs as you went in.

Even more places that didn't have a sign posted, but smoking was allowed and no one under 21 was in there. Again....no carding going on.

You are saying these places aren't technically "age restricted", at least as it applies to this bill, is that right?

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