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GIANT Rattlesnake found in Franklin

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Got this from a buddy. I've actually seen one of those trucks before so I do think it is a local pic. It doesn't look photchopped.


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The angle of the pic makes it look larger. My guess would be 5-6 ft....which is still a BIG rattlesnake. I have seen several that large around the Mt Pleasant/Rockdale area over the years. Killed one 15 years or so ago that was almost a foot longer than the tailgate of a full sized Chevy truck. Finding this one in Franklin is sorta scary if it was around homes. Not surprising though. With all the construction over the last 10 years I guess habitats are smaller and food is scarce. The good thing about Rattlers is they won't bother you if you don't bother them. They will go out of their way to avoid people. Now....if Copperheads that large start showing up in subdivisions....we got a problem.

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The angle of the pic makes it look larger. My guess would be 5-6 ft....which is still a BIG rattlesnake...

Damn big for a timber rattler. Supposedly, largest ever reliably known was 6' 2.5". So it's either pushing the record or it's as you say the wide angle perspective.

- OS

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It's a rigged photo, intentional or not. Sorta like Roland Martin holding a bass for the camera. "Son - look at the belly on that'un".

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Don't think it's "forced." The guy is just holding the stick out in front of him. Don't think I'd hold it right next to me if I had the sob on it, either!

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There was just a local news article about some guy from Hendersonville (?) finding a 5'-6' rattlesnake. He took it home and called TWRA to come get it.

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Big snake. I didn't know they got that big around here.

Timber rattlers generally don't. 3' is a big snake usually. But id say this one was eating good. There are always exceptions to the rule in nature.

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Definitely forced perspective. Look at the shadow. I'd say it's only maybe 4 ft if that.

Guess I should have said "intentionally forced."

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edit: apparently a "b" followed by a ")" becomes B)

Yeah. "c" inside "()" becomes ©. Several quirks like that with bb code or whatever it is

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Guess I should have said "intentionally forced."

Wasn't particularly directing it at you. :) I was just meaning that judging by the shadow it doesn't seem that big. Though I guess 5 and a half feet is a pretty big sucker.

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This must be the year of the snake. I've noticed an increase in rodents around here the last couple of years. Also, this spring I have seen more snakes around here (NW Tennessee) than the previously three years combined. Fortunately, no rattle snakes.

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