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  1. Perhaps you're thinking of Davidsons' Gallery of Guns site. https://galleryofguns.com/genie/PowerSearchNew.aspx
  2. Thanks for the link. My first instinct was that it was a domestic situation, but the video leads me to believe it was not that at all. There's a lot there to consider like the importance of moving and drawing. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like a couple of people swept congregants with their muzzle after the threat seems to be neutralized. The guy in the black vest seemed to have better muzzle discipline. I wonder how much the age of most of the congregants affected how many people concealment versus running. It looks like the situation could have been much worse.
  3. I have not seen any indication the web store was run by a third party, but this article indicates it was probably an unpatched, open source, e-commerce platform that gave the hacker(s) an entry point. https://www.securityweek.com/website-gunmaker-smith-wesson-hacked-magecart-attack
  4. I wonder if it's too late to return the 4" model.
  5. Ski

    PC Advice

    I'll reiterate what Dave said, and I'll add that in my experience desktops seem to perform acceptably longer than laptops. I am pretty sure there are some high-end All-In-One models, but the ones I have experience with have had slow processors. Dell is a safe bet. I don't trust Lenovo and do not have direct experience with them.
  6. I've used Red's Tree Service a couple of times and was pleased. I used Mister Tree once and wish I'd used Red's instead.
  7. It looks like they developed some suspects. https://www.fox13memphis.com/news/arrest-made-in-death-of-botham-jean-witness-joshua-brown-police-say/995149373?utm_source=trending&utm_medium=widget&utm_campaign=chartbeat_trending&utm_content=news
  8. The local U.S. Attorney announced several indictments related to possession of firearms by prohibited persons. Most were felons, but some were prohibited due to misdemeanor domestic violence convictions. Considering the violent crime rate in Memphis, I would imagine this is just a drop in the bucket. https://www.wmcactionnews5.com/2019/09/26/federal-grand-jury-indicts-memphians-firearms-charges/ Have there been similar stories of stepped-up enforcement in area parts of the state?
  9. I thought I might need to shrink my list of pizza dealers. I'm glad I misjudged the topic.
  10. I agree about the timing. Perhaps "Everytown" has something to do with it, or Kroger may have just been waiting for someone else to "lead the way" (i.e. Walmart). What I see as a possible reason is to give them "cover" to engage anyone they see carrying a gun that they deem as suspicious in any way. Without such a policy, they may feel it's too risky from a PR perspective to confront anyone before they become an obvious threat. Practically, I don't think such a policy change will do any good, but I am not sure if the people making that decision would know that.
  11. Agreed. I notice similar stories and wonder about the regret the family is likely to have for choosing to involve the police--particularly when someone (especially their loved one)--is shot. I'm glad the fallout seems limited to "stuff" in this case.
  12. I have four (4) chains that could be considered grocery stores within 15 minutes of me--and they're all no more than 5 minutes away. US based Target asked us not to bring our guns in their stores over a year ago--can't remember if it was specifically open carry. Anyway, they didn't post, but I stopped going there for that and other reasons. US based Walmart and Kroger have now asked us not to open carry. That leaves German (IIRC) based Aldi. How bizarre.....It's too bad their selection is so limited. The next closest (at just over 15 minutes away) is probably Sprouts, and they're posted.
  13. I've lived in Shelby county since I was 6, and I have been sorely disappointed eating BBQ pork outside of this area. So, I try to avoid BBQ elsewhere. I've have 3 exceptions in mind, though. I like mustard and would be interested in trying Carolina style pork BBQ in the Carolinas. I would also entertain eating beef brisket in Texas or Kansas City. My favorite places are Three Little Pigs in Memphis and George's in Collierville (though I'm afraid the latter might not survive). I like Corky's BBQ chicken, but their pork is quite mediocre to my taste. If I want to splurge, their dry ribs are good. Similarly, I'm not a fan of the pork BBQ at Central but am content with their dry rub ribs. I have not had Rendezvous' ribs in quite a while, so I am not sure if I still like them the best, or not.

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