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  1. I agree about the timing. Perhaps "Everytown" has something to do with it, or Kroger may have just been waiting for someone else to "lead the way" (i.e. Walmart). What I see as a possible reason is to give them "cover" to engage anyone they see carrying a gun that they deem as suspicious in any way. Without such a policy, they may feel it's too risky from a PR perspective to confront anyone before they become an obvious threat. Practically, I don't think such a policy change will do any good, but I am not sure if the people making that decision would know that.
  2. Agreed. I notice similar stories and wonder about the regret the family is likely to have for choosing to involve the police--particularly when someone (especially their loved one)--is shot. I'm glad the fallout seems limited to "stuff" in this case.
  3. I have four (4) chains that could be considered grocery stores within 15 minutes of me--and they're all no more than 5 minutes away. US based Target asked us not to bring our guns in their stores over a year ago--can't remember if it was specifically open carry. Anyway, they didn't post, but I stopped going there for that and other reasons. US based Walmart and Kroger have now asked us not to open carry. That leaves German (IIRC) based Aldi. How bizarre.....It's too bad their selection is so limited. The next closest (at just over 15 minutes away) is probably Sprouts, and they're posted.
  4. I've lived in Shelby county since I was 6, and I have been sorely disappointed eating BBQ pork outside of this area. So, I try to avoid BBQ elsewhere. I've have 3 exceptions in mind, though. I like mustard and would be interested in trying Carolina style pork BBQ in the Carolinas. I would also entertain eating beef brisket in Texas or Kansas City. My favorite places are Three Little Pigs in Memphis and George's in Collierville (though I'm afraid the latter might not survive). I like Corky's BBQ chicken, but their pork is quite mediocre to my taste. If I want to splurge, their dry ribs are good. Similarly, I'm not a fan of the pork BBQ at Central but am content with their dry rub ribs. I have not had Rendezvous' ribs in quite a while, so I am not sure if I still like them the best, or not.
  5. The warranty on multiple models was made "limited lifetime" retroactively. https://www.taurususa.com/taurus-limited-lifetime-warranty-2/
  6. I found it interesting that the narration seems to indicate she was carrying an unloaded gun.
  7. It is my understanding that "intentional acts" are usually excluded. Shooting someone in self defense would probably be considered an intentional act. https://www.insure.com/car-insurance/umbrella.html
  8. Yes, there is now a $52,000 reward.
  9. Tom Gresham posted a link to this video on Twitter. Apparently the TN ammo tax was repealed effective July 1, 2019. http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=HB0494 om Gresham
  10. That's at least the second fatal shooting at a Walmart this week. Earlier today the El Paso CBS affiliate reported gang terrorism, but that reference has been removed saying a white male is in custody.
  11. I will echo what some others have said and provide my own 2 cents. I think for most general users the change from Windows 7 to 10 is fairly minor (unlike the difference between 7 and 8 which was drastic). I known more than one person that still uses XP. While there's no substitute for an up-to-date operating system, I wouldn't be particularly concerned about keeping 7 after Microsoft stops supporting it. I plan to continue to use Windows 7 on my primary desktop. The real problem with keeping 7 is likely to come several years later when the anti-virus and browser makers stop supporting Windows 7. I would be more concerned if it was a laptop you would be connecting to public WiFi. I would consider that too risky once support for 7 ends. I agree that refurbs can be a good choice if you do decide to replace your existing desktop. I recommend sticking with a desktop unless the portability would be something you would like. In my experience they maintain their performance level longer than laptops. That could be less of an issue with modern solid state hard drives. Desktops are more "user serviceable" and cheaper to fix. I would not be in a rush to do anything now if your desktop is working fine. Maybe Santa will bring you a new one. :-) Tracy
  12. The local Fox affiliate ran a story about the increased use of rifles in crime and used Bennie Cobb, a "certified firearms and rifle instructor" and former captain with the Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office, as the main source. There are several things that struck me as untrue or misleading at the very least. Am I wrong? https://www.fox13memphis.com/top-stories/rifles-now-the-street-weapon-of-choice-due-to-easy-access-in-our-area-expert-says/961526525 Where can I buy an AK online for $150? You also do not have to have a license to carry a handgun if it's not loaded. Rifles cannot legally be "carried" loaded (with exceptions for protecting livestock, hunting, etc) without a permit.. If I recall properly, you can have a loaded riffle in your vehicle if you have a HCP. Where is this place online that I can purchase rifles that don't require transfer to a FFL (and a background check)? I suppose it's theoretically true that one could be a rifle online without going through a dealer if it were within the state. But,, his statement makes it sound like background checks don't apply to online purchases of rifles.
  13. There were actually two (2) "roadway shootings" overnight. The other was near Sam Cooper and I-240. It sounds like that one was related to a disagreement at a night club. https://www.wmcactionnews5.com/2019/06/26/police-investigate-pair-roadway-shootings/ https://www.fox13memphis.com/top-stories/argument-at-club-leads-to-shots-being-fired-on-memphis-road-mpd-says/961578611
  14. Ski


    The explanation I heard is that acorns are a prime food source for the host rodents for the ticks while in their nymph stage.
  15. Praying for you and your family

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