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  1. Ski

    NRA Rant

    Let me introduce you to The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). I think they've done more for the 2nd Amendment in the courts over the last ten (10) or twelve (12) years. The NRA has focused more on the legislative side. https://www.saf.org/ I am a member of NRA and SAF.
  2. Ski

    Hot Sauce

    Found it on an end cap at the Aldi in Collierville. The bottles were smaller than I imagined. There was about a box (mixed) left. I bought a bottle of Chipotle. I am not a fire eater, and I didn't think it was hot at all. Good, though. Have some more.
  3. I rented a Glock 22, M&P compact (.40 I think), and a Ruger SR9c. I liked the trigger on the SR9c the best, but I was talked out of considering it. The Sig P320 hadn't been out long, and I got to dry fire one--there wasn't one available to rent at that point. I was strongly considering the P320 when Bud's had a good deal on some Police turn in M&Ps, so I ended up with a M&P40c.
  4. I bought a new 24/7 Pro DS. The trigger pull was super long, but the main issue was with feeding. I experienced failures to feed (hanging on extractor) about 10% of the time with brass cased ammo (with both mags). It fed steel cased ammo fine--the grooves on the steel cases is different. I returned it. I got it back in about two (2) weeks with an indication that it had been "adjusted". I could tell the extractor had been filed. Then it only failed about 5% of the time. I called, and they told me they had no problems with it using American Eagle ammo--I've never seen steel cased AE. They begrudgingly paid for me to send it back again. This time they "adjusted" it again and replaced the recoil spring assembly. After that I was able to shoot about 400 rounds (mostly brass cased ammo) before it started experiencing failures again. I decided to exchange it when the settlement agreement was finalized. Taurus botched that for sure. It took way too long. They finally sent my replacement without any contact information, so it set at the FFL for weeks before I called to check on it. I didn't like either choice I was offered. I might have tried the Curve, but there is a major flaw. If you short stroke the trigger, you have to rack it before the trigger will reset. And, no sights... That's why I'm now a Taurus skeptic (at least for their own semi-auto designs). We'll see if I lighten my stance any once I shoot my replacement.
  5. I called Taurus last week since it had been eight (8) weeks, and they said it was delivered the week after Thanksgiving, so I dropped by my dealer the next day. It arrived with my name on it but no contact information. Now, I just have to decide whether to try to sell it "new" or shoot it and decide after that.
  6. Funny you should say that. I remember when they reintroduced "Coke Classic", and battery acid is what came to mind when I tasted it after adjusting to "New" Coke.
  7. Thanks for sharing that. I enjoyed the song despite the sad event that inspired it.
  8. And, the sun orbits the Earth.
  9. I called back and "ordered" a G2C. They said it would be eight (8) weeks, so maybe I'll have it on time for Christmas. The reset issue on the Curve trigger was not something I was willing to accept. I'm glad I found that Kirsten Joy Weiss review. If you short-stroke the trigger, you have to rack the slide to reset the trigger.
  10. I got a voicemail yesterday. When I called them today, I was given a choice between a G2C (9mm) and Curve w/Laser. I did not ask how soon I could expect to receive it after I told them my choice. So, I am doing a little research. The price for the Curve is higher at Bud's than the G2C, and I was thinking about buying a LCP II. So, I'm leaning toward the Curve. But, I know a lot of people have been happy with their PT111s, so that might be the safer choice. Thoughts? Anyone have experience with either? Thanks
  11. There's a Blount County Public Safety feed available on Broadcastify. It covers Alcoa, Maryville, and county services (like sheriff). https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/2432
  12. I would definitely be suspicious of "new" tools with no box. When I worked in retail an old trick was to remove the power tool from the box, put it into a mailbox, and buy the (much cheaper) mailbox (which contained a couple of expensive tools at that point. It was a frustrating feeling to find empty tool boxes on the mailbox aisle.

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