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  1. Greatest thing since the invention of bubble gum. I can't remember the last time I used a rod.
  2. Oh no! The first time Colt quit offering it's AR-15 for civilian ownership I refused to buy a Colt. When they saw just how wrong they were to involve themselves in politics they had lost my attention as a gun buyer. Now they've done it again. with they're lips firmly planted on butt cheeks of the politicians I have a hard time even considering offering of the Python.
  3. Take the class. It's good structured training. But training is an ongoing thing. Find clubs around you that do USPSA/IDPA matches. Great bunch of people. Lots of fun. If you let somebody know that you are new, you'll get a lot of friendly help.
  4. And no, a pound of it will last as long as a show ball in the infernal region loading 308/30-06.
  5. The next time a gun show is close to you, just for giggles, check it out. I haven't found any deals there but I have found stuff I had to have. You can't save any money buying one pound of powder. Think of buying 8-24 pounds at a time. It won't go bad. Back when I was shooting USPSA open I bought a lot of 3N37. Still got a bunch. Loaded some the other week. Shot as consistent and smelled as sweet as the day I bought it 20 years ago.
  6. OK! The mag that apparently was giving me trouble was an original Para mag from Canada. It had an opening of .435 at the lips. I tried a couple of other mags today. Both were Meggar and neither gave me a hick-up in cycling[.410 ] What now?.
  7. Thanks guys. I haven't bought a new box of ammo, with the exception of the Hornady carry rounds in 25 years. But I'll go find some hardball and see how it goes. Thanks Ray
  8. The gun is an unfired Para LDA limited 2011 in stainless.. The rounda are hanging on the feed ramp, almost straight on out of the mag [14 rounds]. The only ammo I have loaded is the Montana gold stuff.
  9. I've got a problem with my new [to me] hi cap 45. I'm hoping someone with more experience with that caliber can help out. It's nose diving 3-4 times with each mag. I'm using 230 gr Montana Gold JHPs @ 1.225oal and 5gr solo 1000. I've only got .090 left before I run out of flat on the mouth of the case, so I can't go much shorter. Anybody got any suggestions?
  10. Ray Z

    New Deer Rifle

    Pop Pop I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the shooting sports over the years. I don't hunt. Can't seem to be able to draw a bead on natures beauty. Now at 72 I can't get out as much as I used to but I've still got some self resetting steel That I've killed many times over. We play a game called [fill the hole] shooting at the lake. One person shoots and the next tries to hit the same place that my bullet hit. I live in a valley so my rounds don't get out.
  11. Ray Z

    New Deer Rifle

    OH my lord, if saving 2/3 if the price isn't enough I'll give up.
  12. Ray Z

    New Deer Rifle

    Time to start thinking about reloading. Better , faster, cheaper.
  13. OOPS! Your right the P14-45 does take double stack mags. Holds 14 rounds
  14. Well, you all filled me in about pro mags, I appreciate it. Now one other question. Anybody got any para 45 mags sitting a drawer they'd like to sell? This gun is going to come with 2 10 rounders. If I'm going to throw trash cans at somebody, I'd like it to be a bunch of them.
  15. Does anyone have any experience with pro mags? Hopefully I've got a new toy coming for Christmas, a para P 14-45 LDA. I'm going to need 4 mags for it and Para sold out to Remington. So they're out of production. So my only choices are Pro mag or Metgar, and pro mag is 7-8 bucks cheaper.
  16. Ray Z

    New Deer Rifle

    It ain't broke, don't fix it. What's wrong with .308? If you reload, 110 to 135gr for varmints. Sierra 150 gr pro hunter for deer, and 220gr just to knock down trees. If you don't reload, there is a shelf load of choices to choose from. " What about those shots past 350 yards? " It's like EverReady, it just keep going, and going
  17. +1 That's the one I've got and I love it. It does everything I need to do around the house.
  18. Some time back I come on line whining about how stick powder was a pain in the backside to get in 223 cases. Somebody, and I don't remember who, said to use my Dillon case tumbler and vibrate the cases to get the powder down. This is the first time I've loaded 223 since then and it works great.
  19. Do you mean the old one or the new one?
  20. I think Remington is trying to make up for the FUBAR they made with the jam o matic they came out with, and consequently recalled a while back. A couple of weeks ago I got one, just because I like pain. Turned out to be a great gun. Full sized [and then some]. 2-19 round [ metal ] mags come with the gun. If you get a chance to fondle one check it out. I"m getting another one. Price, $239.00 + $20.00 shipping. Mine has only hick upped in the 400 rounds I've put through it.
  21. Haven't received my order yet, but I can only assume the primer pockets will be cut to the proper size. When I do the pockets I swage them. Don't know if that's better or not, it's just what my Dillon tool does. Can't wait for my order to come. My boys have just about shot up everything I had ordered.
  22. Got one. It came compressor ready. Gun is made well, functions well. It ain't broke, don't fix it. Only problem I had was finding extra mags. At the time they were hard to find. Now you can find them everywhere for about $18.
  23. billt, thanks for the heads up on the brass. I love to shoot 223. Just hate to prep it for reloading. Got all th3e Dillon stuff to do, just hate to. Got a 5 gal bucket of the stuff, once fired military, Just don't want to fool with it. GI brass has powder pretty cheap "even with the sir charge on it"
  24. With their lips firmly planted on the anti-gunner's backside they have lost a lot of sales. I quit buying Colt products the last time they did this. The on;y one I still have in my collection is a target model that I bought before they started this crap the first time, and it's going to go the first time I get a chance.
  25. You know what?????? I'd rather see overprotective officers checking up on the over heated car than kids dying in the heat.


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