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  1. Dirtshooter

    Hug your family a little closer tonight.

    That is so right, GOD is still in the miracle business. Glad she wasn't seriously injured. When your kids start driving, that is when the grey hairs multiply exponetially.
  2. You are correct, this happened many years ago at an intersection with 2way stop sign and I stopped looked both ways and pulled out right in front of a woman riding a bright yellow motorcycle, I don't recall if she had her light on, but I think drivers get conditioned into looking for a car or truck profile. That is why it is so easy for pedestrians and children especially to be hit. Have you ever seen the video where sun was bright and there were shadow on the cars and a kid darts out to get a ball, without good polarized sunglasses all you see is glare. But all that aside the most dangerous thing we all do is drive a motor vehicle, an average of 3,287 people die each day because of vehicle crashes. And they say guns are dangerous. Be safe out there people.
  3. Peejman, I have taken countless safe driving schools and 1 thing they all had in common was the fact that running your lights all the time helped to prevent accidents. Especially on rural roads with curves, you will see a car with lights moments before you would have seen one without. Just my $0.02
  4. If you already have a .243 just shoot it. It isn't overkill for sure.
  5. Dirtshooter

    Cold Enough for Ya?

    Just shows how soft Americans have gotten. It's real odd that Al I invented the internet Gore changed his tune from Global warming to climate change. At least that is exactly what it is, today may be warmer than the day before or could be colder. Duh!
  6. Dirtshooter

    Powder for reduced muzzle flash AR pistol

    Thanks Mike, looks like I need Quickload software.
  7. Dirtshooter

    Powder for reduced muzzle flash AR pistol

    Thanks Mike I may try the H4227 although looks like some max pressure?
  8. Dirtshooter

    Powder for reduced muzzle flash AR pistol

    Hey guys just saw this from shot show news. ARM American Reserve Munitions out of Idaho is going to be releasing soon a Stealth brand gunpowder with reduced muzzle flash. So my search may be over when they get this out. Thought I would pass the info along.
  9. First of all prayers to the Longworth family. I wonder if he had used a gun would the sentence be the same. He used a 5,000 pound bullet going 105.6FPS. Not real fast but 5,000 pound bullet. You see whether the weapon is a pistol, shotgun, AR-15, hammer, knife, GMC Sierra, if the person dies and it was your fault, well sorry you're going to have to do the time. Plus I think they need to pass laws against GMC Sierra's. Seems as though they are very deadly. As for a kid, sorry if you are 18 in my mind you are an adult and should be treated as one. IMHO, your mileage may vary
  10. Dirtshooter

    Tennessee counties packing the most, least heat

    Me neither, I wouldn't spend the night in Memphis for nothing. If I had a swat team outside my hotel room, still wouldn't.
  11. Dirtshooter

    Cop shoots partner in back

    Well for what they get paid for putting their lives on the line, you can't blame them. Especially since the last few years and all the cop shooters. It used to be that a policeman was respected, but no longer. Of course it used to be that I was respected, no longer. Hmmm. Pattern here?? Yes it is easy to be arm chair quarterback here, everything happens at a split second, he may have had gun drawn and because of the dog trying to escape that took their attention. Personally if the dog was a viscous dog like a pit bull, I would have just shot him and ended that threat. No sense in either one of them getting bit. JMHO.
  12. Dirtshooter

    Tennessee counties packing the most, least heat

    But Pickett, the county I reside has 11.3% of the 5,073 residents. We are the least populated of all Tennessee counties, Trousdale county has smallest area.
  13. Just saw on the news that French riot police now using semiautomatic weapons "assault weapons per U.S. definition". Kind of funny that they are going from tear gas and pepper spray to H&K G36 with live rounds. I guess they missed the rubber bullets or bean bag guns. They are using them against the unarmed yellow vest protesters which mostly are not violent. Maybe reason homeland security and IRS got all that ammo??
  14. I'm so old and memory loss is pretty bad, I think I once owned guns but don't remember exactly. As far as bedroom activities, I am like an old dog that chases the car, but can't drive it. LOL If I had guns, #1 they would be cocked, locked and ready to rock doc, #2 There would always be one in car and truck, more than likely more than 1. #3 Don't do drugs, don't even like taking a Tylenol after reading side effects. Any more stupid questions?
  15. Dirtshooter

    Inherited Colt Agent

    Reed you are very fortunate to have both your grandfather and his nice pistol. Cherish them both, hand down that piece to your son or daughter along with some nice tales of your grandfather.

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