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  1. Not close to 6.5 ft. Forced perspective is rampant in snake photos. Yes it is illegal to kill a snake in TN unless you are in imminent danger. If you have time to go get a firearm/other tool, you aren't. There have been 22 fatalities from snakebites in the US in the last 8 years. 1 was in TN (The guy picked up a venomous snake and tried to figure out what sex it was). Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.
  2. xjsnake

    Hog Hunting in TN?

    I'm normally an anti regulation guy but this one I agree with since I have been told the rational. When the hog hunting was more open, multiple people we caught transporting wild hogs to new areas to set up hunting sites. The LAST thing we need is people helping to spread an invasive species for hunting purposes. Wild hogs are a huge ecological disturbance and need to be eradicated, not propagated by people looking to make $ for themselves.
  3. xjsnake

    Marshall County Kentucky School Shooting

    Had a friend/former coworker at the school this morning (she teaches there). Found out she's safe, but still haven't been able to talk with her.
  4. xjsnake

    Ruger’s New Pistol Caliber Carbine (9mm)

    I'm kinda in the same camp. Been looking for a carbine to keep in the trunk, this might just be it.
  5. Maybe just maybe you can find a set of these for sale on ebay or some such. I have them and they are great for the price. Unfortunately they've been out of production for a couple years now. I wish I had gotten a couple more sets to stash away for gifts.
  6. xjsnake

    Is your favorite your go to?

    Nope. My favorite is my Aussie Model 10. My carry is almost always my LCP Custom.
  7. xjsnake

    Remington RP9 and RP45

    Reminds me a lot of an SD9.
  8. xjsnake

    TN College Employee Carry Bill

    We are having a meeting to discuss the new laws and their impact. Should be fun to watch.
  9. xjsnake

    Can we have a contest for the first TN Beretta?

    Living in Gallatin, I'm gonna have to get a TN marked Beretta even though I don't like many of their current offerings.
  10. xjsnake

    Ohio Win - I Think

    Proud of the state I was born in, hopefully my chosen state for the last 8 years can follow suit! That said, I completely get the "fiscal note" issue with TN politics sadly
  11. xjsnake

    TN College Employee Carry Bill

    I need to read the text of the bill, but from the summary I've seen, I'm not happy.
  12. xjsnake

    Perfecta 9mm ammo far from perfecta

    Kinda seems like you might have gotten a bad batch.   I've run 400-500 9mm of the 2K I grabbed last summer and haven't had a single issue.   I hope you can narrow it down and separate the wheat from the chaff.
  13. xjsnake

    Tree identification

    Dude you need the leafsnap app...   Throw the leaf on a white piece of paper, take a pic and it identifies it for you.
  14. xjsnake

    TN Lifetime HCP Now $200

    Yup I'm up in 3 years I think. Lifetime it will be.
  15. xjsnake

    0 warning points

    Did somebody page me?

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