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  1. Thanks. Yeah like I said to Raoul, when I first started watching the classifieds, I would have sworn most of the people were from Nashville. Seems like their are several of us from the Tricities area hanging around here. Looks like you might be a keyboard jockey like me. What model truck is that in the background of your profile page? I have a 1956 Chevy Stepside that I have been trying to get started on fixing up.
  2. I don't disagree with a single thing you are saying. I just think the first step is to stay aware and take actions that minimize the necessity. I have had more than one near miss with mob violence over the years. In those instances, my gun was not an option due to location (like foreign soil as a civilian). I avoided them by being aware and making an exit away from the issue before it came to a head. Anyway, everyone's opinion is their own. It comes down to you feeling like you are armed appropriately for the worst case scenario you might face. That is based within the budget you can afford. Goes back to "Any gun is better than no gun, but some guns are better than others" Biggest question is --- SoldMyHat, did you decide and buy anything?
  3. Funny how wives are that way. Mine has enough craft supplies to fill a Hobby Lobby, but if I bring home some scrap lumber from work to use later, I am hoarding. When she needs something fixed that my "junk" pile has a piece for she never seems to mind then. Plus I can't remember the last time I needed to buy bolts, screws, or nails. Good thing she never looks at my ammo stock. lol
  4. I like ARs and will get one when budget allows it, but I also was taught by my grandfather that it doesn't matter how many shots you have if you make the first one count. I figure since he survived World War II and being a police officer, that is opinion counts for a little bit. And if the turds really hit the blades, I'm hoofing it home where I've got a lot more set up. On a normal day, I don't have a 10 man death squad after me. I tend to avoid places and people that make that happen. The OP wanted an all around gun to keep in the truck. We can all debate it for a long time, but only he can decide what works well enough for him within the budget he has. Throwing out budgets and laws, he might just decide to carry a minigun in his truck. Works for gunfights, herds of deer, rabid trucks, and cutting down trees. See, all around gun. lol
  5. Ronald_55


    That is why I refuse to allow anything more than an iPhone to even use my network. Apple is just too proud of being Apple. They have to keep coming up with unnecessary things to be Apple exclusive. Basically USB is a universal port, why go designing a proprietary one?
  6. Little late to the party, but just wanted to point out that he mentioned putting a lockbox under his seat for the gun to live in. My 2 30-30 lever actions make great all around guns. If I need more than the 6 rounds they hold in the tube before I can top it off between shots, then I am already in bad trouble.
  7. I think everyone I knew growing up hunted whitetail deer with a 30-06... except Dad... he uses a .444 Marlin.. lol I figured I am close enough with a 30/30. Great looking gun use it well and often.
  8. Congrats on taking a tough issue and making a simple solution. I bet most of us have enough stuff lying around to make one like that, just haven't thought of it..... or am I the only junk hound here.
  9. Do they not have bigger things to worry about than cars for sale in yards? I have never seen it ruin a neighborhood. I can understand if the yard looks like a picked over junk yard. In my eyes, I pay for my property and short of real criminal activity, I should be able to do as I wish
  10. Yeah nothing like advertising "come and steal my stuff". I agree usually those cars are the type that only the stickers are holding it together. I try to keep all my stuff low key even down to my gun carry cases and range bag. Showing off just brings bad attention.
  11. If I had it to do over again, I would have probably just bought an RV...... Of course I would be living in it alone after she divorced me. Not sure if that is bad or good. lol
  12. Ronald_55

    Ruger LCPii

    Looks like Indian Springs Armory in Kingsport, TN has one for $275 starting tomorrow if you happened to be up this way. I have a buddy that shops there and likes them. I have not bought from them though. That is more from being cash poor than not wanting to. lol Here is a link to the sales flyer on their site http://www.indianspringsarmory.com/2016-christmas-open-house.html
  13. Glad to meet you Raoul. I work in Blountville, ,so I am in Bristol a bunch. I started looking on here in the classifieds section. That page made me think everyone is in Nashville on here. lol Many people on here that you know from the area?
  14. I would have to come home with a gun for protection if I pulled that on my wife. lol
  15. Been lurking here a while and just started posting. Figured it was time to say Hi from NE TN. Hoping to get to know everybody.
  16. One thing a lot of new buyers do not know is that you can write into the offer things that are expected to come with the house. If the kitchen fridge has cabinets build snug around it, ask for the fridge. If your wife loves the porch swing, ask for it. If there is a Yard Barn, don't assume it stays unless the paperwork says so. Now, stay reasonable, and understand asking for some stuff might hurt your price negotiation, but I have even seen people get the riding mower with the house. Some of these are just icing, but some (like the fridge) could really limit you or force you to pull out the cabinets to fit a new one. Plus a few sellers will take anything not specifically noted, as much as it seems like it should stay. One house I knew of the lady dug up all the nice flowers out of the beds after the contract was signed. Left the new owners a dirty mess. She argued that they were from her grandmother's garden and not listed in the paperwork. Above all, if you feel pressured or unsure of the deal, walk away to look it over. In most cases you are signing up for a 30 year mortgage. That is a long time to not be happy with it. And it sounds like you are like me. Once in a house, there is not the financial option to sell and move.
  17. A word of advice from my experience. Go about this the opposite way most people do. Find out what payment you can afford, then from that figure what house you can afford. Be sure to leave room in that amount for closing costs. Each lender might have different costs, so at least get a ball park from them. I do prefer my credit union, but shop around. Some lenders will let you roll in closing costs if you want and can't cover them up front. It just ups the payment. The real reason to shop is interest rate. On a house a 1% lower rate can make a big difference in the long haul. In the future as you pay down, also look if you can refinance if rates lower. I was able to refinance from a 1st and second(100%) mortgage to just one. I saved $200 per month and shaved 5 years off. Of course I had a really crappy rate to begin with, so that made a bunch of difference in the changes. A second set of stuff to keep in mind. Look at other costs. I moved from an apartment to a house with a good sized piece of land. So I had to buy a riding mower. Well I could have let it grown up, but the wife would have left me in the house alone if I did that. Just leave some breathing room. I had a buddy that mortgaged himself to the brink. Lasted about 3 years before he defaulted. Anyway, just my double pennies.
  18. Hey I just noticed that if you are an Amazon Prime member, this book is free in the Kindle library. Not real handy to use while reloading, ,but easier to carry around and read on the go than the 800 page paperback. Plus you can see if you are really interested before laying down the cash to buy it.
  19. Regulating them is a crock to begin with, so hopefully it gets passed. Criminals never do the paperwork on one. Plus, unlike the movies, no one goes around shooting everyone in a building with one "silently." And if you really want to, you can buy all the parts legally to assemble one from a maglite on eBay. Just like a sbr, it is not illegal until assembled without proper paperwork. Or any good machine shop could crank them out all day long. I am a pessimist on it too. Lots of promises get made to get in office, but many of those never cross the Whitehouse threshold. I think we might see some good prices on the used/resell market in a few months as the people that bought a bunch of guns before the election with hopes of racking up cash after need to pay rent. Kind of like the guys lining up to hoard .22LR over the past while. Just buying stuff to reduce supply and drive up prices. Same guys bought all the Tickle-Me Elmos at one point and sold them in the parking lot for double. It is just a profit racket for them. Leaving those of us that enjoy gun sports ( or Elmo lol) out in the cold.
  20. Dad went to school with her. Even though he was poor, he said they were the dirt poor family in school. Nice to see that she still appreciates home and uses her success to give back. I know I got a cash from her foundation when I graduated high school there. It was her Buddy program to help more people finish high school. So she has a long record of helping out. It is a good start on getting peoples lives back together. It will still be a long uphill battle for some though.
  21. I have been seeing some show up for a while in Wal-mart. Last I ordered was several boxes of Golden Bullet from Cabelas back in July. I think I paid 7 cents per round on it, but I could order 5 525 round boxes with free shipping... and I had a gift card lying around. Little more than I used to pay for Thunderbolts in Wal-mart, but nice not to have to go chasing 50 round boxes down a couple at a time. My marlin 60 eats anything I throw in it, I just have to clean it a little more often if I use the cheap stuff. And I am not sure we will ever see $20 for a 500 round brick again.....
  22. So were you supposed to shoot the guy or hit him in the head with it. lol Looked this up. Looks like a million were made, but most not delivered. They did this in 11 weeks at about $2.10 per gun. I like this info from Wikipedia on it " The Liberator was shipped in a cardboard box with 10 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition, a wooden dowel to remove the empty cartridge case, and an instruction sheet in comic strip form showing how to load and fire the weapon. "

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