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  1. They are around here. The oldest hippy commune in the USA is right up the road: https://thefarmcommunity.com/ While the hippie population is only a fraction of what it was in the 70s, the local Amish community has flurished.
  2. I used to think the same way as you. I didn't want to rely on any electronics... especially on a daily carry. Just wait until you need reading glasses and your front site is nothing but a big blur (or multiple blurs). You'll change your tune about dot sights.
  3. billmeek

    Ruger LCP-Max

    The Keltec P32 is 8.07 ounces empty and 10.25 ounces with 7+1 of Fiocchi 32 ACP 73 grain FMJ. I normally carry it (only around the house) with 5+1 putting the weight at 9.7 ounces. Add the SM2 Sticky holster and it totals 10.63 ounces.
  4. No problems whatsoever with 10, 15, 17, and 33 round Glock factory mags.
  5. I solved this by always wearing my gun belt and leather holster when not in the house... and normally wearing it in the house too.
  6. On my 9mm, I replaced the mag release with one that comes out further to make it easier to drop the mag. Initially I had an Athlon 1-4x24 scope mounted as my eyesight doesn't do well with open sights anymore, but didn't like the way it handled. So I replaced the sights with a rail and added a Holosun 507C-GR gen 2 green dot sight. Now it's quick and easy to get on target. Lastly, a lightweight Magpul bipod was added for longer shots.
  7. I bought this dual carrier, assembled it, put it on my Hundai Tuscon, loaded 1 e-bike, and decided it's way too much weight for the Tuscon. I paid $294.99 plus TN tax totaling $323.75 to the door. If anyone wants to pick it up here in Summertown, I'll sell it for $200 (firm). While I'm not moving that beast to take photos, you can see the carrier at: https://www.titanramps.com/carriers/titan-carriers/dual-motorcycle-and-dirtbike-carrier-1000-lb-capacity-w-ramp-332201.html
  8. I've bought a lot of scopes from CameraLand. Great company to do business with and has provided some very good pricing on the Athlon Midas TAC scopes.
  9. I don't worry about competing in NRL22, I just try to get better and not to suck on any course of fire. If it shoots like mine, the B14R is one of the best 22LR rifles you can reasonably buy. Want to make it a laser, drop a TriggerTech Diamond trigger in it set around 3 to 4 ounces: https://triggertech.com/collections/bolt-action/products/diamond
  10. Welcome to the forums Melissa. A friend of mine moved from here in Southern Middle TN to Florida when he retired a few years ago. He sent me this link last yesterday:
  11. Tried dry firing a SCCY CPX-2 at the local gun shop and hated the trigger. Hoping to get my hands on one of the SCCY DVG-1RD (striker w/ red dot) to try out.
  12. My advice is to use FMJ in the P32 to get better penetration and to avoid rimlock. If you prefer to shoot hollow-points, consider making the"flyer wire" mod to your mag(s): http://www.1bad69.com/keltec/flyerwire.htm
  13. I also own a Keltec P32. Before I bought it I did some research and read that it works reliably (no rim lock) if you use FMJ. I've fired a couple of hundred rounds of Fioccho 73gr FMJ though mine with nary an issue. If you want a mouse gun, the Keltec is the smallest, lightest, reliable option out there. I also have a Ruger LCP II which is just a fraction larger than the P32 in length and width, but is quite a bit wider. The big difference is in the weight. The LCP II is 10.6 ounces (unloaded ) and the P32 is 6.6 ounces. When not using a 9mm (OWB), I find myself pocket carrying the P32 a bit more than the LCP II.
  14. That's actually harder than it sounds. Every time I take picture with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the red dot ends up being a perfectly round circle much larger than the size of the dot when viewed. The only way I found around it was to take a slo-mo video and then screen shot a frame.
  15. If you are comfortable with using irons sights on the Glock... without having to hunt around, it's not a problem as it has the exact point of aim. You can even use the Deltpoint Micro as the rear sight for your irons as a backup. The more I use the Deltpoint Micro, the better I like it.
  16. As another piece of 'Classifieds etiquette', I find it annoying when the seller wipes all information about what was being sold from the original ad. I like having older posts available so I can see what an item sold for in the past. Wiping out the first post content or the thread title isn't necessary. Adding "SOLD" to the title (not replacing it) or adding a post to the thread stating it's sold is adequate rather than destroying the history in the classified forums.
  17. On mouse guns... I have a couple of the NAA revolvers that I use as backups or around the house. Both of them were purchased with 22LR and 22 Mag cylinders. In the thousands of rounds I've fired though them, I've only had a couple of 22LR not go "bang" and not a single 22 Mag fail to fire. Admittedly, I've fired significantly more 22LR than 22 Mag because of cost. By the way, Speer Gold Dot - Short Barrel 22 Mag ammo out of a 1-inch barrel NAA Pug revolver is LOUD. Some numbers on a NAA Pug from a LabRadar with Speer Gold Dot - Short barrel 22 WMR: Stats - Average 924.67 fps Stats - Highest 939.95 fps Stats - Lowest 915.51 fps Stats - Ext. Spread 24.44 fps Stats - Std. Dev 9.48 fps The kinetic energy at the muzzle for the Pug averaged 75.4 ft-lbf. But if I'm going to carry a mouse gun as a primary for some reason (very rare), I always pick the Keltec P-32. Fully loaded it only weighs 10.7 ounces compared to the Pugs 9.7 ounces and that's with 3 additional rounds weighing about .28 ounces each. If you're going to carry a P-32, I highly suggest using Fiocchi FMJ ammo for reliability. But to get back to the point I intended to make, using quality rimfire ammo, failure to fire is very rare. I suspect that a large portion of the failure to fire with 22LR is firearm related (i.e. light strike) rather than ammo.
  18. You might want to check out Eagle Eye Range in Mt Pleasant which is about a 35 minute drive from Spring Hill. There's often organized shoots there. For example, last weekend there was a national level NRL hunters match, USPA this weekend (2nd and 4th weekends every month) this coming weekend (on Sunday) an ELR 22 match is planned, and NRL22 matches every second Saturday of the month. Note - the next "official" NRL22 match is in June, but the off season matches are a good time to learn/get started in NRL22.
  19. With today gun prices, I don't think you'll easily find the P17 for MSRP or below. This is the best price ($ 349 + $20- shipping) I've seen today: https://www.preppergunshop.com/kel-tec-p17-22lr-3-16rd-magazines-threaded-barrel-manual-safety-green For the same money, I can pickup the TX22 from PSA: https://palmettostatearmory.com/taurus-tx22-22-lr-pistol-1-tx22141.html Now if I could only find the TX22 Competition Conversion Kit in stock anywhere!
  20. For me, the Taurus TX22 wins the best 22LR for the money.
  21. I initially placed an order with KyGunCo, but they refunded my purchase without telling me why. When I called the sales guy didn't know why it had been refunded by the owner since their inventory showed as "in stock". Turns out the inventory was wrong and the owner had refunded all the r sales he couldn't fulfill... without notifying the customers as to why. I ended up ordering from Cabelas but paid a few dollars more but got 2nd day shipping. No vendor that I found had them in stock for less than retail ($399). Cabelas is now out of stock. The only 2 vendors I see that (currently) say they are in stock (besides KyGunCo) are: https://battlehawkarmory.com/product/leu-deltapoint-micro-3-moa-dot-matte-glock https://www.johnsmilitiagear.com/products/leupold-030317024949-3364 Please note that I haven't purchased from these stores so can't make a recommendation.
  22. https://www.leupold.com/deltapoint-micro-glock After waiting (in)patiently for the Leupold DeltaPoint Micro to be in stock, I finally got one in my grubby little hands. Once I used a sight pusher to get the rear sight of my Glock 26, then installing the new red dot was a breeze. There is a small plate you slide in the rear sight slot and use 2 screws (torqued to 25 ft/pounds) that holds the sight in place. I still need to spend some range time to zero the red dot. But I thought y’all might be interested in my initial thoughts on the sight. First off, my primary reason for wanting the DeltaPoint Micro is that like many older shooters I have presbyopia (aka old man’s eyes) requiring reading glasses; therefore seeing standard iron sights becomes a problem. I’d considered getting a new slide for my Glock 26 multiple times, but ended up just buying an IWI Masada that was optic ready for about the same cost as what I’d pay for a slide or having my existing slide milled and coated. While the Masada with a Holosun 507C GR X2 convinced me I liked having a red (or green) dot on my carry firearm, the Masada is a bit big for my summer carry piece. I’m still not a big fan of the Avenger style holster which sticks out more in the front than a pancake holster. The main feature of the Deltpoint Micro is it’s small size allowing the red dot to replace the rear sight and still work with most holsters. As you can see from the photos below, it works perfectly with my pancake holster since it only extends in front of the rear sight cutout about 9/16th of an inch. The DeltaPoint Micro also has a couple of dots on the rear of the sight allowing you to use the standard front sight as a backup sight in case the red dot fails. The small size of viewing area of the red dot also makes it significantly harder to pickup than the green dot of the Holosun 507C. But I believe a part of that comes from not shooting the G26 in awhile and the difference in the grip angle of the pistol. Given the amount of time I spent with the Glock, I don’t think it’ll take much practice to retrain my muscle memory and picking up the red dot should become much easier. If you get the front sight lined up, then seeing the dot is effortless. It’s a lot easier to see red dot than the iron sights sans reading glasses. Although I paid retail ($399) for the DeltaPoint Micro, I don’t think it’s a bad deal as unless you buy an optics ready (MOS) Glock, you’re going to spend more than that on a good dot sight and slide. Note: Glock doesn’t make a G26 MOS. When the availability increases and the street pricing on the DeltaPoint Micro starts coming down, I think it’ll be a very good deal and will likely pick up additional sights for my other Glocks. Just a reminder that in addition to the Glock version, Leupold also makes the DeltaPoint Micro for the Smith and Wesson M&P line: https://www.leupold.com/deltapoint-micro-s-w-m-p
  23. I don't trust social media, but I also have no faith in the reliability or honesty of network news or print outlets. They are either producing click bait or have a political agenda.


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